Women’s Rugby World Cup 2021 Updates


If you are a fan of rugby, and particularly women’s rugby, this update will give you some hope. After fans packed their bags this year to attend the women’s rugby world cup in New Zealand in September 2021, the disappointing news came in after the cancellation and postponement to 2022 due to the scares of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

People were eager to watch their favorite teams play after the fixtures of the women’s rugby world cup were announced in May 2021. However, there is still hope after the confirmation that New Zealand will still host the eagerly-awaited tournament and the games will be played both in Auckland and Whangarei.

The recommendation to postpone the women’s RWC was necessitated by the uncertainty of the global COVID-19 evolution, according to the Black Fern, New Zealand’s Rugby, and the government. One of the challenges cited that apart from a possible increased spread of the virus is the inability of teams to prepare before and during the tournament.

On the good side, the postponement will give enough time to teams to play qualifier tournaments in their respective regions.

As of the time of the postponement, Ireland was yet to play Italy, Scotland, and Spain in their European qualifying tournaments. It’s no wonder why they backed the decision to move the women’s rugby world cup to 2022.

The 2022 Fixtures for Women’s RWC

After postponing the women’s RWC 2021 to 2022, the officials announced that all matches will be played on the weekend, giving teams a whole five days to train and rest. Fans will also have ample time to tour the mountainous and green New Zealand landscapes as well as the attractions.

All fixtures have been listed in detail on various websites, and there is a slim chance that the dates will change. For this women’s rugby world cup, all eyes are on the Black Fern team, who are the defending champions after taking it from England in the last women’s RWC tournament hosted by Ireland in 2017.

What Experts Predict About the 2022 Women’s RWC

As usual, the debate is always heated when all the great women’s rugby teams come together. New Zealand, England, USA, Canada, and France, to mention a few, have all shown their might in the past. But so far, only New Zealand and England have been on the list of winners more than once.

It is uncertain which of the two will take the trophy, but experts predict a lot of aggression by the Black Ferns, who will be at home and defending the trophy at the same time. Most fans on social media platforms and other communication channels just want to get tickets and make travel arrangements as early as possible. As such, both Auckland and Whangarei as well as other neighboring cities in the Newlands will be busy hubs flooded with local and foreign tourists to support their teams.

Final Words

Much of the information you need to plan is on various websites. This includes information on tickets, travel agents, hotels, and tourist destinations to explore during your free time. This is in a bid to make the women’s rugby world cup 2022 safer and fun.

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