Seth Grunlode’s Lost Mail Bag 3/11/08


Seth, how do you think the Oceanic 6 gets off the island?             -        Ryan R.

There are still so many unknowns about the Oceanic 6 and how they could have possibly ended up where they are now, back in the real world and lying to the rest of the world about what really happened to Flight 815.

The producers have said we’ll find out how they get off the island in the season 4 finale, and while I don’t have any spoiler knowledge on this one I have a strong feeling that Ben (and whoever he works for) is ultimately responsible.

There are a few clues; the most obvious of course is the fact that Sayid is working for Ben in his flash-forward, but there are more. I re-watched the season premier last night and there is one scene that takes on new meaning having seen the rest of this season to date. When Hurley is in the mental hospital and Matthew Abbadon visits him there he asks “Are they still alive?” which makes Hurley flip out. At the time we had no idea who Abbadon was, now we know that he assembled the team on the freighter, backed by Charles Widmore. There was also a key scene last week. At the end, before Juliet expresses her feelings for Jack she says “These people are here to wage war on Ben, and he is going to win.” That was more than her prediction. I get a strong feeling that it was foreshadowing of an inevitable turn in the story. I don’t know how Ben “wins” but my gut tells me he does, which is why Matthew Abbadon asks his question to Hurley. He is not trying to figure out if the other survivors are still alive. He wants to know if his freighter team is still alive. At some point, we are going to see Ben in complete and utter control of the island once again.
How is Ben going to beat them? Who knows? Maybe the tsunami capsizes their boat? Maybe it has something to do with Jacob? I don’t know how it happens. But right now if you read the clues, it looks like Ben will indeed win which will put him in a position to get the 6 off the island.
Are you a f*cking idiot? When they say “you look just like her” how can you possibly think they mean Ben’s mom? None of the Others ever met her, how would they know what she looks like? They are obviously referring to that girl Annie from his flashback.   -   Brandon R.
This point was raised by quite a few of you, but I had to specifically use Brandon’s question because it was so eloquently written, so let me retort. First off, relax… there is no need to resort to name calling…jackass. Yes, I had considered the fact that they could be referring to Annie and I will concede that I should have put that in my original recap. Truth be told I did have it in my first draft but took it out because I try to limit how long my recaps are. It very well could be Annie. But we’ve never seen her as anything more than a child. On the other hand we have seen Juliet and Emily Linus both as adults and THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE FRIGGIN’ SAME!!!

The Annie idea is perfectly legitimate, but we no physical proof behind it. Not only do we have the actual resemblance between Juliet and Ben’s mom, we’ve seen some of the psychological damage done to Ben as a result of growing up without her and being raised by a man who blames him for her death. And true she died in childbirth, but not only have we seen Ben with a picture of her, she also appeared ON THE ISLAND! There is also a large painting in Ben’s house of a blonde woman that also hung in his Father’s house when he was young. It quite possibly could be a portrait of his mother. Whether it is or not, the first 2 examples provide enough opportunity for us to think the Others have an idea of what Emily Linus looked like.
What happened to Annie is a story line that is supposed to be covered this season, although that was announced before the strike so who knows if it still will be explored this season or if it will just be moved to next season. When we see her a bit older I won’t be surprised if she does look like Juliet, but if that is the case I still say it is tied back to a weird longing for his mother.
So Brandon, I hope that answers your question, next time you email a question keep the insults and condescending tones to a minimum…actually, even better, just don’t write again. is a happy place; we don’t need your negativity here.
One quick theory about what happened to Annie…maybe she is one of the women who died while pregnant. Last season we heard Richard call Ben’s obsession with the pregnancy issue “trivial.” Maybe it is so important to him because it’s how he lost the one woman who was ever close to him. It would also be another reason why he is so obsessed with Juliet, because she could be the one to solve the problem that killed Annie. Who knows, just a thought…

Seth, why do you think that Daniel Faraday was crying when he first saw the wreckage of flight 815 on TV?          -        Kelly C.
Tough question, I mean if Faraday himself doesn’t know how should I? I do have some thoughts.
One of the side effects of time travel, as showcased by Desmond, is a loss of memory. We saw Faraday working on his memory with Charlotte when he was trying to remember the 3 playing cards. Maybe, just maybe, he was crying when he saw the wreckage because at some point he travels back and forth between being on the island and a time before the wreckage is found. Maybe when he sees the wreckage he cries because his subconscious remembers the island, his experience on it, and something terrible that we’ve yet to see happen. He might not consciously remember it though which is why when asked why he is crying he says “I don’t know”. I’ll be the first person to admit that theory doesn’t have a lot of weight behind it. But they really have given us no real clues as to why he would have reacted that way. So at this point that’s my guess.
If you have a theory about why Faraday was crying (or anything else with the show for that matter) or if you want to ask your own questions feel free to leave it in the comments section or email me at

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