Major League Baseball Trade Rumors



By Soxman

As the Major League Trade Deadline draws closer, your trade rumor hot stove heats up to a molten level! 

I’m not offering detailed analysis here because some of the goals are completely obvious.  However, it should help keep you in the loop.

Here we go…
White Sox Get Aggressive
Evidently, Kenny Williams is smelling another title run and attempting to plug holes with the emergence of new assets like Alexei Ramirez.  When reading these Sox Rumors, consider the following: Joe Crede might be back, (pardon the pun), Jose Contreras might have a worse injury than previously thought.

Per Baseball Tonight:
•        Juan Uribe to the Boston Red Sox for Alex Cora (brother of Joey).
•        Orlando Cabrera to the Dodgers for Derek Lowe (OC really has not panned out like the Sox have hoped offensively).
•        Justin Duchscherer and Houston Street to the A’s for Josh Fields, Adam Russell, and one other player (Brian Anderson?).
•        The Sox scouting Freddy Garcia.
Milwaukee Brewers
In search of bullpen help, the Brewers have been trying to land George Sherill, Will Ohman, and Houston Street.
The Orioles wanted J.J. Hardy for Sherill and the Brewers rightfully declined.
New York Yankees
•        Jarrod Washburn to the Yankees for Melky Cabrera
•        ESPN Mike and Mike reports Barry Bonds Bond’s name discussed at management meetings.  I smell a “Damn Yankees” like story.

New York Mets
Are pursuing Xavier Nady, Casey Blake, and Raul Ibanez.
St. Louis Cardinals
•        Looking for a starting pitcher have targeted A.J. Burnett.
Minnesota Twins
•        Casey Blake and Adrian Beltre are on their radar.
Mark Teixeira
Per ESPN tonight, the Braves will use this weekend’s series to determine whether or not they will move the best slugger available on the trade market.  Teams expressing interest include: New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and Tampa Bay Rays.
Brian Fuentes and Damaso Marte
Have drawn interest from the Marlins, Cubs, White Sox, Phillies, and Yankees



  1. We have no youth in our farm system. I have not been a big fan of OC this year at all. Would they get rid of both OC and Uribe?

  2. Soxman is Kenny Williams like Commish Gordon to you? LOL. Who is your inside source? LOL THX for keeping us in the loop.

  3. Grinder Guy says

    I don’t know about giving up Fields. Orlando has done nothing for me personally. Him and his nickleback walk-up music have turned me off.

  4. Heidi Hot Sox says

    Not as creative as the last exchange Soxman but I love you for sharing the info very fast. Good job!

  5. Nice points by all but can the sox hang on with these moves? Duch is a one year wonder and Street is injury prone. If Crede walks and they lose Fields in a trade who plays third?

  6. Wow…why trade Fields? I loved his style of play last year.

  7. Soxman Josh Fields was re-called today and you were right, Crede is BACK on the DL. How do you do it?

  8. Blog Boy says

    Soxman great read and right on the money on Crede. He was put on the DL today but Fields was re-called. Will this kill the trade?

  9. Nikki Sixx says

    Soxman I’m sure you know but Crede was put on the DL today. Fields is back with a good back. Will this kill the trade?

  10. paulmbanks says

    So what does Kenny have left to deal? what pieces will people want?

    I LOVE how that one dude said i was the Kenny Williams of the internet for signing Soxman

  11. Perhaps Billy Beanne will go easy on Kenny Williams because Swisher is not great this season. In my opinion Orlando Cabrera was a bum trade. Garland has been Garland yet OC is like 30 points off of his normal on base average. THX Soxman 4 a great post though. I love rumors! Who is your source?

  12. Ghost in the Machine says

    Beane basically gave Hardin to Cub so why not give away Duchscherer to Sox? Maybe Owens will do the trick. Throw in DJ Carrasco.

  13. Kid Quick says

    Amazing comeback yesterday. I know Soxman is a fan of Konerko but it is getting obvious quickly he has nothing left in the tank. #14 might also reflect his overall ranking on the team.

  14. Future Sox Gal says

    Lots of Fun. I hope Crede will be ok. It is nice to see Fields getting another shot.

  15. I’d like to see another speedster in the line-up. The comeback yesterday was huge. Keep getting them Twins Cleveland.

  16. Peter Christian says

    biggest series of the year… CWS vs. MIN at the dome for 4 games. By Thursday there will be a new division leader in the AL Central.

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