Link Bank 9-30-11: Stacey Dash, Claire Danes, Anna Faris, Erin Burnett


Is there anyone alive who somehow puts off aging as well as Stacey Dash? She almost has a Benjamin Button thing going on. Remember “Mo ‘Money” and “Clueless”? Those movies came out when I was in high school, and she looks the same (just as hot) today as she did then.

She convincingly played a high school student just 15 years ago, and today she’s 45! 45. seriously.

She also has “a booty you can see in the front.” And believe me that’s a very good thing. I think I just became one of the first white men to ever use that phrase. By the way, Dash’s divorce was made public today. That’s why she’s blowing up “the internets.” (Pop 2 It)

– Hottie and Yalie Claire Danes, yes the famous actress attended Yale (gee I wonder if her money, fame, connections and the fact that her Dad is a Yale alum helped her get in?) has a new tv show entitled “Homeland”, which give us an excuse to post a photo of her.

– The gorgeous Anna Faris has a new movie “What’s Your Number?” out tonight. And that gives us an excuse to post a pic of her. (Hispanic Business) Yes we’re going global with our outbound linking today.

Erin Burnett of CNBC fame, and a Maxim magazine Wall St Edition photo shoot has a new show on CNN starting Monday: Erin Burnett OutFront (Hollywood Reporter)

Christina Hendricks wants to be on Glee (Stuff New Zealand)

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