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Be the first to answer these questions and you can join Soxman and myself for the September ninth edition of Sox Exchange.

be the first to email the correct answers to

Subject heading “SOX EXCHANGE”

and YOU WIN!

1.)    If I email you a few White Sox related questions on Sunday September 7th, can you get me your responses to me by 11AM CT September 9th?

2.)    Will they be somewhat informative and funny?

3.)    What two current position players are first and second on the White Sox in Home Runs?

4.)    What two current pitchers are first and second on the White Sox in Wins?

5.)    Soxman often refers to his home as  

a.) the Soxcave
b.) “a hang woof’em”
c.)   the Pepsi Center

6.) Batboy’s favorite current player is

a.) Bobby Jenks
b.) Bobby Thigpen
c.)  Salome Barojas



7.) Soxman’s writings often include (and his blogs always finish with) which type of
flowery prose?

a.)    poetry…general rhyming schemes
b.)    Japanese Haiku
c.)    Strict Iambic Pentameter
d.)    Shakespearean Quatrains

  8.) Paul M. Banks pens political columns for the online version of which

a.)    Washington Times
b.)    Daily Bugle
c.)    Al Jazeera
d.)    Sacramento Bee
e.)    Gotham City Times-Picayune
f.)    Kabul Plain Dealer

   9.) His political slant is best described as

a.)    liberal
b.)    neoconservative
c.)    bomb-throwing anarchist
d.)    Che Guervarist
e.)    The Tudor dynasty rules over all mankind by Divine Right!

be the first to email the correct answers to

Subject heading- “SOX EXCHANGE”

and YOU WIN!



  1. cool quiz wish I knew the answers

  2. Jay Mariotti says

    Whoever wins can’t be worse than “Moe Diddy”…

  3. Taken easy over there “Jay Mariotti”

    You could not even hold my Jock Strap!!!!

    You jobless D-Bag!!!

    Moe Diddy Runs The City!!!

  4. The Statue of Harold Baines says

    I know Mariotti, you better check yo self before you riggity riggity wreck yo self!

  5. Jay, let’s see you do better! Answer the questions, email them in and sack up!

  6. Hollywood Hogan says

    You know what BROTHER??

    Mariotti does not say his prayers!!! Don’t mess with that Moe guy, I got his back!!

  7. This contest is now closed. Congratulations to “All-American Katie” who will be joining us on Tuesday this week

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