Moe-mentous Sox Exchange II


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By Paul M. Banks, Soxman and Jason Moe

(PMB)  There are two things in our favor that make me very optimistic about the stretch run. Yes, this week’s visit to Boston looks very formidable for us, but once we hit September, we’ll only have one series against a contender the entire month: the HUGE Minnesota series in the final week) Look at it this way, the Yankees are fading and could very well be mathematically dead by the time we play them and the Angels clinched their division back in….early 2006. (I exaggerate for effect sometimes) So they will likely be resting their “varsity squad” for the playoffs and most of the teams we face in September will be playing their “J.V.”

(SM) All good points once again.  However, you can’t discount the fact that bad teams love to be “spoilers” AND the White Sox seem to have more trouble against unknown players than with established ones.  I think the last month of the season will be like a Rocky movie between the Sox and Twins.  We will keep trading blows until one of us goes down for the count.  Oddly enough, we’re both on the road for ten games now.  I want to see the Red Sox continue their skid so we can develop a nice Wild Card lead…just in case.  Finally, the heck with J.V., how about J.D.?  Quentin and Dye are first and second in the AL in homers.  How about a Bash Brothers poster?  LOL. 

(Moe) Quentin and Dye are AWESOME! We need to come up with a name for the Sox Bash Brothers poster. Any Ideas?  I’m also very optimistic going into this week. We need to win the series against Baltimore and Boston, Too much to ask for? I have been saying all year that the Twins will die down, but they obviously will not and are in this Race until the end.   Swisher had a great four game stretch going, and I hope he can keep it up. Paulie came up with a big hit in yesterday’s game, so I hope that turns his season around.

“Dye With The Catch, Swisher With The Worm, I can’t Stand It”  I love Hawk…

(PMB) I like the enthusiasm here. Secondly, every time the Sox have lost first place this season, they seem to get it back right away. We’ve seen nine AL central lead changes this season. That is a good sign and measure of the White Sox resolve…Do “share this passion” and “show this swagger?”

(SM) I just YouTubed a Rocky fight montage.  LOL.  Seriously, it shows they are taking the race seriously and not going down without a fight. Aside from some consistency, that’s all you can hope for.  Perhaps some more controversy from AJ would help as well.

Another manufactured and melodramatic run was produced by the King of Controversy on Sunday afternoon.  It appears AJ’s pro wrestling career helped as he totally faked a fall to get a player interference call…and score the winning run.  Strangely, Paul Eddings was the same umpire who made the infamous “dropped third strike” call in favor of AJ in the 2005 ALCS.

With AJ’s new platinum hairstyle, perhaps he should start using Eminem’s “Without Me” as his walk up music.  

(Moe) AJ looks like a Chunky Nick Carter. With the blond/platinum hair even more so. I love AJ, he is always thinking of something to keep the Dennis the Menace thing alive and well. The Sox always find ways to win, it is not always pretty, but a win is a win. Right now the Sox are a game up and by the end of the week, I think they will be up 2 1/2 games. You heard it hear first. MOE DIDDY is always right!…..(sometimes)

Soxman, love the “Without Me” walk up music. I think his second at bat…They should play “Bad Boy For Life” by Diddy.


(Moe) AJ looks like a Chunky Nick Carter. With the blond/platinum hair even more so. I love AJ, he is always thinking of something to keep the Dennis the Menace thing alive and well. The Sox always find ways to win, it is not always pretty, but a win is a win. Right now the Sox are a game up and by the end of the week, I think they will be up 2 1/2 games. You heard it hear first. MOE DIDDY is always right!…..(sometimes)

Soxman, love the “Without Me” walk up music. I think his second at bat…They should play “Bad Boy For Life” by Diddy.

(PMB) And what a Gutsy call by Coxy to send Anderson when he would have been out by a mile had the catcher not flubbed the ball. (Almost as bad as the time Thome was not even half way down the line when get nailed in a throw to the plate in a game last month) Sunday had a big time play that we’ll remember a key point in the season. For this week’s non-baseball discussion we’ll describe the SICA for people who don’t know. (Ya’ll better ask somebody!) It certainly is Sox Country and I feel more Sox fans better recognize. When Moe and I were out at the Mokena sports bar 191 South, I saw a scene that could be the SICA post card: playing bean bags on ramps with Sox logos on them…in a big parking lot next to a vast open field. And some chicks with big hair hanging around!

(SM) Sounds like pre-game tailgating at the Cell to me.  Go ahead Moe Diddy, bring us home.  Soxman out! 

(Moe) OH, The SICA life is great. Only in the SICA are big-haired girls playing bags. Let me tell you, those SICA girls know their Sox trivia. I once asked a SICA chick who is the ugliest Sox player in history? She replied “Ron Karkovice.” She was darn right!!!!!!  MoeMan Out!!!!

Upcoming Sox Exchange Schedule

Sept 2nd- TSB commenter “Ghost in the Machine” will join us

9th-TSB contest winner. The contest quiz will be posted on Labor Day Sept. 1st!

16th-  Pennant Race Exchange I with TSB Twins writers. Peter Christian vs. Soxman, Andy Weise vs. Paul M. Banks

23rd- Pennant Race Exchange II Christian vs. Banks, Weise vs. Soxman

30th The two original Soxiest men alive Paul M. Banks and Soxman return to the orginal format

October 6- Not gonna say anything that might jinx anything


  1. Heidi Hot Sox says

    Again could care less about the SICA stuff as it makes no sense, but I LOVE the AJ idea about Without Me.

    It was great to see the creative side of Soxman return.

  2. The Sox MUST have a strong road trip. This season could very well come down to the Sept. 23rd series in MN.

    AJ had a tough day a the plate last night.

  3. Bleeding Cheese says

    This part was ok. Too many references about other stuff I don’t understand though.

  4. 2 exchanges is one day! Yes.

    Quentin MUST win the MVP. I did not know Dye was #2 in the league in homers. Thanks Soxman

  5. Paul, read on soxman’s blog last night how you signed him to cover fantasy football. Smart move.

    I hope it does impact his ability to cheer the Sox into the play-offs

  6. Cool article. I get SICA because I’m from the South Side.

    Surely you could have gotten some better looking females…LOL. They are ok I guess but they look 16.

    Soxman keep representin!

  7. Good exchange guys!

  8. Nice follow-up article.

    Soxman I love you.

    Paul, I’m “loving” you.

    Moe, I could like you. Are you Batboy?

  9. Quentin for MVP!

    It was hard to gleen the sox stuff through all the chatter about your high school days and what appears to be “hood” references but I really liked your points on baseball.

  10. Oh… Mt. Caramel…Tight End

  11. Fun but I think I read part II first.

  12. You lost me on the end part.

    Really good up to that point though.

    Soxman your Red Eye answer Monday on Montana was priceless!!!!!

  13. Batboy’s babe: says

    The hair looks similar and he did also talk about Bobby Jenks. I think I’ve finally seen what my man looks like behind the mask.

    Who is the real guy though. The quiet and cute man in the mask or the louder college guy?

  14. Batboy’s babe: says

    Soxman, the signal is being shined for you to tell us whether or not this guy is Batboy.

  15. Nice part II. Soxman Chicago loves you!

  16. I don’t give a f!@#k about SICA, I’m in a f!@#1ing pennent race and need my team to stay focused on winning!

    Good job kids.

  17. Mullet Kelly says

    Soxman just remember, I’m the original one who loved you!!! LOL.

    Paul I read your site info to get a handle o what Moe does as an operations manager. Could not find anything?

    Congrats on being hired by the Washington Post!!!!

    That’s awesome. I’m NOT ALLOWING you to take soxman to DC though. :)

    He’s staying right here in “Gotham.” LOL.

  18. SICA is Sox country….I think they’re just happy to be reppin their hood!

  19. The Little Flirt says

    Soxman and Paul are like JD and Quentin! Both should draw MVP votes.

    Jason Moe, I wonder who he truly is….especially as Batboy is not around this week. ;)

  20. Myspace mike says

    Paul didn’t know about the Washington post gig. Congrats!

    However, heed my warning: Remember the scene in Spiderman II where Doc Oc wanted to take Spiderman from the train? The people said, you got to get through us first.

    We will not let him go to DC so don’t get any ideas.

  21. Myspace mike says

    Moe welcome to the crew. Where is there a sportsbank office on the southside? I’d like to stop by there some time and say hello.

    Has this web site grown so much that there are different office branches?


  22. paulmbanks says

    The Sports Bank headquarters is in Lakeview on Lake Shore and Waveland (believe it or not….yes it’s in Cubs country)

    part of the reason why I like to rep the SICA…like Moe and SOxman we take pride in our hometown and we are started from!

    Sure, not all the readers will resonate with the SICA and (Stagg Chargers WR/DB ’95 remember “pain is temporary, Charger pride is forever”) I need to give a shout-out to the Stagg swimming program too!) high school references, but we’re just happy to talk about our roots…which as SM pointed out is exactly like the southside party scene in Bridgeport or the parking lot of the Cell!

  23. paulmbanks says

    Maddy and Little Flirt, thank you

    and thanks to all the people who congratulated me on the Washington Times position. Don’t worry about me taking SM to DC. I’m actually staying here too. I can file from the Chi…welcome to life in the “new media” landscape and web 3.0

  24. Billy Blast says

    I know SICA well! Andrew QB JR White was money back in the day on the SICA circuit.

    Soxman great points on the MVP race and White sox as always.

    I can see how it would lose some reads that only follow pro baseball.

    High fives guys as Soxman says.

  25. paulmbanks says

    We know those girls. they are all 19+ in age.

    Moe does a lot of behind the scenes work as branch manager of operations. he’s more on the business side than content..but he’s invaluable to the company!

    Soxman will indeed have a fantasy football preview up on Thu

    And I’m going to let him do the Cubs exchange with David K. next week.

    There seems to be a huge demand for him to post on myspace more…if he wants to post his myspace his content here, I’d be all for it!

  26. Good job guys. I think the new guy did ok as well and didn’t think he was Batboy.

    Soxman your Red Eye article was good. I think the Sox totally screwed you by not inviting you to Chicago Mascott day. They truly do not appreciate what an ambassador to their team they have I you and Batboy.

  27. Everyone Thanks For The Props!!

    No I am Not Bat Boy…

    I am Not Cocky, but a little into myself..

    I was a high school legend at Sandburg..

    I also stayed at a Holiday Inn Express Last night..

    Diddy Out….

  28. HAHAHHAHAHAHAH… Moe… I laughed out loud about 30 times… I hope people understand Moe is kidding/goofing around 90% of the time… he knows his White Sox stuff though, trust me… plus, he stayed at Holiday Inn Express last night… if only he lowered his car insurance… too much good stuff

    Paul, I think we need to have a permanent link to the definition of “SICA” and “juice” so we don’t have to post that picture every time it’s referenced…

    Gold gentlemen… well done

  29. paulmbanks says

    “Juice” and “SICA” definition as permanent pages are a good idea. Especially with col football season and Illinois being the official team of this page. Juice like Williams! And our SICA roots of course

  30. Tim Riggins says

    I just got home from the strip club…My brother is white trash, but I can tell you one thing, this Jason Moe is the real deal..The whole team agrees…

  31. Thanks Dave, the holiday Inn really changed my life..

  32. Matt Saracen QB#1 says

    Hey Tim…its a good thing Coach Taylor let you back on the team. even after all the times you showed up hung over at practice. You’ll need to cut down on the drinking if we’re gonna go back to state

  33. Well when your glory days are based on high school I’d rather stay at the holiday inn. Unless of course Jason Moe is 18. LOL.

  34. Soxman- Here like performance as always! Great insight and breakdown of the numbers. Unlike Anderson, I think the “fear” of what Griffey could do, based o what he has done, scares people more than what Anderson will never do.

  35. PS- I was a WR and BD in St. Charles.

  36. Soxman thanks for always writing such great stuff. Any idea when you will be posting your remaining game appearences?

  37. Soxman totally rocks. Your writing is splendid an you have a positive impact on everyone you interact with.

    I can not imagine why the Sox have not hired you as a team steward.

  38. Soxman- thanks for sugguesting that me and my husband read this site. Any chance to get your insight beyond the Red Eye and your site is worth it. The other writers on this site are pretty good.

    Although I must admit, the moe character is something I locked away in my memories of SIU.

  39. Amy Lee- he e-mailed me Monday he’s working on posting his appearences. He said that he will for sure be at the last home game against the Indians and likely the Angels game on the 6th.

    My nephew is dying to get a t-shirt signed by him that he caught from the Pride Crew and gave to him early in the season.

  40. A better late than never myspacer finally reading this article from the soxman nation.

    Soxman I love your writing but love you more.

    Great job and glad to see so many wonderful things happening for you.

  41. This guy Moe IS the real deal!
    I happened to be with him at the Holiday Inn Express last night…
    He sure knows his White Sox, and then some

  42. paulmbanks says

    I love how everyone keeps mentioning their high school and what position they played when they post here! LOL!

    I remember one day ui was listening to Boers and Bernstein on the Score, and this one guy called in and did that “Thornwood pitcher, class of ’79” …pretty soon every caller began their chat by introducing himself “Brother Rice, Fullback, ’86” that way.


  43. that’s cuz Moe is a trend setter… and he runs the city…

  44. Jay Mariotti says

    Hey, love the website. Are you guys hiring?

  45. Hollywood Hogan says

    I love this mo guy BROTHER

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