Rivalry Exchange II



 Batboy & Paul M. Banks vs. Andy Weise & Peter Christian
Batboy’s message to all of Soxman Nation

One game down and still no rain can we get in another game?

Soxman and I tried with all of our might and what we saw was a
 beautiful sight.

The clouds parted and blue skies prevailed our chances of a second game
 would not be derailed.

Did the Sox Fans hear your Battle cry YES they did I could not deny.

With clear skies and the game in stride the GREAT SOX FANS showed us
 their pride.

With our cheering fans and our great team another win would make us

WOW 7 runs and we are looking great can this be more then just fate?

Oh no they came back to tie up the game however don’t worry a fan

Soxman and Batboy came out here today and will deliver us a win don’t
 you fray.

Victory, Victory Batboy did say another win on this great day.

Soxman your battle cry was heard loud and clear and the fans stood by
 you without any fear.

Two great victories all in one day and another great moment we needed
 to say.

There was a first for Soxman and I when we witnessed a proposal that
 teared up our eyes.

We heard your plea to return to the Cell and we want you to know this
 is not our farewell.

So Thank You Sox Fans and Paul Banks too we would not be here if it was
 not for all of you.

We just want to thank all of you for your support and standing by our side in the battle against the Tigers this past Sunday. It is truly an honor to stand side by side with each and every one of you on that Baseball Battlefield. We would also like to thank Paul Banks for writing the article. He is a true friend till the end. We would also like to say

Congratulations to Cindy and Rick on your engagement during the second game on Sunday. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and love. So long for now or at least till the next game Sox Nation.



(PMB) Twins guys, two players I see making big contributions down the stretch and being crucial for the playoff push are pitcher Kevin Slowey and CF Denard Span. Tell the Sox Exchange readers about these lesser known, but dangerous Piranhas…

(PC) The rest of the Twins roster also needs to be treating these last 12 games as a tryout. If the Twins make the playoffs, manager Ron Gardenhire is going to have a few tough decisions to make. September call-up Matt Tolbert has been producing well lately and is definitely a candidate to take the spot of one of the players who were on the 25 man roster prior to September 1st. Brendan Harris, Adam Everett, Brian Buscher and Tolbert are all competing for the last two infield spots on the 25 man playoff roster and Gardenhire will go with a younger player if that player gives the Twins the best chance to win. Also hanging in the balance is the durability of newly reinstated Michael Cuddyer. Cuddyer broke his foot while on a rehab assignment for an injured hand and until yesterday hadn’t started a game since June 27th, which means that the Twins have an outfield comprised of two rookies, a 2nd year player without postseason experience, a platoon player with a career total of seven postseason at-bats and a veteran who is still getting back into the groove of hitting against Major League pitching. Not exactly the typical formula for success.

(AW) Denard Span was the Twins and Torii Hunter’s pick to succeed the longtime Twins center fielder. Kirby Puckett took Torii under his wing and Hunter took Span under his. Span got a fire lit under his ass last winter when the Twins traded for Carlos Gomez. With Hunter gone, Span wasn’t locked into the CF spot like he thought he would be. Getting Gomez has really sparked Span’s play. It’s not even crazy to think that next year Gomez could start in the minors while Span starts at center for the Twins. Of course, fans like myself hope both are in the outfield next year and playing well.

As far as Slowey, he’s been annointed the next Brad Radke for awhile. Radke pitched for the Twins for what seemed forever and was always a very steady pitcher. Slowey relies on the movement in his fastball, keeping the pitch down in the zone, working the corners, etc.  His stuff is in the low 90s so he’s not a power pitcher but his movement is what makes him very special. He’s young as well, his baby face means he’s probably still carded for R rated movies.
(PMB) Should the Sox truly feel they will get anything out of Ken Griffey Jr.? He has “warning track power” and hit two balls off the wall in the Sunday Doubleheader (500th career double in the nightcap) but without his contribution from the long ball (he has a grand total of one HR since being acquired July 31st) what does he still bring to the table?  

(AW) Honestly, just the move of getting Griffey was a good move by the White Sox. I think the thing that frustrates most Twins fans year in, year out, we never make the move you need to make at the deadline. This year we passed on Adrian Beltre after many discussions and I think we should have tried to make it work. They wanted Nick Blackburn (or Perkins or Slowey) Brian Buscher (or Luke Hughes) and another starter in the minors, probably Triple A lefty Brian Duensing. I would have tried to make the deal with Blackburn and Buscher and a lower level prospect. Blackburn is a solid pitcher, but he’s a dime a dozen in my opinion. The fact that the White Sox were able to get Griffey means they’re going for it, willing to send out a few pieces in order to make a run for the title. Even Torii Hunter made some comments this year about how the Angels got Mark Teixeira and what a boost he would give the team. Hunter had been through the grind plenty of years with the Twins where you knew the front office wasn’t going to make a move that would be a significant boost to the team.

(PC) The White Sox are trying a different approach. Their plan of running Ken Griffey Jr. out to centerfield every day is one that Twins fans love. Coupled with the fact that the White Sox have the absolute worst trainers in the league and the Twins could be in good shape. If we were playing Madden 2009 and we were setting up a franchise mode team, the White Sox trainers would have to be the cheapest and worst graded of all the selections. Major injuries seem to happen to this team every year, and this year they have lost their best hitter, their best fielding infielder and their veteran leader in a span of about a month with another key cog of their rotation going down earlier in the summer (Carlos Quentin, Joe Crede, Paul Konerko and Jose Contreras respectively). How the injury riddled Griffey has lasted this long in a White Sox uniform baffles me.
Peter Christian’s closing statement

(PC) There are two keys for the Twins in the coming weeks: bullpen consistency and continuing the clutch hitting that has helped them all season. The Twins would have a 3-5 game lead over the White Sox if their bullpen hadn’t imploded during their recent 14 game road trip. Once reliable pitchers such as Dennys Reyes, Matt Guerrier and even Joe Nathan have struggled lately causing the Twins to lose games in which they held a late lead. What’s worse is that the Twins are losing the close games and are failing to come through with the big hit to tie or win the game in the late innings. Since August 23rd, the Twins bullpen has exactly one save, 6 blown saves and an 8-14 record. Luckily, this Twins team is no stranger to scoring runs, plating 770 so far this season, good for 4th in all of baseball. Obviously when the pressure is on the Twins to score runs much of that weight lies on Justin Morneau’s shoulders, but if the Twins want to make the play-offs, other players are going to have to step up. Joe Mauer might have to start pounding the first pitch strike he almost always looks at while Delmon Young and Jason Kubel might have to show a bit more patience at the plate to get a pitch they can drive with runners on.

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  1. White Sox might clinch this year but the Twins are the team to beat for the longterm. The organization consistently produces great players and will continue to do so.

  2. it all went downhill for the Twins when they released Livan Hernandez

  3. and correlations implies causation in that instance of course!

    Andy, you’re already talking about 2009 and 2010?!!! I wish that were true, but we still have much baseball to be played

  4. Peter Christian says

    Word on the street is that the 9th inning comeback in last nights game against Tampa Bay is the awakening the Twins needed to put together the stretch run. If the Twins pull out a play-off berth, you’ll hear about how that game was the turning point about a million times during the ALDS.

  5. How can you not talk about 2009… many people predicted the Twins to finish fourth in the division.. I figured at best .500 this year!

  6. I’d still feel a lot better if it were 3.5 instead of 2.5 heading into tommorrow’s series.

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