Royce White Leaving College Basketball? Don’t Believe the Hype



By Mike Gallagher

If you’ve followed Royce White over the last few years, or even few months in the topsy-turvy turmoil that is his life, Thursday morning’s announcement shouldn’t come as any surprise to you.

In a video that can be found here……..White announces that he is, without consulting his family or the athletic department of the University of Minnesota, leaving college basketball.

If you haven’t had a chance to see either of the other two videos he’s posted in the last two weeks via YouTube that led up to this announcement, please do check them out.  This one in particular, posted two days prior to the announcement video, should strike Gopher fans, and fans of sane non-annoying human beings, as concerning.

Before any ridiculous conclusions are drawn from any of these videos, let’s look at some very basic facts of what is going on.

Firstly, while White’s videos can be looked at as hilarious and mind-numbingly painful to watch, what they really are is just another in the long line of desperate attempts for attention and to stay in the limelight.  White can not be blamed for the point of his videos, which truly is to promote his supposed record label that will be coming soon, White and Brown Entertainment.  He hopes to be a music major and it technically could actually be commended, a college kid setting out to do something, being entrepreneurial about it, and getting it done.  What he can be blamed for is the tactics he’s using in order to promote it.

If you watch the pre-announcement video linked above, you’ll notice that all but five seconds of the video are dedicated to promoting his label, even though he uses the title “The Truth about Tubby Smith”.  These videos should be taken as nothing more than a man trying to promote his dream, which apparently isn’t playing basketball, in whatever way possible.  Everything else said in the videos should be discarded.  After all, he went from not being able to wait to play in The Barn on Tuesday, to “quitting” all together in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that you can take the videos seriously and he really is planning on leaving.  If you listen to what he says in the announcement video, it is entirely unconvincing.  Not only was the decision made in a period of 48 hours, which is a ridiculous change of heart and a terrible snap decision to make, he also didn’t consult anyone.  He didn’t talk to his family, Tubby, the athletic department, or anyone that lives outside constantly spinning head of Royce White.  It won’t take long, if it hasn’t already happened, for his parents, coaches, and people that know what’s best for him, to sit him down and talk some sense into him.

If you get down to the bare bones of it, what we have here is a very immature kid.

The constant mood and decision changes, the impatience shown in his video when he says he “can’t wait for the justice system to go in the right direction anymore” because it “has a funny way of working”.  The obvious cries for attention in these videos as well as in the shoplifting incidents and his party-every-night lifestyle.  The sense of entitlement he has had that became evident when he was kicked out of high school when he proclaimed to a teacher that: “B****, I’m F****** Royce White”.  That attitude has not remedied itself and may have gotten worse with the theft incidents, as he clearly thinks he can do what he wants, when he wants because of who he is.


Don’t believe for a second that White is leaving college basketball.  Once he sits down and sees what he has in front of him, as some recruiting services had him as high as #17 in the nation out of high school, he’ll realize that this is not a wise choice.  He leaves his video open ended by saying he “doesn’t know what is next for him” and that he’s “leaving for now.”

You would hope that when he sits down with the people that are looking to help him make good choices, they will explain to him that there are ways for him to do exactly what he wants, which, according to his video, is not to create a distraction for the team and to take stress off of his family.

Royce, there’s a thing called a redshirt.  That serves the exact purpose you want.  USE IT!!!!

The only way I can see Royce leaving college basketball all together, is if Tubby Smith shows him the door.  Surprisingly Tubby hasn’t yet, although White has given him every reason to do so.  They may also come to a mutual agreement that Royce should focus on other endeavors and get his mind focused on academics and a career, also apparently not in basketball.


In the end, perhaps a separation, at least for this year, is best for both sides.  Let’s call it a trial separation, like in a relationship.  All White needs to do is redshirt, collect his thoughts, start to make informed, smart choices, and really look at what he wants from life.

While Royce says he’s done, I have a distinct feeling, especially with the speed these videos are being churned out, that we haven’t heard the last from Minnesota’a Mr. Basketball.

That could confuse things even more, but possibly the most puzzling thing so far is the very premise of White’s claim.  Royce, how can you leave something that you technically haven’t even been a part of yet?

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  1. God I hate this guy! and he hasnt even set foot on the court yet! I cant f–ing stand what a young entitled douche he is. That music label video is the shittiest vid I have ever seen on YouTube period. Way to title it the complete opposit of what it’s about. If you were Tubby, how could you have this douchenozzle on your team?

  2. Easy there Banks! I think he’s a bit misguided but I don’t think he’s a complete idiot. I hope this laptop thing gets figured out. The kid has so much talent, let’s hope it gets put to use soon.

  3. No he’s pretty much a massive basket case, seeing as the laptop “incident” wasn’t his first brush with stupidity and a hyperinflated ego. I hope he doesn’t ever don a Minnesota uni, partly because he’ll probably be really good and partly because I don’t think a player should be allowed to play if they commit criminal acts. Maybe him and Maymon are buddies and Maymon is part of that record label?

  4. Thanks Jake! I would hate this guy if was on illini recruit too. In fact, I might hate him more if were in Orange and Blue. because after Jamar Smith, Rich McBride, Dr. Frazier, Dr. Pruitt, Brian Randle we’ve had enough head cases and criminals

  5. Peter Christian says

    Royce White = Young, stupid, overconfident, stupid, insecure, brash and stupid. However he is also very talented at basketball and he has voiced a serious desire to stay in MN (“this is his city”) so right now the decision lies on Tubby Smith’s shoulders as to whether he would like to bear the burden of guiding/babysitting this very troubled and misguided young man. I don’t care if he plays a single minute for the Gophers or any other college program, but I would like for someone to step up and help pull this kid’s head out of his ass, because he is a frickin embarrassment right now to himself, his family and the Gophers basketball program.

  6. mike, i appreciate your attitude on things… everyone has their own timetable in life, & their own things to learn… it’s too bad when it’s embarrassing & so public… i agree he needs help (don’t we all, sometimes?), & i hope he learns that before he’s too old to showc his talents…

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