Soxman’s Chicago White Sox Opening Day Diary


WGN 04-01-13

The White Sox just concluded their first home stand of the year with a winning record. Aside from pitching and homeruns defining the team thus far; another thing we know for sure is that the South Side Dark Knight Super Fan Soxman returned for his 8th White Sox opening day to pump up the fans and ring in the new year with local media. What secrets of the day does he have to share?

Read on to find out.

3:30 a.m.- the alarm clock goes off to Thunderstruck by ACDC. What better song for a Chicago White Sox fan to wake up to on opening day right? Hit the showers, walk SoxDog, throw back some egg whites and it’s off to U.S. Cellular Field to continue the opening day tradition.

6:00 a.m. – I stop and get a Red Eye and check out my opening day article. Amazed nothing was cut aside from five words. Start the morning tweets and Facebook posts to the White Sox universe. Many are already complimenting my Red Eye Article.  Did you read it?  Well it still packs a punch, so if you didn’t click here: SOXMAN’S RED EYE ARTICLE. 

Bat Boy shows up. Still grumpy because they killed off Andrea in the season finale of The Walking Dead. He looks tired enough to be a zombie.


7:00 a.m. – after suiting up we arrive at U.S. Cellular Field’s Bacardi at the Park. After a quick interplay with 670 the Score’s Mulley and Hanley and an on air mention (thanks guys!) we take off to discuss our shoot with WCIU’s You and Me This Morning’s Aly Bockler. More of Chicago should watch this show. It’s fun and homey. As the About Town reporter Aly is among the most prepared people I’ve ever worked with. She’s creative , funny and most importantly interactive. I get pumped for the segment. We then do a live hit promoting “Batboy’s big announcement.”

WCIU 04-01-13

7:45 a.m. live on WCIU. Batboy’s announcement was more shocking then how tight my new mask smashed my nose down. It was reminiscent of 80’s WWE style wrestling promotions and packed a big surprise ending. Did you see it?

If not check it out by clicking here: SOXMAN WCIU VIDEO.  It’s worth it!

8:00 a.m. on with live with WGN Sports Anchor Pat Tomasulo. We do a couple of funny hits with the Chevy Pride Crew, some Star Wars Guys, Chicago White Sox grounds crew Sod Father Roger Bossard and then get excited beyond words by what follows. Before I go there though…shout out to the Chevy Pride crew too. The guys in the crew couldn’t be friendlier, and two of the members we spoke with are school teachers when they are not pumping up the crowd. Great working with intelligent and beautiful ladies such as yourself. Keep up the good work!

8:15 a.m. pose for some photos with ABC’s Stacey Baca, do a quick opening day hit and then moved on to closing out with WGN. Stacey was lots of fun too. Active on her I-Pad from the moment she arrived and a genuine pleasure to talk with about opening day.

8:30 a.m. Future Hall of Famer the Big Hurt Frank Thomas walks into Bacardi and takes time to snap a shot with the dynamic duo. Talk about an honor. We get to be in his live shot where he talks about the upcoming season, the beginnings of the Twilight of White Sox  slugger Paul Konerko’s career and of course his new Big Hurt MVP Beer.


9:00 a.m. Head back to the car for a while, but not before taking some pictures with the fans. One of the biggest honors of the day comes a group of fans have my Red Eye article open and ask me to sign it. A couple question if it is really me as Soxman weighed a few more pounds in when his last headshot was taken.

3:00 ish GAME TIME. Bo Jackson throws out the first pitch. He’s still got it and still beloved by White Sox fans even though his time in uniform was barely a blip on the radar.

Bottom of the 7th- WHAT AN HONOR. Batboy and I get to lead White Sox fans in the start of take me out to the ballgame for the first time in 2013! That is a memory that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Ball Game 04-01-13

What a game! My pick to click Tyler Flowers comes through with a solo shot! After I explain to him that Bobby Jenks is no longer with the White Sox, or even in baseball, Batboy picks Chris Sale as his pick to click. Good choice. He pitches like an ace. Addison Reed shuts it down and we start off 2013 with a win.

Lots of pictures. We get to meet beyond awesome fans like longtime Facebook friends and appointed King and Queen of Chicago Sports, Ryan and September Vawter, who last year said it was on her bucket list to take a photo with Soxman and Batboy.


After a hundred or so high fives, I returned to the Soxmobile for the ride home.

8:30 I get home, greet SoxDog and catch then end of Monday Night Raw as I fall fast asleep. Pleasant dreams? Don’t need them, I just LIVED them. High Five White Sox fans.

Soxman is an MVP writer for the, local celebrity and special contributor for the Chicago Radio. He is a frequent guest on local television and radio, and has appeared nationally on ESPN, Fox Sports and the History Channel. Follow him on Twitter: @thesoxman72 or on Facebook: Soxman


  1. Soxman you rock! Great article and thrilled to be apart of it! What would opening day or the crosstown classic be without a little Aly-Soxman television magic! Your so awesome and wishing you a great season! Aly Bockler You & Me This Morning on WCIU, the U!

  2. Aly, I truly mean it when I say you are someone who deserves much more air time or even your own show! You are always well prepared and interactive in what you do! Remember us when you are even MORE big time. LOVE working with you! Hugs and High 5s! -SM

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