Sports Intensive: What You Should Know about Golf in the United Kingdom



Playing Golf Is a Lifestyle: Expectations vs. Reality for British Players

Without a doubt, golf is a unique performer among traditional offline sports. It won’t let you burn as many calories as the same time spent playing tennis or basketball, but the value of this discipline is in its mental aspect. Its status as a sport is approved by the International Olympic Committee, so it does meet the global standards and requirements.

The way each sport is introduced to the target audience is different. People are competitive about showing their talents and skills in playing golf, but it is more of an individual athletic activity. What makes golf so highly sought-after is its suitability and flexibility — you don’t have to be as strong as a rugby player to play golf. There are no gender- or age-based barriers. As evidence shows, golf is most supported on the territory of the United Kingdom. Let’s check it out!

A Bit of History

First, golf was the sport of the noble. Nowadays, it welcomes any willing party to participate. In Britain, you will find one of the most favorable conditions to join the family of golf-enthusiastic individuals. Pioneer games officially started back in 1766, but they were introduced in England earlier, in 1603. Westward Ho! and Blackheath are the oldest golf course and club in its local history correspondingly.

It kept on gaining its potential and achieved great results. There are numerous national tournaments and international battles — from Nedbank Golf Challenge in the frames of European tour to Women’s PGA Professional Championship. With the help of broadcasting services and betting sites UK, interested parties can get the latest news. Thanks to the latter, customers can also check their luck and have fun at home supporting their favorite players.

A Bit of Statistics

When foreigners think about what sports are popular in the United Kingdom, they don’t really recall golf. Yes, such teams as Leicester City F.C. and FC Barcelona increase the country’s status in the international athletic arena, but football is by far not the only popularized discipline in the land. In 2018, around one million residents of England played golf two times a month. The current course of development isn’t the same, and a slight decrease in growth is noticed. Still, it doesn’t ruin the entertainment’s position in the so-called ranking of most beloved sports in the UK.

The attitude to golf is frequently ambiguous. Though it is as demanding in terms of physical strength like basketball or hockey, it is still a sport. According to official statistical data, Britain can boast of the biggest number of registered golf courses.

Taking into account the overall complex structure of the territory, the winner should be announced, and that is England. It is also an owner of the frontrunner title when it comes to the general number of active golf players. This parameter has already exceeded six hundred thousand fans. The second place is still occupied by Germany, followed by Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Just to compare why England is an absolute winner, the number of registered players in the Emerald Isle is more than three times less.

A Bit of Reality

The overall image of golf is formed thanks to movies and shows. Even if the person has never played a single match, a general understanding of what is what will be present. The UK and Ireland are famous for their golf courses. Interested parties can book tickets online and visit picturesque golf fields and relax. However, there are a few things to be aware of not to make your first acquaintance with golf disappointing. Let’s consider the main aspects:

  • The variety of courses is predetermined not only by the peculiarities of their geographical position and membership rules. There are several clubs that don’t offer buggies to all their clients — it is not an obligatory service part. This is more relative to traditional than commercial clubs, but this characteristic is better to recheck beforehand. If the buggy ride isn’t available, pull trollies are usually a spread alternative. If you would like to include caddies in your service list, ensure its availability beforehand.
  • It is a crucial task to get acquainted with the course layout of in and out holes. Planning your route depends on several conditions. If you don’t have additional vehicles to get to the next destination, ensure you won’t be exhausted by walking from one hole to another. Classic courses offer a field with a total of eighteen holes.
  • Don’t expect golf courses to be adorably luxurious and all-inclusive. There are several things to take care of on your own, and food and drinks are among them as well. Alcohol beverages aren’t recommended, but requirements aren’t as strict as in the case of traditional sports. Different brands’ terms may differ. Therefore, don’t rely on random luck and make thorough preparations. You will surely feel the difference. It is like betting on sports — prepared and aware customers increase their chances to win and hit the jackpot they desire.
  • The dress code rules are varied. They may be absent at all or require wearing a special tie and jacket. If you want to get a true vibe of playing golf, these elements are recommended to wear even if they aren’t a must-have attire style. This attention to details and respect to the local traditions and customs will improve your playing experience and communication with the British experts.
  • Since golf is played outdoors, it would be a mistake to rely on weather forecasts completely. If you need to feel as comfortable as possible, ensure you are up in arms to experience all the seasons within a day (weather is really changeable in the UK).

Wrap It Up

Whether you are going to prepare for a vacation or want to get more experience in unusual sports, golf is a great option to consider. Taking into account it is so actively cultivated in Britain, the chances you will be left disappointed are almost eliminated. Just choose the role in golf relationships and develop your skills in them.


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