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  1. paulmbanks says

    my 2nd most glorious sports moment of the week came at Illini Media Day,, sonmehow the topic of the Armed Forces Bowl came up, and the questioned was asked “who plays in that?” I said Mountain West vs. Conf USA. Lindsey Wilheit of the Daily Herald rightfully asked “who knows something like that off the top of their head?” he humoroulsy pointed out my extreme nerdiness…I’m sure my parents are proud.

  2. So, for Halloween, are the Wildcats going as a legit BCS Championship contender?

    OK, OK. I’ll go back to watching Michigan football. *tear*

  3. paulmbanks says

    That was so sweet last year, when Northwestern was in the top 15 BCS rankings around this time. They’re going to end up being the worst 7-5 team in history, or the one of the worst 6-6 teams in CFB history

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