Playboy Playmate Julia Orayen owns Mexican Presidential debate (video)



Who says politics is boring? The first 30 seconds of the first 2012 Mexican Presidential debate were dominated by big fake boobies in an inappropriate white cocktail dress, and it end up being the entire talk of the whole event.

Meet Julia Orayen, a former Playboy playmate, and her skin tight dress with a ton of cleavage showing. Orayen appeared as the usher for less than 20 seconds at the very beginning of the debate. According to Twitter, and the rest of the internet, it was long enough to steal the show.


From HuffPo:

Orayen, the covergirl of Playboy’s 2008 September issue, prompted a Twitter frenzy just by gracing the stage for a matter of seconds. Her name trended on Twitter in Mexico City, jumping between third and fourth place throughout the day.

Former Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castaneda, who is also a New York University professor, tweeted “The best was the girl in white and the cleavage at the beginning.”

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