Locations Around The World For a Sports Vacation

If you’re into travel and sport, then you’re not alone. Sports tourism is a big thing, bringing different people to all different parts of the world to experience their favorite sports events or try it out for themselves. So if you’re looking to plan a vacation next year, then why not check out some of these top destinations that can be a great way to combine a love of travel and a love of sports. Have you been to any of them before?

 For Skating and Surfing

If you’re looking for a sports hub, then San Diego is a bit of a sport lovers mecca. From BMX biking, skateboarding, and surfing, there are plenty of active sports that you can try in the home of boarding legend Tony Hawk. The beaches are great surfing and the city is full of skate parks to try your hand or hone your skills.

For Fishing

You prefer a more skilled but relaxed sport, then fishing could be the thing for you. If you’re already a fishing fan, then you’ll know some great spots. But according to the WA Fishing website, Perth, Australia is one of the top places to get out and try your hand at fishing. With the chance to charter a boat to get out into the sea, you’re much more likely to find some large catches and unique sea life.

For Motor Sport

There are many great spots that are great for Nascar and the like, but you can’t mention motorsport without mentioning the Monaco Grand Prix. It is one of the most talked about events on the motorsport calendar, and it is a great destination being right in the city. Viewing it from on board a yacht would be a great way to see it in style.

For Baseball

Your opinion may be divided, but for all things baseball, Upstate New York has got to be the spot to visit. You can start off the trip at America’s oldest sports hall of fame, the National Baseball Hall of Fame, which is right in the birthplaces of the sport. There is even a baseball wax museum dedicated to the legends of the game. If you wanted something a little alternative, then heading up north slightly to the Lake Placid area, it will get you to the winter sports areas, where bobsledding and ice skating could be on the cards.

For Golf

Golf is a loved game by many, and there isn’t a better place than Scotland to experience some of the best courses out there. The thing is timing the weather right, though, as it isn’t known for its huge amount of sunshine. British summer is the best time for a visit to make sure that you can make the most of the courses.

For Skiing

There is a reason why Winter Olympics have been held in Canada more than once! It is a great destination for all things winter sports and skiing; you will be spoilt for choice. So if you love an active vacation and want to get away in the next couple of months, then Canada will be a good option for you.

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