Five Best Things to Do on a Boring Weekend in Indiana



Located in Midwestern America, Indiana embodies the heart and culture of American society. Home to busy cities and small towns, it is a combination of modern architecture as well as refreshing natural phenomenons that have the ability to take anyone’s breath away.

Whether you have been living in Indiana for a very long time, or are there for a holiday, you might be looking for some fun and exciting things to do. From going on a hike in mysterious forests to heading out into the prairie on the back of a horse, or experiencing art in museums and performing centers, Indiana has something in store for everyone.

So, for all you fun-loving folks out there, here are five things you can do on the weekend in Indiana.

Visit a History Park

Indiana is all about culture and custom. You can visit the Connor Prairie Interactive History Park to have a refreshing and adventurous weekend. The park is built to give its visitor the feel of what it was like living in Indiana in the 1800s. It is more like a miniature town featuring a school, a general store, animal farms, and many historical buildings.    

You can take your kids to teach them how their grandfathers and their father before them lived. Kids can also learn different games, and as a fun experience, you can take a balloon ride with your family to see the park from 400 feet above.

softball baseball

Watch a Baseball Game

This one is a no brainer as people in Indiana are crazy about baseball. You can visit the Victory Field stadium, which can nearly seat 15,000 people. The stadium has been recognized as the best minor league ballpark in America and is equipped with luxury suites, picnic areas, and box seats which draws a lot of people towards it during baseball season.

Visit a Theater

Theater in Indiana is alive and well as there are a lot of artists in every corner of each city. From performance heavy traditional shows to electric musicals, you won’t leave the hall disappointed. However, most theaters are usually booked on the weekend so make sure that you buy your tickets as early as possible. For example, if you want to buy online tickets for shows at the Morris Performing Arts Center, you can head over to the link and get your tickets shipped to your place.

Visit a Museum

One of the best things about Indiana is its versatility and abundance of museums. You can visit the children museum if you want to learn about science, geology, space travel, astronomy and see artifacts from different parts of the world. Or you can visit Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum if you are racing fan as it hosts an on-track experience for visitors and gives them an opportunity to drive a 500 Indy race car. Other famous museums include Indianapolis Museum of Art, Eiteljorg Museum and Grissom Air Museum.


Discover the Countryside

Living in Indiana comes with the benefit of a lot of gorgeous lakes and rural countryside for you to relish. Indiana also hosts a yearly Tour De Lakes event. It is a cycling competition to raise funds for charity. Whether you are a professional cyclist or someone looking to have fun, this event is perfect for you. There are three routes you can take, namely the 25k, the 50k, and the 100k. You can take any of these depending upon your expertise and cycle across the beautiful countryside and lakes.

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