Online Obsession with Erin Andrews gone way too far



  1. H. Jose Bosch says

    Um, is this post supposed to be ironic?

    And we all know the Messiah is Tim Tebow. Why isn’t there a TimTracker?

  2. Of course Tim Tebow is the Messiah. He’s more powerful that Jesus, Allah and Buddha combined…how did I forget? and yes this is a real site

  3. Jim Neveau says

    I am not ashamed to admit my crush on Erin Andrews. She is gorgeous, smart, and what a man should want in a woman. My only beef is with the people who devote entire fansites to her, like the one you mentioned. Can you say, ugh?

  4. paulmbanks says

    exactly…how about devoting a site to onself, or making sometthing of oneself via a website instead of wasting the energy fawning over someone else who doesnt know or care to know you exist. there’s certainly no reason to be ashamed. i’m not ashamed to admit i think she’s hot..but no one should be treated as if they are a deity

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