Top Games in the UK where your Skills Get Put to the Test



If you like the idea of a physical challenge as well as the chance to pit your wits against an opponent using a combination of skill, strategic thinking and not to mention the chance to shoot them when you get the chance, then you are spoilt for choice when it comes to paintballing and Airsoft venues in the UK .

Here is a look at some of the top games that you can take part in, so get your BB guns and paintball guns ready and seek out some of these extreme challenges.

Delta Force

With over half a million players taking part in the last 12 months and more than 4 million players who have taken part in total throughout their different locations in UK and Ireland, Delta Force certainly know what is required to give participants an exciting adrenaline-fuelled experience.

Zombies Crypt

If you are up to the challenge of trying to recover the Holy Book from the Dark Crypt’s high altar deep within the bowels of the Zombies Crypt then you need to be aware that those zombies will do anything to protect their territory and treasures.

Castle Wolfenstein

If you don’t fancy taking on some zombies then you might want to immerse yourself in some military realism as you attempt to eliminate the last of the Gestapo who are holed up in Castle Wolfenstein and contribute to the allied forces advance by capturing this stronghold from the enemy.

The Black Pearl

If you fancy yourself as a swashbuckling hero ready to take on the infamous Jack Sparrow, then you can attempt to thwart the most notorious pirate of the Caribbean and complete the mission to prevent him and his band of pirates from leaving port aboard the Black Pearl.

There is a huge diversity of challenges that you can face when you take part in a Delta Force experience and there is almost certainly a mission that will quickly become a favourite.

UK Paintball

You will find over 60 venues to choose from on the UK Paintball website and they offer a range of games designed to cater for all levels of ability and in addition to providing a sufficient challenge for serious enthusiasts with some of their game creations, they also offer fun-based games aimed at groups of people who are perhaps part of a Hen or Stag party.

You can get your game-fix in urban as well as rural locations and the London Paintball Park is a good example of this with a recently refurbished 50 acre site located just 20 minutes from the heart of London. If you prefer your action indoors then you could visit The Village in central London which is entirely indoors or take on the challenge of clearing up the derelict streets of London when you visit the Apocalypse game zone.

There are so many choices up and down the country where you can put your skills to the test and have some serious fun so check out where you might be spending an action-packed weekend sometime soon.

Jon Armstrong has been a passionate paintballer for many years. He especially enjoys blogging about his favorite past time, from firepower to paintballing tactics to venues, so others can learn to love the sport as much as he does.

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