1. Kate Upton is NOT pretty, NINA is insane

  2. “Right now Kate Upton is considered the hottest woman in the world”

    ^^^ Seriously, is that a joke?

    Kate Upton is a chicken-legged fridge. The only reason she’s hyped so much is because her Whirlpool Corp. family connections are pulling major strings to prop her career.

    Nina Agdal, OTOH, is absolutely stunning. Not only can she match Upton’s tittage (Upton’s ONLY asset, BTW), she also has a FAR better face and a deliciously curvy body to boot, something Upton severely lacks.

    It boggles the mind that a box like Upton would land her second SI cover when there are _FAR_ better candidates out there like Adgal, Michelle Vawer, etc.

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