Sox Exchange Bailout Plan Part II



By Soxman and Paul M. Banks

(PMB) I’m well aware that converting from a slow home-run hitting team to a quick, manufacturing-every-run-you-can-get type of team won’t happen in just one off-season. It’s not realistic.

(SM) Well, if Thome isn’t the one traded, the Sox need to work with him in the off-season to teach him how to bunt, plain and simple.  If they are going to put the shift on for him, he only needs to successfully bunt 2-3 times and the field will open up to him again.  Why he NEVER did that in 2008 is beyond me!  Especially in situations where we needed base runners.

(PMB) What can happen though is a change over to a team similar to another winning Orioles team, the one that knocked us out in 1983. They were lead by Earl Weaver, the fiery manager who’s inspired a whole new breed of hot-headed and hard line baseball leaders. Both of the Chicago skippers Lou Piniella and Ozzie Guillen embody this. During this rise to prominence, Weaver Ball became trendy. It was defined by the Oriole trifecta of “Pitching, Defense, and the Three-Run Home Run.” So let’s work on getting all three. The pitching doesn’t have far to go. The defense needs some work, but isn’t terrible. The home run ball? Way too many of those were solo this past season. So let’s talk turkey on setting the table. We all know OC is out of here and Jerry Owens (who I’m short-selling) is on his last chance to prove himself a bonafide major leaguer, so who hits leadoff? What do you do in the #2 hole?

(SM) I cannot see the Sox NOT doing something to address their speed needs.  So for the record, I believe you will see a new leadoff hitter in 2009.  IF no trades or signings are made, the best leadoff candidate would again be Nick Swisher, with perhaps Chris Getz batting second.  This would also be a 3rd or 4th place line-up in the AL Central.  Yuck.

CF- Swisher
2B- Getz
LF- Quentin
DH- Thome
1B- Konerko
SS- Ramirez

3B- Fields


(PMB) I think Kenny needs to adopt the Iceman from “Top Gun” slogan “I feel the need for speed”…Lord knows Sox fans do! How about Dwayne Wise, we know Ozzie loves him and you got to be Bullish on the market for his clutch hitting that he displayed at times during 2008. Also, are you buying or selling “the little sparkplug” Chris Getz? He has some wheels.

(SM) I think Wise will be back.  He will come at a cheap cost and represents a left-handed bat with some pop, speed and a decent 5th outfielder.  Chris Getz would make a great utility infielder to start, but I’d give him a shot at winning the second base job if the Sox fail to make any other moves.  There is so much that could happen depending on what Williams does.  My plan was along the lines of the “ultimate” best case, but still within the boundaries of reality.

There have also been rumors that Williams intends on throwing himself into the Brian Roberts sweepstakes.  I just don’t see that happening unless the Orioles were willing to take a Thome or a Konerko in return, who would likely veto a trade there.  If they did do pull it off, Fields would get first crack at 3B.  However, the Sox have only two prospects in their farm system garnering any buzz, and they cannot begin to rebuild for the future if they trade either of them away.  It is also why I do not think Juan Pierre is a good fit from a trade perspective.  He’s not worth $9.6 million per season or the prospects that would likely be required.  That money could be better spent elsewhere.

I also think Nick Punto is the better choice as the utility infielder as he is quicker and has a better on-base percentage.  Juan Uribe might come cheaper however and is loved by his fellow teammates.

(PMB) Next week we will discuss fixing the “bear market aspects” of the pitching staff.



  1. Part I rocked. Part II was ok. Mr. Banks, soxman laid out a pretty darn good plan to turn the Sox into a balanced, run producing team next season in part i, why do you not think it is realistic?

  2. Have to agree with Gooch. Paul, Soxman’s plan seems pretty realistic to me, even if they land 2 of those guys.

  3. Heidi Hot Sox says

    Paul- how could you not think soxman’s plan would change the face of the team? I think it is a very realistic plan.

  4. Paul why don’t you think it is realistic? Soxman offered four players, you would think the sox could land at least two of them.

  5. I shutter at the thought of the “no move” line-up becoming our 2009 White Sox.

  6. I think the moves by Soxman make a lot of sense. What is wrong with them Paul?

  7. Thome not being able to bunt KILLS me.

  8. You guys are like Obama and Biden. by not being afraid to disagree. But soxman’s plan is pretty realistic. We do need two speedsters, not one.

  9. Don’t really know who Taveras is but I think the plan works 4 me. Not to sound like a broken record but Why won’t it work?

  10. If the Sox do not make any changes, we could finish last in the Central. The Royals will be a good team as well.

  11. I think Mr. Banks point is that we cannot have another season of plow horses when there is now field to plow in front of us. Ok, if you are Joe the plummer and invest your hard earned dollars in a season ticket plan, you mat get the occassional homerun with this team, but without consistent production you will lose in the long-term. It is not indifferent to Sen McCains plan to tax you on your choice of health care. Like a home run, it is is big bonus but you lose on the back-end.

  12. Fun banter but not the substance of part I. Thome is too egotistical to leanr to bunt and add a dimension to his game…

  13. Myspace mike says

    Nice article guys but part one was better.

    Paul has a right to disagree with soxman. It is likely his years of being a south sider that has jaded his perception of anything realistic actually being “realistic.” LOL.

  14. Ko’d Konerko says

    If soxman’s plan isn’t realistic, what is your plan Mr. Banks?

  15. Oops. Commented on Pierre and Soxman made the same point in part II.

    As a side note, Paul what do you think is different from the 1983 Orioles with the line-up Soxman is projecting? They had thunder in the middle with Eddie Murray, Cal Ripken, Dempsey, etc.

  16. Yay, I love Paul because he disagrees and wants Paulie to stay.

  17. Cubby blue says

    You guys can have Fukodome cheap. LOL

  18. I’m not disagreeing with my running mate just for the sake of disagreeing with him, I’m trying to heighten awareness of our cause. My message is clear that something must be done, but we face obstacles along the way. Soxman’s plan would work, but we have to huge roadblocks

    1.) there are 29 other potential MLB franchises that may be competing for the same guys

    2.) What do we have in return to give up? our farm system isn’t the richest right now.

  19. I can support the ideas of Soxman’s plan, but I just don’t think Kenny would be able to pull it off. You can’t go from a slow home-run hitting team to a grinder-ball team with just a few moves, that would require a major overhaul. You can turn the Sox into a “pitching, defense, and the 3-run homer” type team with just a couple moves. And Soxman pointed out exactly how to do that. And I never said that this new lineup would not be similar to the 1983 Orioles, I think it very much would. I just don’t think it would be like the true grinderball Orioles teams of the 60s or a better example might be the speedy, smallball St. Louis Caridnals teams of 80s. I apologize for that being unclear. if the exchange had all been in one part, then it would have come across easier. But of course, this exchange was way too long to be one part

  20. I like SM’s plan, but I would be more sold on the feasibility of it if we could surely move one of our slow sluggers with a no-trade clause. Remember, we have no definite suitors for any of them. Myspace Mike is correct, I’m very cynical about the teams that I love. Of course, that’s part of the dynamic of Sox exchange, I’m the pessimist and Soxman is the idealistic and optimistic one :) I’m prepared to be less popular, if needs be, for the cause of Sox Exchange. And you guys are right, part one was better. it was much longer too.

  21. Obama,

    good to see you here supporting your favorite team. That was nice of you to take time away from your busy campaign. Of course, with how the electoral colllege polls are looking these days, I think you can just run out the clock now and claim your runaway victory. And I’m sure you’ll agree that although Soxman and I may have some policy differences, we share the idealism of adding a couple table setters at the top of the order for White Sox Nation. I’m sure you would approve of that!

  22. My friends I would like to thank you for this opportunity to refute Senator Obama’s comments. It is easy for Sen Obama to claim success for the White Sox in 2005, even though Sen Obama was not a season ticket holder in 2005 nor did he ever voice his opinion on the White Sox before the election made this an issue.

    The bottom line is this my friends, do you want a rookie with no major league experience taking the mound at the World Series or a proven veteran with a record of success, who is not afraid to reach across the party lines and get defense when it was needed?

    Dreaming is something good for Sen Obama , but we need to live in reality, not in dreams of the past. What does Sen Obama think, without any baseball experience in high school or college, he can simply decide he wants to be a a GM or an owner and hen run a major league team?

    My plan build from the success of a president who owned a major league teams, using players who have been in the trenches. Player like Ken Griffey Jr and Jim Thome who have well over 1150 career home runs between them and have critical play-off experience, combined with the success of Florida, the Marlins, who have two WS victories, and another team with the second lowest payroll in MLB now in the World Series. There is a republican governor there my friends, showing that spending wislet works.

    Soxman is a patriot but his plan like Sen Obamas would result in Joe the Plummer wasting his hard earned money on nothing

  23. Paul ride the half-full train. There are several options the Sox can pursue and only one of them would require a trade, likely not involving any farm talent. The rest are free agent possibilities which would require not much of anything unless arbitration were offered. Taveras could be a below radar steal. I just hope they bat him at 9!

  24. Bleeding Cheese says

    What Does McCain or Palin have to say about this? LOL. I’m a Wis guy after all but not at all like the nut job who called Obama an arab.

  25. Fun guys. I do think soxman’s plan is doable with my limited knolwedge of baseball. Go guys!

  26. paulmbanks says

    Senator McCain, welcome. it’s good to hear you present your platform. The Junior Senator from Illinois will now be given a chance a respond. and then you have ample time for your rebuttal.

    Taveras would have to hit ninth. That’s the difference in American League baseball, because of the DH, you essentially need three table-setting hitters in your lineup, batting at the 9, 1 and 2 positions.

  27. Sox it 2 Me says

    Ok whoever is posting the Predidential debates leave them out of my Sox talk! I get enough of that on the news. although i must say…hilarious! If it really is McCain and Obama, wow…..the sportsbank truly is on the rise.

  28. paulmbanks says

    In order to sign those free agents that Soxman has plans on getting, we need to move the bloated salaries of at least one slow slugger in the middle. Although our Sox Nation’s spending is not limited by protectionist trade tariffs (a salary cap, like in other sports) it is still in our best interest to dump some financial dead weight before pursuing additional spending. Someone to take Javier Vazquez contract would be nice, back to the Yankees maybe?

  29. paulmbanks says

    Bleeding Cheese,

    I assume you’re referring to author Jerome Corsi. I wrote a column bashing his bigotry and intolerance, here

  30. Obama your best running mate would have been Soxman.

  31. Ok, I will not waste sox fans time by refuting the statements of John McCain on my allegiance to the White Sox, although I will cite the October Chicago Tribune in which I was named a key political representative of the team along with Soxman. I will focus on the issues.

    1)Senator McCain’s plan calls for increased spending and staying the course on teams that barely produced yields beyond the AL Central despite having one of the top 8 payrolls in MLB, while my plan builds on the successes of proven championships in 2005, and in 2008, where Senator McCain admits the speed and defense system work, the Tampa Rays, where the owner is a democrat.

    2)You don’t need experience to run a baseball team into the ground, just ask the person who all of your policies mimic, GW Jr. As owner of the Texas Rangers he employed your “hit first” ask questions later offense for years without ever making it to the post season one time as the owner. The Yankees had the highest payroll in baseball, and failed to make the post-season.

    3)Cutting out the pork is a part of my plan, where we know it is possible. This is why I believe we are in the best position to move some of our powerful but slow yielding bonds for younger, quicker growth.

    4)I do not believe an investment like Vasquez would be easily sold off, especially to New York, where is services were already employed.

    5)We can’t rest on rhetoric, we need results. We need change, and not another season of living and dying by the big hit.

    Joe the Plummer had to give up his season tickets this year because of the economy that would no doubt continue under your plan.

  32. My friends I thank Paul M. Banks for hosting this event, and I want to first say, that I believe in Cow Bell and will be taking Joe the Plummer to the World Series with me.

    Senator Obama is good at putting on a Sox cap and pretending to be a fan, while the fact of the matter is he never attended one game when his team needed him the most. That is what you will get out of his plan, like you have seen out of Kenny Williams, a lot of talk and no action in the end. I was at the Diamondbacks play-off games in 2007, where they swept the Chicago Cubs, I have supported my Phoenix Coyotes through awful seasons because I know that as president, it takes more than a hat and a marketing slogan to lead. I takes dedication and a proven track record of performance.

    To say I am against youth is just flat wrong as I have one of the best and brightest in Sarah Palin at my side.

    Obama and soxman’s plan is great but it doesn’t say where the funding is going to come from to sign these free agents or what will have to be given up to land these “table setters” as our esteemed moderator as stated. Do you know why he won’t say where the funding is going to come from? Because he doesn’t want yo to know that it will come from you by raising ticket prices. Is it really worth it to get players who make sacrifices and steal? I say no, Sen Obama, I say the American people have made enough of sacrifices and we need to stop stealing and start putting up the big hit.

  33. Billy Blast says

    Ok you both need to leave…LOL. This is Soxman country..and politics have no place in baseball. you already dominate CNN, FOX, PBS, etc. For the love of god, let us focus on sports here!

  34. Matt Saracen QB#1 says

    I think these guys are mixing baseball with politics quite well. They are talking both here in a creative and humorous way. not just politics. I say keep it up

  35. The Sportsbank is all about freedom of expression, creativity, and fun. I think that both Senators McCain and Obama have debated their points well.

    A few points to all of the amazing comments we had today:

    My plan hinges on us moving one of our slow hitters in the middle. While my gut says Dye would draw more interest, I think that Konerko would be a good match for the Angels, especially if they lose Mark T. to free agency.

    Juan Pierre is not likely to happen because of the size of his contract and due to the fact that I don’t see the Sox giving up the prospects the Dodgers would want to part with him. Now, magic happened when the Phillies wanted to get rid of Thome, but we still gave up a lot for him.

    Tavares would be a cheap signing but in my opinion is not a leadoff hitter just because he has speed. He would make the ideal nine guy and has a decent glove in CF.

    Brian Roberts does not make sense because the Orioles wanted three of the Cubs top prospects for him last season. While I’d want him, there really isn’t a good match. As they still have Melvin Mora, Josh Fields would not be enough to get the job done.

    Rocco Baldelli could happen as an incentive laded signing, which would be a vintage reclamation project. I do not know about his disease or what the prognosis is, but he gets fatigued rather easily and likely could not handle the grind of a full season.

    I think that’s it. Thanks for the comments and all of the attention you pay to our exchanges!

    Much Respect,


  36. Soxman thanks for always posting such great information. You are a tru celeb and an icon in Chicago. You and Paul are really approachable to your readers.

  37. Heidi Hot Sox says

    This is why I want to have your children Soxman!

    How cool is it that two presidential candiates are posting on the sportsbank!!!

  38. Nikki Sixx says

    Whatver they are paying you soxman its not enough! We love your writing and I love you. You are so dimplomatric and funny.

  39. Soxman Stalker says

    Soxman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get first dibs on having your babies! Back off Hot Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. crazy Asian says

    Love it.

  41. Batboy’s babe: says

    Is Batboy still alive? I have dibs on having his kids. I want to get you naked baby…or maybe almost naked..just the mask.

  42. Grinder Guy says

    Love the plan. Sorry to burst the bubble readers, but I highly doubt it is really McCain and Obama. Still awesome writing by Soxman and Paul. I could read soxman’s stuff all day. When are you guys starting video blogs?

  43. Mary, Mary says

    Soxman its great you are responding on this site, but how about paying more attention to your myspace and facebook? I asked you mailbag questions and such and you never responded! You need to reach ALL of your fans.

  44. Right. I doubt it’s really McCain or Obama either. But I love how the Google Ad Sense promos are showing Barack now.

  45. Sox it 2 Me says

    I notice that as well, but it is much better than all of the Sex ads being generated likely because Google is too stupid to know the difference between Sex and Sox… LOL.

    Great and long response Soxman. A number of you fans pst here and follow you hear as you can see. We know you can’t be everywhere, but a super heroes job is never done!

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