Jenn Sterger Making Public Appearance in Chicago Friday Night



Rejoice Second City denizens, a woman who first became famous for her two silicone best friends, and then later legitimately famous for becoming a geriatric NFL quarterback’s object of lust, is making a public appearance here in Chicago during the height of college basketball hysteria.

Jenn Sterger, the “surger” of web traffic for sports blogs everywhere canceled her public appearance in The Chi a couple months ago, due to that whole Brett Favre sexting saga- you might have heard a thing or two about it. However, on Friday she’s making one of her first major public appearances since that story that wouldn’t die.

jenn sterger

And she’s back in the news, as she recently sued her manager over the possession of those texts and pictures.

6PM at the Bull and Bear, 431 N. Wells.

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