Kate Upton fat, says very stupid pro-skinny blog (video)


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Kate Upton is back on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, the first repeat champion since Tyra Banks in 1997. Some say she’s gained 21 pounds since then. Well sure, she looks a bit thicker this year on the cover than she did last year. But those 21 lbs seem to have all found their home in the proper place. Pro-Anorexia website calls supermodel and Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton a “Fatty.” Is that the proper way to talk about the girlfriend of Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander? The AL ASG starter might want to whip a 100 m.p.h. fastball at the head of (whoever or wherever that head may be)

The Skinny Girl website which slams Kate for being fat, lazy, lardy and piggy looking! Have they seen these GQ photos that sent the internet ablaze?


According to the site’s anonymous author “Skinny Girl” (via Gothamist), the Sports Illustrated cover girl has “huge thighs, NO waist,” and “big fat floppy boobs.” Uhm sure, and O.J. is innocent, and people in Indiana don’t care about basketball. Kate Upton fat? NO WAY

I guess that Carl’s Jr. spot that Kate Upton performed in, didn’t win over their people. Maybe they think the 20 year old sampled too much of the product. But have they seen her GQ behind the scenes video shoot

Fat? She was voted the 3rd most desirable woman alive

Check out her Cosmo cover

Watch the video below for more:

For the record, I still think she’s the hottest woman alive right now. And just perfect when it comes to her weight.

And here’s her NSFW wardrobe malfunction

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  1. I agree with “perfect”, and also can’t stand the anorexic look of other models.

  2. If you call that girl FAT – then you don’t know what you are doing. She is Beautiful.

  3. “For the record, I still think she’s the hottest woman alive right now. And just perfect when it comes to her weight.”

    I couldn’t agree more!

  4. paulmbanks says

    @tOSG glad we’re back in agreement

  5. Candice Swanepoel is hot and way curvier than Kate Upton. I don’t think Kate is fat, but come on there is nothing hot about being flabby and untoned. And the number one eating disorder in America is not anorexia and bulimia it’s obesity!!!

    Its such a problem soft drinks and what not are being removed from schools. And then we wonder why overweight people are not featured in beauty ads. Where is the logic in that? Can’t wait for this Plus size crap to die out

  6. It’s not really about fat, its about it being Sports Illustrated. What part of her body shows sports in the traditional sense (i.e., don’t include bowling and other such sports). Nothing about her says, hey, I workout to keep my body this way.

  7. shes a helluva lot skinnier than those very large women who play softball, do you consider them athletes? what part of their body says “regular at the gym”

  8. Okay b*tches who are calling her fat. For one, she is not fat, or obese, or even chubby by the damn mother f*cking definitions of the words so shut the f*ck up. Secondly, how many of you are skinnier than she is? Hmm? Men, even YOU need to be skinnier than her before calling her fat, because men are supposed to have LESS body fat than women, so if you’re not skinnier than she is, then you better start perceiving yourselves as fat too.

  9. She’s not “fat” as in, I’d see her on the beach and immediately pick her out of the crowd as being morbidly obese. She is, however, HORRIBLY proportioned and frankly, too fat/out of shape to be modeling swimsuits. She’s about as curvy as my refrigerator. Her face is genuinely pretty, but 8/10 girls I went to school with had better bodies. The fact that she’s so popular says a whole lot about her audience. With the majority of people overweight/obese these days, they’re looking for an outlet with which to justify their fat lazy asses. Unfortunately, her star status doesn’t make the population any less fat or unattractive. Sorry guys.

  10. rudyrude needs to get his eyes checked

  11. Sorry Tara, you are wrong.

    I love Candice Swanepoel but in no way is she curvier than Kate Upton. Sadly, most of Candice’s curves come from the V.S. Bra’s she wears, though she does have a nice backside.

    Also Toned does not = Sexy.
    Toned can be sexy but it is not a requirement.

    There are few women around with near perfect natural breasts like Kate Upton that are much more Toned.

    BTW: Breasts are Sexy
    Flat is not Sexy

  12. Yeah, Candice has nothing on her. FLAT? u gotta be effing kidding. her personal trainer talks about her natural curviness, and how “She even did extra cardio on her own after the actual workout. It ended up being two to two and a half hours a day for four weeks.” now who among us works out like that?


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