Taylor Corley Leaves Miss St Cheer Squad to Pursue Reality TV Career


taylor corley

You remember Taylor Corley, from a few posts ago right? She’s rather memorable, she’s the Mississippi State freshman cheerleader who did Playboy under the “pseudonym” of Taylor Stone. Some people in the harshly conservative deep south thought MSU should discipline her for doing the spread. But Corley was not sanctioned by the University because she wasn’t even part of the University when she did the photo shoot.

So they were cool with it? Not so much.

“I am no longer cheering for (Mississippi) State,” Taylor Corley announced on  the radio show Memphis Sport Live.

“Me and my coaches decided that it was either Mississippi State cheerleading or my Playboy career. Pretty much the decision was made for me that I was no longer going to be cheering for them.”

taylor corley

According to a Fox News blog

With her Playboy notoriety, Corley is leaving school to pursue a career in—what else—reality television.

“It’s called Girl Flag, it’s a pilot for MTV and VH1. It’s follows around four girls and I’m one of them.”

It’s set in Cincinnati of all places. Interesting choice. Shout out to the Midwest

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