More than average – Team Ingebrigtsen


By Bill Burke

Ingebrigtsen family is one of the most famous of its kind in the Norwegian region. The family interferes in athletic worlds for already a couple of decades. Apparently it comes from the descendants.

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Younger Generation Fame

Not so long ago, there was the time midway through last summer’s European 5000 m final in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, when 17 old Jakob high-fived brother Henrik before getting the gold medal to his hands.

As mentioned previously, the family is outstanding in its performance. One of the family members Filip – even younger than Henrik though, older than Jakob – collapsed over the line at London’s Olympic Stadium as he became the first European and moreover Nordic to win a world 1500 m medal in 14 years.

Not only goes success with London’s Olympic Stadium, but with the European Indoor Championships in Glasgow as well. That was the place where Jacob Ingebrigtsen took the victory once more from British participants and took the silver medal.

While the whole family is famous for its achievements, the other members are slightly less known. Though, there still is evidence with all of them being in the center of attention. In decade filmed ago shaky camcorder shot, the main and the entrance scene is with the participation of three Ingebrigtsen brothers.

The first to open the march was Kristoffer, who didn’t come last in Oslo. The European 1500m title that Jakob won in Berlin in 2018 was passed to him from Filip, who had been victorious in Amsterdam two years earlier. He, in turn, succeeded Henrik, who topped the podium at Helsinki 2012.

All three are awaited to be seen in this week’s World Championships in Doha, with Jakob and Filip serious contenders for 1500m medals and Henrik joining them in the 5,000m, in which the trio are longer shots.

The Characters

Certainly, while growing up in Sandnes, which is a small city in Norway, it is highly acceptable to have the spirit of the competitor and the will to be one of the outstanding characters in 75.000 people.

While mentioning that fact, the family dynasty actually managed to do so and is one of the world’s known in the athletic world. All members of the family have performed in one or another field.

Kristoffer, Henrik, Filip, along with the younger Martin and Jakob, would race each other getting in and out of the car when they weren’t battling for supremacy on bikes, skis, in the pool or on the track.

Sister Ingrid, who is only 13, is now training as an athlete. William, jokingly measured up for running shoes on his ultrasound scan, is yet to start a serious sports career but is still only five.

Let’s Talk About management

The head of the family is father Gjert Ingebrigtsen, who stands in the management for the family and his kids’ career. He himself, as well as kids, admit that as a manager he represents quite a strict manager and person generally, but as he said it is necessary for the success and so if he has to sacrifice one of the roles, he would have given up on being a good father rather than a manager, for the sake of their well-being and further commitment to the sport.

If paying careful attention to the family successful path to the leading positions, it is obvious that there can be certain observations made and quite wise choices made. It is very likely that the rate within the bookmakers will increase, due to the potential success of the Norwegian Athlet family dynasty, which is a very logical outcome out of the current cases.

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