Jenny McCarthy replacing Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View



“Hello Jenny McCarthy. You might know her first and foremost from her nude spreads in Playboy, and the  mindless 1990’s dating show Singled Out on MTV. Anyhoo, “don’t vaccinate your kids.” Vaccinations are bad! They cause autism!

So The View  replaced someone who doesn’t believe in science w/..someone WHO DOESN’T BELIEVE IN SCIENCE!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, a flat-Earther bible-thumber is replaced by 1994 Playboy Playmate of the Year Jenny McCarthy. Also a Chicago Sun-Times columnist and blogger.


So ABC replaced the babelicious, bimbotastic blonde, who filled the unfunny, unwitty and unintelligent role with Jenny McCarthy

With Jenny McCarthy in tow, the ex-girlfriend of Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher truly will have a bigger platform. The state of media takes yet another blow.

It looks like McCarthy will retain her “Splash” blog and column at The Sun-Times. more details on the Jenny McCarthy deal from her social media

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