Link Bank 6-2-11: Weinergate, Ginger Lee, Maria Sharapova, Blake Lively


Maria Sharapova is back in the French Open semifinals. Basically, with everything she’s done to market herself off the court, and how everything appears to be clicking in personal life the past couple years- she’s someone who doesn’t suck at life. I know a lot of people who do suck at life, but I know very few who are the opposite- like her. (Tampa

-Internet weirdoes and perverts, I regret to inform you that your Blake Lively nude pics are fake. (The Superficial)

By Paul M. Banks

-This is a sad story, what went down at a Colorado Rockies game recently. (Last Angry Fan) But seriously, this guy sounds (not saying he was) but he really sounds like some drunk frat boy dumb ass, who’s death serves as a Darwin award.

From the Denver Post

Witnesses told police investigators that “the victim was attempting to slide down the staircase rail, he lost his balance and fell off the rail and struck his head,” according to Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson, who called the incident an unfortunate accident.

-A new wrinkle in the Weinergate saga (Gawker) What a fun name/word that is to stay

As Weinergate drags into its fourth day, Anthony Weiner refuses to answer the question of whether the dick in the pic is his. But just how long is this scandal’s… legs? Maybe longer, now that we learn of a porn star who claims to be Twitter buddies with the congressman.

Porn actress and stripper Ginger Lee frequently gushes over her “crush” on the slender congressman on her blog. On March 13, Lee tweeted ecstatically, “you know it’s a good day when you wake up to a [direct message] from @RepWeiner. (I’m a fangirl, y’all, he’s my trifecta of win.)” In a follow-up tweet, Lee explains that Weiner “thanked me for the shout-outs and said he likes my blog” in the message. (Weiner briefly followed Lee on Twitter, according to an outraged April tweet from the obsessive conservative blogger who broke Weinergate.)

-How many times did I make a joke about how local weather hottie Ginger Zee from NBC 5 has a porn star name? I had no idea that there actually WAS a real life porn star whose name is just one measly letter off. Of course, Zee’  is a just a stage name, her real name is much longer and harder to pronounce.  Here’s more on the most polarizing figure at NBC 5. She gets more fan mail and hate mail than any other personality.

-Yes this is old, but it’s still really good. The Colbert “better know a district” segment on Illinois’ 5th– where this website is headquartered. It’s also home to the Chicago Cubs, Boystown and the Twinkie. And “Weiner’s Circle” if you don’t know what this is….just watch

-I still say that Cubs left-fielder Alfonso Soriano is the worst outfielder in major league baseball history. I’d link all his lowlights and embarrassing plays, but MLB has an internet media policy stuck in pre-cold war days. So I can’t get the video to do properly do the story. SO instead I give you Fonsy (making the suck it gesture to fans) “stay classy” and video of Soriano being booed and heckled by his own fans

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  1. Just wondering how Sharapova managed to get to the Wimbledon semi-finals so quickly. The tournament hasn’t even started yet.

  2. paulmbanks says

    yes, that would be quite an amazing achievement if it happend.

    good catch. meant french open of course. fixed it

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