Write About Erin Andrews, Increase Your Blog Traffic!



By Paul M. Banks

If you’re a start-up sports blogger, here’s a tip for you. It’s a way to increase traffic quicker and more effectively than any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program or employing any social media consultant. Write and post pictures about Erin Andrews.

And this isn’t simply saying “sex sells” either. There’s something about her, and just her that seems to rev up the search engines of web geeks, bloggers, and horny sports nerds.

As the major buzz surrounding the peephole video conveyed, as did a half-dozen EA stories on the internet prior to that, no one else in sports has a cult following on the internet this large. But the question is, why the obsession with Erin Andrews? She’s good, but not great at her job, so it’s not that. And it’s not the eye candy thing either; as there’s plenty of other women who are just as beautiful on Eastern Seaboard Programming Network; and many more on competing networks.

Don’t get me wrong, I like blonde hair, boobs and booty as much as the next guy. And I’ll be the first to admit that EA is quite easy on the eyes…but she’s not a modern day Helen of Troy, who mythically possessed “the face that launched a thousand ships.”


Perhaps it’s the geek factor. She’s described herself as a dork and homebody, despite what others may think, and perhaps all the web nerds identify with that. I’ve me Ms. Andrews once in person in the media room, before an Illinois-Wisconsin game. It was a very pleasant although uneventful exchange. She was quite polite, and probably a lot nicer in person than the “FSU Cowgirl” Jenn Sterger would be in person. You forgot who Jenn Sterger was? Yeah so did I, and the rest of the sports blogosphere.

I only bring her up because Sterger attacked Andrews on a Florida sports talks radio show about a year or so ago. The bitter and dejected Sterger devoted part of her slot to trying to figure out why there’s such a following surrounding Andrews, and then described herself as the “number one girl on the computer.” What metric she used for that remains unclear, but I’m sure Google Analytics is making no effort to copyright that technology. Andrews is the number one girl on the computer, period. And probably a big part of that is due to her seeming down to Earth and nto obsessed with herself, her image, her looks and her popularity. I can’t say the same about most of the sports blogosphere darlings. It seems like many of them never matured past the tenth grade.

Of course, how many of them once had to be fondled by the slimiest man alive, Bruce Pearl


  1. paulmbanks says

    July’s traffic numbers aren’t catching up to June’s so I had to make sure to throw an EA post up

  2. Hahaha! Nice choice in clips. :) Though, it really made me miss college bball… Good thing football season is rapidly approaching!

  3. jmccormick says

    She probably has a massive following because she doesn’t sound scripted and looks like the girl next door, which in my case would mean that she’s 45+ and married with one to two college aged children.

  4. paulmbanks says

    I know I hate that phrase “girl next door” certainly not next door to me. Myabe next door to Hef.

    Very glad cfb season is almost here…but college hoops is “the most wonderful tie of the year”

  5. paulmbanks says

    Now the 911 call when she got sick of the paparazzi on her lawn..another news cycle begins

  6. David K. says

    She gives female sports broadcasters a good name, unlike too many women in the biz I know… zing??? maybe

  7. prowriter0923 says

    Hey it worked for me!

    I can’t deny the power of an Erin Andrews story…

  8. I think we are all missing the point here. Did anyone notice the camera guy in the peach pants in the background? Let’s look in to his criminal record.

  9. Fact Checker says

    Actually Sterger did NOT attack Andrews in any way shape or form on that Tampa radio show. One of the asshole hosts mistook the word “Second” for “suck it” and ran with it. Even after being proven wrong with audio evidence slowed down, the asshole host refused to back down or apologize.

    Sterger actually was and is quite complimentary of Andrews.

    And for the record, that asshole host was fired shortly thereafter.

    So how about getting the facts before slandering someone, huh?

  10. paulmbanks says

    Well since you’re the fact checking Nazi- send me a link on this. I haven’t heard this story- let me see your sources!!

    And if this is true, good for her and it sucks for the host of that show. Although he sounds like kind of a prick, so it’s a good thing he was canned.

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