Lindsey Vonn wins Downhill World Cup


Lindsey Vonn won her second straight women’s world cup in the downhill today. But there’s another point to this post…how hot she is. And maybe the greater objective of improving Search Engine Optimization. (By the way, I’m currently reading a book on that topic- riveting stuff!)

But let’s just celebrate the fact that she’s ridiculously hot. Like Charissa Thompson, Jenn Brown, Erin Andrews level caliente.

I know she’s a very serious, very accomplished athlete who overcame an  injury of some sort to get this far. But let’s not forget the main point here: Lindsey Vonn is scorching hot! And that gives us a reason to publish more pictures of Lindsey Vonn.

But winning this event two days in a row at Lake Louise, gives her ten career wins at Calgary, more than any other venue.


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  1. Charley Davis says

    As long as we are judging the hotness of married women on the cover os SI, Brooklyn Decker has Vonn beat mercilessly. VONN is DSQ in this contest.

  2. i would agree

  3. Best of luck on your speedy recovery on your ACL injury, Lindsey Vonn, and keep your eyes open while dating Tigerer Woods!?

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