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Jenn Sterger currently finds herself in the middle of a highly publicized NFL investigation regarding her back and forth texting relationship with Brett Favre. Hopefully, that matter will end soon. But despite all the press, Sterger’s star is not rising. Certainly not enough to help her now canceled television show “The Daily Line” on Versus.

At first, I thought TDL had potential. It was the first sports talking head show to actually feature bloggers and gear content towards them. Sterger’s bit on the show was even called “Jenny from the Blogs.” But then the program’s format strayed away from the internet, and ratings suffered.

TDL  reached out to sports blogs and invited them to send questions in to the show’s four panelists, and they would answer them in video. The Sports Bank was one of those blogs, and you can watch that Q & A here.  Three of the four  panelists answered their questions. (Take a big guess which one personality did not!)

I,  like most sports fans, quickly grew tired of the show, ratings suffered and it got axed.

So, what will the future hold for Sterger?

From Sports By Brooks:

Regardless of the ratings disaster that was The Daily Line, Sterger’s departure from Versus was inevitable anyway. Her contract with Comcast is up at the end of the year and I was previously told it would not be renewed.

Almost as bad as Sterger not talking about Favre – on a show that was designed for such a topic – is her absurd, tactical delay in resolving her so-called harassment issue with the NFL. Any shred of credibility Sterger had before the Favre incident popped up is now gone thanks to the appearance – fair or not – of her indirectly attempting to get a payout from the quarterback or the Jets in exchange for her silence.

If you read the rest of Brooks’ piece you’ll see that he sort of shares my belief that Sterger is in 14:59/15:00.

And he states “She’s officially become a punch line.”

Actually, I thought she was a punchline the whole time she was famous, a total joke ever since she was discovered by a camera panning her $11,000 implants at a Florida State football game. It was impressive that she parlayed it into a media career, but in the final stages of the TDL run, she was BARELY featured on HER OWN show.

But no one noticed because no one cared to watch the show. In a couple days, we’ll celebrate a holiday which focuses on the dead. We can include Sterger’s career.

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