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Through one week of baseball, the Chicago White Sox are 4-5.  The only team they have a better record than in the AL Central is the Cleveland Indians who are 2-6.  Ironically, the Indians two victories are against the Sox.  So what should Sox fans be saying about their team after 9 games?

Where’s the Small Ball?

The White Sox are currently tied for first in the AL in homers (13).  Living and dying by the long ball is not the way this team was designed.  While exciting, wining is more important than watching the scoreboard explode.

Where’s the Offensive Catalyst at the Top of the Order?

He’s playing for the Kansas City Royals.  Believe it or not, Scott Podsednik is leading the AL in both batting average (.457) and stolen bases (6).  Career track record aside, are Podsednik and Pierre basically the same player?  They are slightly below average defensively, a minimal source of power, but a speed demon.  Pierre is currently hitting .167 with 3 SBs.SOXMAN AND BATBOY

Pitching is a Strength

We knew that though didn’t we?  The White Sox have the 4th best ERA in the AL (3.24), but the strong numbers are not without their early concerns.  Jake Peavy has looked awful in his first two starts (8.44 era).  I wouldn’t be as alarmed if he wasn’t clobbered by Sox minor leaguers in his last spring training game.  The bullpen has held strong despite shouldering three extra inning games.  Even Scott Linebrink has a respectable ERA.  Converted shortstop Sergio Santos is yet to give up a run, creating buzz that he could assume a closer role at some point this season.  John Danks is taking the reigns early as staff ace, sporting a 1.38 ERA.  The biggest concern at this point is that they don’t overwork and subsequently ruin the arm of Matt Thornton, who appeared in the fist four games of the season without a day off.

Andru Jones is Back…so is Alex Rios

Like Podsednik, let’s not award him comeback player of the year yet, but Andru Jones appears to be proving he’s got a lot of baseball left in him thus far.  With a team best BA (.350) among “regulars,” and 3 dingers (tied with Paul Konerko), Jones is making a case to become an everyday player and to get a “Boras-like” contract at the end of the season.

Alex Rios has also impressed thus far demonstrating speed, power, and defense (his game winning catch on opening day was overshadowed by Mark Buehrle’s defensive play of the year web gem).  His continued success with the bat, will be a crucial part of the White Sox hopes for a play-off push.

Omar Vizquel is looking old…

One hit in 13 ABs with greatly reduced bat speed from his heydays in Cleveland is not a great sign.

…but his defense is still better than Alexei Ramirez

Sure he’s only made two errors on the season, but I twinge every time I see a quickly developing double play, that Alexei is in the middle of.  Vizquel needs to continue to mentor him before we have a Cuban missile crisis.  After all, this is a big reason he was signed right?

That’s it for now.  Until next time, keep your Sox white, your cheers tight and keep up that small ball fight!

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  1. paulmbanks says

    Yes, Peavy looked abysmal in that Tor game..he needs to come correct, and soon. Pierre will get things figured out- eventually

  2. Melissa W. says

    I love former Brewer and White Sox Scotty Po Po is resurrecting his career. I doubt it’ll last but…what the heck, go Scotty!

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