VIDEO: Lebron James, Cleveland propaganda film very well done



The Sports Bank does not usually post commercials as the basis for content. At least not without some form of compensation in return. However, old media, new media, newspapers, blogs etc. have long been publishing advertisement as news for quite some time now. Today, Nike Basketball launched a new film entitled “Together,” which celebrates the pride and emotion of LeBron James’s return to Cleveland. The film will air live during the national TV broadcast of tonight’s Cleveland Cavaliers home-opener against the New York Knicks.


Of course, a new Lebron James nike shoe hits stores today. Still, this “short film” or “film” (it’s really a Cleveland, Lebron James propaganda film) is so well done that it deserves it’s own post. It’s really well done. Given that this website’s base are Chicago Bulls fans, and everyone has already decided that the Eastern Conference Finals will be Bulls vs the Cleveland Cavaliers, you should see what you’re up against. You need to see this:


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