TSBFL sees a league first in Week 5! Interleague play starts now!



Ladies and gentlemen, another week of the TSBFL has come and gone, and Week 6 is less than 48 hours away. This week, we saw the league’s first tie between the SICA SportsBankers and Team Penetration, after Ronnie Brown Wildcatted his way to 20 points as the last player that needed to play for either team. The Grateful Red once again did their best Rams/Titans impression and is the only team that has yet to win a game (the league office apologizes for last week’s boast of at least one win from each team, as it is not true…yet). Will this week be any different? Judging by the interracial, or interleague, Bud Light vs. Miller Lite matchups, we’re in for some upset surprises. As the trading deadline approaches, we will be able to easily separate the contenders from the pretenders. We didn’t have as many coach’s that were willing to talk to the media after Week 5, but no doubt they spent that valuable 10 minutes adjusting/chewing out their roster.

Week 6 matchups:

Team Guinness vs. Team Penetration
Grateful Red vs. SICA SportsBankers
The Dick Whitmans vs. Team Creepinfrbehind
Purple Jesus is My Homeboy vs. FREE PLAX
JaJuan Johnson All-Stars vs. Large, Oval Balls
Orange Crush vs. The Stafford Effect


Week 5 reactions:

SICA Sportsbankers Week 5 Post Game Press Conference: Team Penetration

On generating the first tie in Sportsbank history

Paul M. Banks: We had our chances and didn’t take advantage of them.
Soxman: If Bryant starts over Massaqoui, we would have won that game. Bad call on my part.

On signing Jerome Harrison over Glen Coffee

Soxman: Coffee had one week of upside left at best with the return of Frank Gore. No one saw Jamal Lewis having a comeback like he did. What did he get like 50 carries?
Paul M. Banks: You try to be consistent from day one, from the first day you walk out there on the field, and keep building on it, try to keep improving it. That’s why we meet, and practice, and work for. That’s what we are here for is to play good football, be consistent, do it as much as possible, do it at the highest percentage as we possibly can.

On Kyle Orton (16) scoring more points than Tom Brady (14) again

Soxman: Who plays is ultimately coach Belichick’s errrrrrr ahhhh coach Banks’ decision.
Paul. M. Banks: Tom Brady is our quarterback. Next question.

On not sticking to a particular roster

Paul M. Banks: We’ve got to be more productive. We’ve got to make more plays, got to make them at the right time, and we have got to make them in critical situations. We’re just going to have to work our way through it
Soxman: SICA has no room on their roster for people that don’t play hard every game, every down, every snap. I’d rather go 1-3 and play hard than be 3-1 and not be able to say we gave it our all

Team Creepinfrbehind
(Jake Fowler)

portiscostume2First of all I would like to address the trade rumors surrounding Clinton Portis. He had a great week but I would like to definitively say he is NOT our guy and the phone lines are open. Sorry Clint, but you know fantasy football is a business. As for last week’s game: any winning streak usually involves some luck and we got it last week against Large, Oval Balls. Had Paul started Jeremy Maclin (who put up 26 points) we would’ve gotten crushed. Sorry Paul, I hope you’re not too depressed. This week is a matchup of sizzling teams as the Dick Whitman’s have won 3 in a row themselves. Overall, I’m very pleased with our team’s consistency week to week. We haven’t had anyone go crazy but no one has crapped the bed either. This week our team has an extremely favorable match ups and is projected for well over 100 points. Dick Whitmans: Time to nut up or shut up. And if we win this week we may have to change the team name from creepinfrbehind to team likes it on top.

The JaJuan Johnson All-Stars
(David Kay)

When you have five players from one team on your roster, that always wreaks havoc to your line-up on their bye week. (And is pretty piss poor drafting by the owner.) With Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, Mason Crosby and the Packer D all not playing, I had to scramble to throw together a roster. Then I was forced to play the questionable Jerricho Cotchery because I didn’t have any other options or want to drop anybody to pick up a one week rental wide-out. So needless to say, it was not a good week for the JaJuan Johnson All-Stars. Matt Ryan and Rashard Mendenhall combined for 39 of my 63 points while the rest of my team crapped the bed. Hopefully having the Pack back in action this weekend and facing a fairly pathetic Lions defense, should lead us back in the left column (as Bo Ryan would say.)

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