Most Memorable Games We’ve Attended as Fans Part 2


By Trenni Kusnierek, Peter Christian, David K.


Robin Yount’s 3000th hit.
This is by far one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had in sports.  I grew up in a family obsessed with baseball (We once postponed a family trip to Jamaica so we wouldn’t miss opening day.) and this event was high on the must-see list.  So much so that my Dad dragged us to countless games before the big hit so we wouldn’t miss it.  In fact, if memory serves, we waited out a rain delay that lasted hours on a school night only to go home unhappy and without number 3000.  But on September 9th, 1992 it happened, Yount hit the big one against Cleveland’s Jose Mesa.  My family was seated in the right-center field Bleachers of County Stadium and I’m pretty sure I cried.  After Rockin’ Robin hit the single there was a video tribute and Yount was given a Harley Davidson motorcycle.  I still get chills thinking about it.


Honorable Mention: Last Game at County Stadium, Any MU win over Cincinnati or Louisville during my college days

–Trenni Kusnierek

2007 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Western Conference Quarterfinals Anaheim vs. Minnesota Game 4
The Wild were down 3-0 in the series, they had played tough in all three previous games and stayed close, but the Ducks were getting away with murder and Wild head coach Jacques Lemaire was not going to allow his team to dip down to the other team’s level. Prior to the Wild taking the ice an inspirational video was played on the Jumbotron that was extremely matter of fact and stated “this series IS going back to Anaheim; it will NOT end here tonight!”
The entire arena was electric after that. I think my voice was strained to the point of pain before the puck dropped. Even though the Wild came out a bit flat and saw the Ducks get the first lead there was not one fan at the Xcel Energy Center who was going to let the Wild lose that game. The goal that tied the game was like a big sigh of relief from the team. They scored early and often in the third period, capped off by a Mark Parrish goal that made the place get so loud I was actually smiling at the thought of my ears bleeding. Brent Burns took down Corey Perry with some monster punches in his second fight of the playoffs (and his career). To top it off, after Anaheim showed their true colors with a few sucker punches (namely Brad May), the entire team then cowered as Derek Boogaard stepped onto the ice daring someone to step up. It was easily the loudest sporting event I have ever been to and also the loudest I have ever yelled, cheered, jeered and shouted in my entire life. I didn’t speak normally for three days.

 Honorable Mention: Aug.10,1995  “Dodger Ball” at Dodger Stadium – the first Major League forfeit since 1979 (also Hideo Nomo’s rookie season); Dec. 20th 2003: Vikings 45, Chiefs 20,   Randy Moss’s Huge Afro game.
–Peter Christian

Before I even begin to mention the mayhem that comes with this game, let me rewind to the weeks leading up to this memorable game.  This magical run by Marquette to the Final Four came while I was a senior at MU.  Two weeks before the Golden Eagles laid the smack down on Kentucky, I was in Key West living up a crazy week of Spring Break.  The following weekend, a group of my good friends and I ventured to Indianapolis to watch the opening rounds of the NCAA Tournament which featured a first round win against Holy Cross, and an overtime thriller against Missouri in the second round.  After watching the Golden Eagles beat Pitt in the Sweet Sixteen from a television in Milwaukee, I knew I had to be in Minneapolis for the Elite Eight game.  Never mind the fact that I was nearly fired from my job for being “sick” and road-tripping to the Metrodome.

From Dwyane Wade’s posterizing dunk on the Wildcats’ Marquis Estill to D-Wade becoming just the third player in NCAA Tournament history to record a triple-double; this game was amazing.  Kentucky was the unanimous number one team in the country and had won 26 straight games… therefore my phone was ringing off-the-hook at halftime when Marquette held a 19-point lead. I remember staying inside the Dome for almost an hour after the game, watching the players celebrate their school’s first trip to the Final Four since Al Maguire led them to the national title in 1977.  The streets of Minneapolis were flooded with a rush of gold t-shirts and fans chanting, “We are (clap, clap) Marquette (clap, clap)!”  A great ending to an unbelievable four years of college (I will forget about the fact that MU got waxed by Kansas in the Final Four.  That does not diminish the run at all.)
Honorable Mention: Rushing the court after Marquette beat #4 Cincinnati, February 2, 2002…my first and likely only ever rushing of the court.  Every college basketball fan should feel the rush of storming the court once.

–David K.

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  1. LOVE the Robin Yount DonRuss Diamond Kings card

  2. me too. where do you find those? you had a roger clemens rookie card up before

  3. tom crean looks dreamy in that picture too

  4. Nice posts folks…

    I was at Vikings 45 Chiefs 20 as well. What a FUN game!

    My highlights would be:

    #1- Game 2, 1991 World Series- Hrbek “pulls” Gant off of first, Scott Leius hits game winning HR in the 8th.

    #2- 2001 NCAA National Championship game- Mike Dunleavy Jr hits some big 3’s and Duke holds on to beat Arizona for the title.

    #3- Game 7, 2004 NBA Western Conference Semis- KG goes off on his birthday to take the Wolves to the Western Conf Finals.

    #4- Game 6- 2003 First Round of NHL Playoffs- Wild give up two cheap goals late in the 3rd period and Richard Park puts one through Roy’s five hole to bring it to a game 7 in Colorado the next night.

    #5- Game 3- 1998 First Round of NBA Playoffs- Marbury and Peeler hit some threes from Dinkytown and KG has a monstrous put back dunk as the Wolves rally to beat Seattle and take a 2-1 series lead. Loudest crowd I have ever heard.

  5. paulmbanks says

    Devil Rays-Cubs…I had tix to 2 of the 3 games in ’03. because when the Rays and Cubs get together…you know the rest

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