Konerko Does not KO Us!



  By the Soxman

Soxman Nation!

We will not go down without a fight.  We have stood by our team too long this season and through too many challenges to simply throw our hands in the air and admit our season is lost.  WE ARE SOX FANS and this is how we roll.

While the results of Konerko’s MRI are not known his injury, while sad, creates another challenge, and yet another OPPORTUNITY for us to win.  Enter Jerry Owens, Dewayne Wise, and Brian Anderson.  What do they bring to the equation? 

Two words we haven’t heard much this season: SPEED AND DEFENSE.

Our dynamic as a team has now changed.  We will run.  We will bunt.  We will grind out runs.

Skeptical?  Don’t be.  Wear your colors with pride and get behind your team, until the FINAL OUT of the season is made.

Jerry Owens may be hitting .222, but he has also stolen two bases in his time up, forced two errant throws, and laid down a PERFECT BUNT to squeeze home A.J. tonight.

It’s a different brand of baseball than we have seen all season, but a brand similar to 2005.

Reminders on the 2005 Season:

Joe Crede was believed to be so bad, we nearly traded him to the Angels before the trade deadline.

Frank Thomas was injured heading into September and lost for the season offering us, “no power.”

Scotty Pods’ ability to steal bases vanished for a spell.


We don’t have to always be the best team, BUT WE HAVE TO REMAIN THE BEST FANS.

SUPPORT YOUR TEAM.  Buy a ticket, where your Sox gear, and cheer your team to victory.

As a city we expect the best from our team.  To get the best, we have to put forth our best effort.

Pessimism is for those “other fans.” 

Stay positive and remember:  We can still win this.  So stand up with me and FIGHT!  CHEER! SCREAM!




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  1. YEEEEEAAASSSSS. I will fight with you. Bonzaiiiiii

  2. You are so right my soxy man!

    I love you and I love your passion.

    We got your back Soxman!

  3. Ko’d Konerko says

    Soxman, I was wrong- and will stand by you and the other sox fans until the last out.

  4. You are the best. Sox owners, is there ANYONE else in this city you would want to represent you?

    Commercial…come on!

  5. This is like the Soxocrat national convention. Soxman for president?

    We can beat this pig. Oops that might get us in trouble.

  6. Soxman for president! I love it. Seriously, thank you for always standing by us, and for bringing energy when everyone else can only thinked we are doomed!

  7. Hey Joker: Put hat in your pipe and smoke it! Do you know how you got those scars? From Soxman kickin your a–

  8. Postings like this are why…SOXMAN IS A HERO

  9. SOXMAN IT WAS A PLEASURE WRITING WITH YOU THIS WEEK! Yes I’m typing in all caps because you got me excited again. Let’s show some sox pride everyone!

  10. Hey you Tommy- I ain’t heard no bell.

  11. Soxman–you are he best. Someone had to say it.

    Grinders rule

  12. The Twins may have the bst ERA in baseball since he all-star break, and a healthy team but we have the one thing they will NEVER have on our side: Soxman.

  13. Soxman, what kind of name would I have if I didn’t stand by you? Go white sox!

  14. You are the best FAN ever…period.

    Who needs the Chevy Pride crew and t-shirts when we have Soxman?

    You define everything that a true steward to a team should be.

  15. Tommy Tutone says

    Is it just me or did the William Wallace speach from Braveheart flash into anyone else’s head after reading this motivational anthem from Soxman.


  16. The Little Flirt says

    Actaually, I heard the song Hero, by the Foo Fighters and a slow montage of Soxman doing his thing. The song was in Varisty Blues.

  17. For me it was I Need A Hero by Bonnie Tyler from Footloose.

    They should play that everytime Soxman and Batboy enter the park.

    Great speech!!!

  18. off to school but for me it is no doubt…Hero from the movie Spiderman. After Soxman’s favorite hero.

  19. Soxman- I needed that.

    Can’t wait to see you on TV Sunday!

    Did you hear that ESPN?

    If you want to put a fan on the television, this is the fan the city wants.

  20. Bleeding Cheese says

    Soxman- awesome article.

    Very well written and with the passion of a true sox fan!

    Looking forward to your fantasy advice for Week II.

    What will you do without Colston for the next 4-6 weeks?

  21. Soxman, Soxman, Lets Go Soxman.

    Let’s Go Go Go Soxman–you are with us all the way.

    You are always in there fighting and you do your best—

    We are honored to have you repin us in the middle west!

  22. Yes Soxman!

    Thank you. I printed this out and posted it on my cubicle for all Cubs haters to read!

    You are the voice of Sox fans.

  23. F!#$ing way to stand up and be a good F!#$ing fan my man! Your are my MVP. This is what we F!#$ING need. Thank you.

  24. Soxman who can not think positive when we have a super fan like you giving us words of focus?

    Thank you.

  25. Texas Bagpipes says

    Amazing how you can stay so positive! Ladies and Gents you have a true celeb and ambassador to the game here.

    Soxman, if it wouldn’t be too much to ask, could you use your powers to move hurricane ike away from us here in Houston?


  26. Soxman your words and spirit is like being gaurded by the wings of an angel…not a california one either. :)

    Thank you for always being there 4 us.

  27. You don’t know how many blogs and posting I read after Tom Brady went down by Patriots fans who cried, said they were depressed, claimed the world was coming to an end, etc. It is also a daily occurence for cubs fans.

    Yet, when a team has every reason to be down and throw in the towel losing their MVP for the year, their team captian, their gold glove third baseman, and their 3-4th best pitcher, there’s Soxman.

    Forever telling sox fans to keep their head up, to keep fighting, and to adapt, improvize and overcome.

    Chicago is lucky to have you soxman.

    The sox should see this as well. You are DA MAN!!

  28. That’s why we love him!!!

  29. Got to get the kids off to school, but I read this to my daughter this morning. She asked me to print it out and is taking it with her to share with her friends.

    You are a very special person soxman. Your words reach people on a level where other just scratch the surface.

    People believe in your wisdom.

    We will be cheering!

  30. Soxman very good post. You are an inspiration to Sox fans everywhere and a champion to those who lose faith.

    Go Sox and God Bless!

  31. Someone had to say it! Thank you for always being the BETTER FAN!!!!

  32. Heidi Hot Sox says

    Mr. White Sox Man! You always ay the right things to keep the will of the soldiers strong.

    Chi town, lets get behind our boys. Go White Sox!

  33. Don’t Worry Moe Diddy Is Here!!!

    I am working on getting my cute butt to the game tomorrow.

    Diddy Out…

  34. Soxman you always keep us in check.

    You are a true champion, of truth, jutice, and the grinder way!

  35. Soxman…YOU COMPLETE ME.

    Seriously dude, thanks for the positive vibe. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself as a Sox fan. LIKE SOMEONE PISSED IN MY CHEERIOS We can’t look at it that way.

    Sox fans unite!

    American League of Justice members…GO SOX!!!!!!!!!1

  36. Football Junkie says

    Very interesting article. A little unrealistic but good. You seem to have the fans thinking the sox can still do it.

  37. Ghost in the Machine says

    Again, a reminder of the 8pm Summit tomorrow in the left field concourse. Look for a Jermaine Dye sleeveless jersey with a green beer and of course Soxman!

  38. Robble Robble

    Royals win!

    Robble Robble

  39. I know things seem bleak right now for the White Sox. Injuries -MVP front-runner Carlos Quentin, All-Star Joe Crede and #4 starter Jose Contreras are all lost for the year- and losing three of the last four at home have whittled the division lead down to one skinny game and a half. However, there is still plenty of reason for optimism. I’m going to complement Soxman’s emotional plea by expanding on some logistical points that he brought up.


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