Happy 3rd Birthday The Sports Bank!!!


By Paul M. Banks

This weekend, it became 3 total years since The Sports Bank went live online. And today TSB is stronger than ever. January’s daily traffic average is well ahead of December’s pace; which itself was about 3x the previous month’s high. In fact, we’ve seen steady consistent growth in readership each of the past five months. We’re just half a month into 2010, but our annual daily page views for this year is 4x that of 2009. Which itself was double that of 2008.

Mostly, it’s been our twin mock drafts: the NFL Mock Draft and NBA mock Draft, produced by TSB President Paul M. Banks and Vice President David Kay respectively that have spurred this growth. And we couldn’t have done it without all the mock draft databases out there. You guys truly are the wind beneath our wings. But let’s also give an assist where it’s due: to Erin Pageviews. I mean Erin Andrews, and Jenn Sterger.

Well, to be more accurate- Jenn’s big fake chest, and Erin’s naturally bangin’ body. This just helps “bringing ’em in” and “pack the house” over here. But whatever the reason, business is booming, times are good and for that we thank you! You the reader, you’re the one who makes this all possible, we are eternally grateful and we have a special treat for you on this occasion.

College basketball has the “1,000 point club,” so we’re giving you links to the “1,000 page views club.” Sort of. Here is a table listing and linking all the top viewed stories from these past three years; in case you missed any of them and want to catch up. There are actually quite a few more 1,000 page view articles than in the table below, but I figured this list was long enough.

Home page 73,782 More stats
NFL Mock Draft 1-5 7,310 More stats
NFL Mock Draft 12-29 7,057 More stats
Tom Crean Influences Brewers’ Top Draft 4,929 More stats
NFL Mock Draft 1-12 4,630 More stats
Northwestern Basketball: Sports Media Hu 3,615 More stats
2009 NBA Mock Draft 3,250 More stats
NBA Mock Draft 3,185 More stats
2008 NBA Mock Draft 3,069 More stats
NFL Mock Draft 12-15 2,897 More stats
NFL Mock Draft 12-22 2,828 More stats

NFL Mock Draft 12-8 2,819 More stats
Jenn Sterger Removes from her Trademark 2,633 More stats
2009 NBA Mock Draft 2,127 More stats
2009 NBA Mock Draft 2,099 More stats
2008 NBA Mock Draft 1,927 More stats
2009 Mock NBA Draft 1,770 More stats
2009 US Pole Dancing Championship Bracke 1,688 More stats
Wolves hope Rubio situation solved soon 1,601 More stats
NFL Mock Draft 12-1 1,561 More stats
2010 NBA Rookie of the Year Race 1,539 More stats
11 Reasons Alex Rios is Good for the Chi 1,411 More stats
2009 NBA Mock Draft 1,389 More stats
2009 NFL Mock Draft 1,382 More stats
2008 NBA Mock Lottery In-Depth 1,378 More stats
NFL Mock Draft 11-23 1,343 More stats
Ciao Jay Mariotti! 1,338 More stats
NFL Mock Draft 1-11 Round 2 1,323 More stats
David K.’s 2008 NBA Mock Draft 1,307 More stats
2008 NBA Mock Draft 1,306 More stats
Sox Exchange Bailout Plan Part I 1,280 More stats
Erin Andrews + Cubs = “Controversy” 1,185 More stats


  1. Congrats Sportsbankers!!!!

  2. Melissa W. says

    Awesome! Congrats to all TSB contributors for making this possible. We’d like to thank the Academy and the Foreign Press…and of course, all our readers who get click-happy when they read Erin Andrews’ name. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Thank you to our fierce friend and leader, Paul Max Banks. Mr. Banks is the driving force behind the site’s success, with a huge shout out to VP David Kay, who never sleeps, just continues writing, breathing and living basketball. Time to pop the champagne!

  3. Great work Paul, kudos to you for everything you have done!

  4. paulmbanks says

    Thanks everyone!!! Let us not forget the Costa Ricans and the Canadians too! The two biggest foreign markets for TSB!

  5. paulmbanks says

    Hard to believe how far its come…since I started it up a couple weeks after I gto back from Berlin and we had that old, primitive, 80s looking design.

  6. Congratulations to Paul M. Banks and the Sportsbank on 3 years! It is hard to believe that I’m actually one of the veteran writers for the site, yet sad to see that I only have one story ranks at the top of the “ratings” circle.

    Still, it has been a pleasure. It seems like only yesterday, Paul wrote to interview me and now three years later, we continue to grow.

    As a journalist in the Chicago market, who has done TV, radio, and printer interviews, I truly enjoy being part of the Sportsbank team and collaborating with such talented people.

    We have seen a lot of people come and go over the years, but the core has remained intact.

    Onward and upward is a theme that applies to 2010 on both a professional and personal level.

    High Five!


  7. There were a couple more Sox exchanges in the 1,000 club. they just were lower on the table. Holy time flying by Soxman, have we been friends since 07? yes, we have.

    Indeed, you’re a crucial part of the nucleus here, and always have been. I know it’s not your season right now…but pitchers and catchers report in about a month’s time!

    onward and upward is exactly right- can’t wait to hit up the cell early and often again in 2010

  8. Peter Christian says

    3 years? Really? So TSB is potty trained now?

    Congratulations to the entire Sports Bank crew and a big thanks to Mr. Banks (the man I affectionately refer to PMB) for the drive, platform and, well, everything he does for the site and for us.

    So now that the days of diaper rash are behind us, what’s next in store for TSB?

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