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Win or go Home

So it all comes down to this fantasy football fans.  Most fantasy leagues have their Super Bowl this weekend, while the deepest of leagues have their version of the AFC and NFC championships.

Either way, in two short weeks, the constant monitoring of, the hours of monitoring weather conditions where your kicker is playing, the months of debating who you should start in your flex position will all soon be a distant memory.
For 80% or more of you, that time has already come.  But for you few fantasy freaks, your battle for gridiron glory is reaching its historic climax.
For me it is no different.  In the money league, I’m playing for the title and I’m entering the semi-finals in my two other leagues. 
Like Luke battling Darth Vader, I face my father in the semi finals of our neighborhood league.  On the opposite side of the bracket, my brothers battle one another.

In my IDP league, I battle my brother to see who moves on to the finals.  Last week, my brothers battled it out in the first round of the play-offs. 
The final two weeks of the NFL season can be a quagmire to say the least as conventional “must start” logic does not apply.  With this is mind, follow these few guiding principles as they could make the difference between glory and failure.
1.      Now is a great time to start players whose teams are fighting for a play-off berth or who have been eliminated from the play-offs as they are likely to see the most action.  Bottom line: most NFL coaches will rest their starters for the play-offs giving them limited action just to stay sharp.  My guess is the Colts “B” squad may be in the game from the second quarter on.  Good news if you are playing a team with Manning or Addai, despite a favorable match-up for them this week.

2.      GRAB good teams’ back-ups.  They are likely to see the most action, especially after this week.  Your “Super Bowl” line-up could look more like a week one practice squad, but it is the way the game rolls.

3.      Starving for special teams and defense?  Grab a team hosting a dome team on the road in sloppy weather conditions.  Warm weather teams playing in snowy, freezing temperatures are extremely vulnerable.

Hot Starts
Pierre Thomas

Last year, in two different articles written for the Sportsbank, I raved about a little known running back by the name of Pierre Thomas.  He’s quickly emerging into a star.  This week, With Reggie Bush on IR, he will be the feature back in a fantastic match-up.  Detroit ranks as the NFL’s worst rushing defense and has yielded the most rushing TDs (26).
Thomas totaled at least 100 yards in four of his last five games.  He’s also scored two TDs in three of his last four games.  Ranking third on the Saints depth chart for most of the season, Thomas now ranks in the top 10 in total touchdowns with 11.  Can you believe that?

Drew Brees
Bottom Line: Detroit’s pass defense ranks near the bottom.
Brees leads the NFL in passing yards (4,332) and touchdowns (28) and he’s chasing records.
Aaron Rodgers (Risky but Nice)
Bottom Line:  Chicago ranks as the league’s fifth-worst pass defense, even though they have been playing good football as of late.
Rodgers lit up the Bears in week 11 throwing for two TDs.

Chris Cooley
Not he best match-up, but Cooley is the number one passing target in Washington.
Cooley has one TD this season.  It came against the Red Skins in week 5.   He also had 109 yards receiving in that game.  
Finally, chew on this Christmas cookie:  A tight end has scored in three of the last six games against the Eagles.
Green Bay ranks as the seventh-worst run defense and has yielded the sixth-most rushing scores (18).

Matt Cassel (for Paul M. Banks)
Closing this Fantasy finale with a Patriot seems to be a requirement for this site in order to “be clued in at the water cooler.”
“Baby Brady” threw for four TDs last week and with their play-off spot already locked up, the Cardinals are not going to take any chances with their top players possibly being injured, so look for them to bench their starters.
Arizona has yielded the NFL’s most passing TDs.  Do we need to draw you a picture?
Well, that’s it for this week.  Keep moving the chains and focusing on fantasy point gains!

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  1. Wow Piere from ILL and Cassell from NE! This is my fav one yet. good inclusions! This column is a bit bittersweet though. One one hand, its great to have you back, on the other, its reminiscent of the fact that the fantasy season is just abt over…and we still have 3 months till the Sox come back

  2. I am in the Championship in two leagues..

    Soxman, Do I go with Shaun Hill or Brett Favre at QB??

    Diddy out

  3. Monica All night Long says

    At least he still writes here. Soxman has completely turned his back on his myspace and Facebook fans despite promises to return. I love his stuff and he’s the whole reason I research anything sports on this site, the internet or otherwise. All’s I want for Christmas is the soxman back on his pages!

  4. I was just talking to my boys about you. We were wondering if you had retired, did a search on your old blogs and read about you writing for this site. Good to see you are still alive and kicking brother. Peace

  5. Soxman, or shall I say Bruce Wayne-Parker is extremely busy with his real job, so I know its frustrating that he’s not around so much on myspace, but let’s remember he’s got a ton of things on his plate. He doesnt mean to abandon anyone I assure you…he only has the best of intentions for all of his fans

  6. Billy Blast says

    While I miss Soxmans stuff, remember, ITS THE OFFSEASON!!! We’re lucky to be getting him at all. He still answers his e-mail as well. My sisters friend loves him and he answers her messages. I’ve sent hime one as well. He replies! Not to “celeb” if he is gracious enough to do that.

  7. Ko’d Konerko says

    Manning had a great game yesterday. I agree with you that he will be rested next weekn just as they took no chances with Addai this week. You are a fantasy football god!

  8. I love you Soxman. I second others in saying you are the reason I know so much about sports, even so much about the White Sox.

  9. Well thanks for the positive words, even if there are a few feelings of disappointment in me not being on-line via my page or Facebook. Billy is correct, I do answer my e-mails. I liken my time to Bruce Wayne sleeping during the board meeting in the Dark Knight. Unfortunately, as the man behind the mask is not trust fund wealthy, I often have to pay attention to my primary source of income first and foremost.

    Mark my words: I WILL BE BACK.

    Moe: You have to start Favre in my opinion. The Seahawks are dead last in the NFL (by more than 400 yards), against the pass. The Jets are playing for more. Go with the NY Bretts top gun.

  10. We knew you would be back. I think it is just the extremes. We miss your wit, wisdom, and humor. When it comes to White Sox Baseball, you often break stories before they actually happen.

    The Sportsbank couldn’t be paying you enough! They should hire you full time so you could leave your other job.

    Merry Christmas Soxman.

  11. We love ya no matter what. :)

  12. I figured you were just busy. I agree though man. I look forward to reading your stuff the most. i wish someone could hire you full time.

  13. I also love your stuff Soxman. It was like a gift in my stocking seeing an article posted by you. Even though I don’t really care about fantasy football all that much. I come herem ostly looking for your posts because you never post to your site anymore. Merry Christmas.

  14. Your fantasy advice has saved me thus far Soxman. I was like “how could he vanish during he play-offs?” LOL. Good luck in your finals.

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