The Sports Bank, Soxman in Chicago Triathlon



By Paul M. Banks

You know what’s really annoying? When people (and there have been quite a few of these) approach me and ask me to do a feature on whatever 5K/10K/Marathon/Triathlon they’re doing. Like the general sports fan would give a shiznit about your attention whoring? Some of them run/bike etc. to raise money for some very worthy causes, and that’s quite admirable. But these requests also come from people who’ve known me for years and  have never posted a comment (nor shown any indication at all that they’ve ever read anything on this site) since it went live in January 2007. So for those people, you’re S.O.L. generate your own publicity. I’ll do something for you if/when you can do something for me.

But races I participate in (along with Bruce Wayne-Parker, the man behind the Soxman mask, THIS SUNDAY IN THE CHICAGO TRIATHLON) are a different story.

We have our own media platform, a website ranked in the top 98 percentile for traffic according to, so we can plug away. Is this annoying? Well it’s kind of like going to see a great studio band that’s TERRIBLE in concert, like the Smashing Pumpkins. Instead of singing, Billy Corgan will ramble on for 20-30 minutes about Lord knows what, and in the middle of his delusional musings he’ll say, “but we don’t do what we’re supposed to, and you guys like us for that.” So concludes this brief announcement post.

The Chicago Triathlon is Sunday. They’ll be live music, beer and a party afterwards. Maybe even punch and pie. One thing’s for sure, I’ll return to do a recap of the event and any news-worthy or otherwise interesting anecdotes that occur between Bruce Wayne-Parker and I.


  1. paulmbanks says

    got my wetsuit

  2. Paul in a wetsuit and me not in a Soxsuit… Hmmmm

  3. paulmbanks says

    I know…sexy bitches

  4. Paul Schmidt says

    I swear, if I could afford a bike I’d do this…but by myself….

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