Fun with TSB Search Term Referrals

By Paul M. Banks

I can’t say how proud I am that the top-referring search engine terms sending traffic to the sports are for the most part sports related! Nothing x-rated, nothing unsafe for work. It is relevant. This doesn’t sound like much, but believe me, in the world of Google and all the perverts out there, this is indeed an accomplishment. Without further ado, here are the top terms:

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By Rikki Greenberg

I already have my Sunday television schedule all set. The Bears play the Lions at noon, and right after is the US Pole Dancing Federation East Regional Pole Dance Competition 2009. Oh yes ladies and gentleman. After a thrilling mish-mash of shoulder pads and spandex football pants, I will be moving on to metal poles, hair-whips and spandex short shorts.

The USPDF hosted a similar event in March that was extremely successful and it was only a matter of time before they hosted another one. The East Regional Pole Dance Competition 2009 is the preliminary competition leading up to next year’s national competition. The USPDF joined forces with E-Fit Dance/Shergold Studio and Sunday afternoon’s festivities features 12 contestants who will perform in two rounds. The winner of the competition will receive USPDF pro-status and will be eligible  to compete in the USPDF National Championships 2010.

It’s in my nature as a football fan and proud fantasy mama of one to do the research and figure out how these contestants compare to one another. Take a look at the official Pole Dancing Power Rankings.

(1)   Jessalynn Medairy
Consider her the Peyton Manning of Pole Dancing with a resume equally as impressive.

(2)   Karol Helms, NC
This contestant is packing major heat with an arsenal of extremely flexible and extraordinary tricks.
(3)   Gabrielle Valliere from NY
Valliere is a very strong and sensual competitor and let’s not forget her ties to the sports world with past NFL cheerleading experience.


(4)   Katheryn Bouchillion, FL
Bouchillion is a triple threat (mom, pole dancing studio owner, Aerial Performer) and already has a title to her pole dancing persona. If JessaLynn is Peyton Manning, than Bouchillion is Thomas Jones circa 2005-2008.

(5)   Lauren Goldstein, NY
Although Lauren does impress with her advanced pole dancing skill, it’s the risqué nature and overtly sexual moves that could sway the judges in a negative way.
(6)   Takeila Fox
Fox makes pole dancing look graceful in 5 inch white stiletto heels and keeps it classy without exploiting her sexuality. Fox has the potential to be the sleeper pick for this year’s competition.

(7)   Kyra Johannesen, NY
Johannesen has the advantage of experience over some of the participants, but her relaxed style of pole dancing may put the judges to sleep.

Kyra Jo USPDF Entry 09 from Kyra Johannesen on Vimeo.
(8)   Rhonda Chamberlain, VA
Has 4 years of pole dancing experience and one year as a starter (instructor for The Dirty Bunny). Despite having a limited pole dancing background, Chamberlain could come out heels a blazin’  i.e. Joe Flacco or Matt Ryan.

(9)   Eksupar Tongsri, NY
Practicing optometrist by day and competitive pole dancer by night. I thought I was getting crazy when I took a day job as a receptionist and walked the sidelines of a football field at night.

(10)Allison Cox, FL
Self taught pole dancer turned instructor. Judging by her picture, she seems to be at a rookie level, 2 years at the most since she did spend time studying pole dancing tape. Could be a Mark Sanchez or Brady Quinn circa 2008. Your call.

(11)Tara Leigh Moore, VA
Moore may be tiny (4’11, 90 pounds), but don’t let the small stature fool you. Any woman who can do the splits mid air while using just the legs for support is a superstar in my book.

(12)Erica Shergold/Laci Rose, VA
Some confusion over which name Ms. Shergold goes by, but you have to give her credit for incorporating props and classic seductress theme music to her demo routine.

2009 US Pole Dancing Championship Bracket

Rikki Greenberg casts her vote in the “national poles”

The pencils are sharpened, the 2009 bracket sheet is printed out and the pair of sparkly, clear plastic heels is sitting patiently in the locker room for next Sunday’s championship competition.

The countdown to the 2009 US Pole Championship begins now and I cannot wait to see if my bracket predictions come true. 12 finalists are competing for opportunities to participate in the Miss Pole Dance Australia 2009 and the World Pole and Fitness Championship, it’s all about the poles.

Sadly, my videotape was not submitted in time, but that doesn’t mean I can’t participate in the booty bearing, hip swinging and high-heeled wearing world of competitive pole dancing.

Let’s take a look how these players are going to do when a pole and three months of free subscription to Pole2Pole magazine is involved.


No. 1 JessaLynn Medairy
No. 12 Lian Tal

Both girls possess incredible pole strength and itty, bitty competition apparel. JessaLynn has the edge over Tal because of her number one seed status and experience at the top of the pole ( i.e. franchise director for Xpose Fitness and performed in the Pole Unity Show in England), but Tal could easily stage a low ranking comeback with a deadly inner thigh hold and split combination.

Predicted winner: Lian Tal:

JessaLynn Mediary:

No. 11 Jenyne Butterfly
No. 2  Brynlyn Loomis:

Jenyne Butterfly gets points for creativity on team name and has experience in Big Dance and regional situations (Pole-a-Palooza Champion three years running, Princess on the Pole, Miss Seamless).  Loomis is the clear winner in footwear with an expansive collection of clear, black and red sky-high heels (shoe deal anyone?) and provides some saucy competition.

Predicted winner:  Jenyne Butterfly

Jenye Butterfly:

No. 3 Michula Renee Nunez:

No. 10 Gabrielle Valliere

The buzzer beater for Valliere could be the pole worm, but I have a feeling the judges will be blown away (literally) by her numerous hair whips.  This beauty isn’t no bimbo either. Valliere has a B.S. in Anthropology, M.S. in Child Life from Wheelock College, and is pursuing a nursing degree. Nunez also has brains and beauty on her side (former science teacher turned pole dancing teacher), so this could be a battle of the smarts as well as upright static poses.

Predicted winner: Gabrielle Valliere:

No. 9 Caterina Gennaro
No. 4 Sarah Cretul:

Gennaro is the owner/founder of Poleates, underwater photographer, television personality on Discovery’s “Shark Week” and mother of twins. She also did competitive gymnastics and modeled internationally for Ford and Elite agencies. Cretul is a 21-year-old self-taught pole dancer/paranormal investigator originally from Romania. Do I even have to ask whose going to win this one?

Predicted winner: Caterina Gennaro

Caterina Gennaro:

No. 5 Chika
No. 8 Denise Brown

Brown’s resume is pretty extensive with owner/instructor of Vertical Expressions Pole Aerobic Dance and Aerial Arts Studio, aerial arts and pole performer for various bands and clubs, as well as a mother of two daughters. Not much is known about Chika except for the absence of a last name and any information on what kind of competitive background the Japanese native has.

Predicted winner: Denise Brown


No. 6 Lauren
No. 7 Althea

Both are instructors at pole dancing facilities. Both are extremely passionate about the sport and share the same taste in kid-sized clothing. The competition is pretty steep between these two pole dancing divas, but sassy and energetic might win over slow and lethargic.
Predicted winner: Lauren


No. 1 LianTal
No. 2 Jenye Butterfly

The athletic Butterfly has the mentality of a college hoops player, while Tal leans more towards club dancer with a steel rod accessory. When it comes down to the game-winning shot, I’m predicting Butterfly is going to pull out a myriad of splits and come away with a victory.

Predicted winner: Jenye Butterfly

No. 3 Gabrielle Valliere
No. 4 Caterina Gennaro

It’s the battle of the studios for this heated match up. Valliere’s NY Pole Dancing can pump up members with a series of acrobatic pole moves, while clients of Gennaro’s Poleates can mix up exercise routines with pole dancing and Pilates.  I’m going with the combination platter of Gennaro for this duel.

Predicted winner: Caterina Gennaro

No. 5 Denise Brown
No. 6 Lauren

Brown can easily capture the mom vote in this competition, while Lauren is representing for the dancers. I would hope that after two kids, I can look as good and pull off more moves than Brown can. The only question left is…What can Brown do for you?

Predicted winner:  Denise Brown


Jenyne Butterfly
Caterina Gennaro
Denise Brown

Predicted US Pole Dancing Champion:  Jenyne Butterfly!!!