Link Bank 2-9-11: Minka Kelly, Jessica Szohr, Aaron Rodgers



-Minka Kelly has the #1 grossing movie in America this past week. Proving that no matter where we are, or what we’re doing, we’ll always stop to watch a catfight.

-Kelly also partied with Jessica Szohr lately, who showed up with a dude other than her supposed boyfriend Aaron Rodgers. But he’s a Super Bowl MVP now- so he can easily trade up.

-Why do hundreds and hundreds of people search online everyday for “Aaron Rodgers gay” and/or “Is Aaron Rodgers gay”? This has been going on for months; so if you have any links with credible evidence verifying or discrediting this rumor- please email those links to the site.

-I don’t believe this “rumor,”  but if you saw the film “Valentine’s Day” (yes, yes I actually sat through that..start assaulting my manhood now) you might remember the star QB coming out, and how much it helped the sports journalist played by Jamie Foxx.

lyla garrity



-Super Bowl drinking game: every time someone made a joke about how much Mike Tomlin resembled Omar Epps.

-You don’t need to be a Big Ten fan, or even a Pat Fitzgerald fan to enjoy this graphic of Fitz “keep rollin” GO CATS!

-I HATE slideshows. It’s the most annoying, and cheapest way to be a click-through whore. It’s what shitty websites do to game you for boosting the traffic rankings. I just don’t have the fucking time to click through your crappy website to advance the plot of your story. If you can’t get it all on one page, then you just fucking suck. I don’t mind when slideshows are ancillary to the content- that’s totally cool. But if I need to slideshow in order to read your article…I’m gone. And never coming back to your site.

That said, you know this link is good if I tolerated the slideshow format.’s  “Ten least attractive women of 2011” They got the top three (or bottom three) correct in Snooki, Chloe Kardashian and Sarah Palin. Where you rank them is interchangeable, go here to see how they went 1-2-3 with these beasts.

-And we have the first “Literal Music Video” off the greatest rock album ever made (at least in my opinion- Smashing Pumpkins “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness”) The single is 1979, the same year I was born, and although it was my favorite band from my late teens, early 20s- man do they suck today. In that bizarre reincarnation of the band with all those new members

-And of course, the same guy who created the Pumpkins video,made the original LMV that everyone knows; the Webby award winning “Total Eclipse of the Heart” LMV.

-Finally, if you links to consider for the LB- please email them to, or Facebook or Tweet them to me.

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