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By Paul M. Banks, the Soxman &the Ghost in the Machine
(PMB) This week Soxman and Paul M. Banks (the Carlos Quentin and Jermain Dye of Sox fan sportswriters) are joined by TSB reader and commenter “The Ghost in the Machine.”

Yes, I know the intrigue surrounding the man of mystery is spine-tingling!

I will tell you this, he turns 30 today! Wish him well.

(SM) Ghost in the Machine? Very interesting name.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY! from your friendly neighborhood Soxman.

While we don’t know this man’s alter ego, I assume he is like Ghost Rider?  He turns into the “Ghost Machine” at night while in the presence of Cubs fans?

(PMB) It’s thrilling just like the finish of this AL Central race. Let’s pour out a little liquor for Bobby Thigpen and his MLB record 57 saves in 1990. It’s inevitably close now..his record will soon fall to K Rod. And we wont see the retro Sox logo and Bobby’s 80s mullet headshot on Sportscenter anymore.  Your thoughts?     

(GITM) Things might not be so thrilling if the Sox keep putting up goose eggs. Can’t blame ‘em for last night’s loss as Cliff Lee is to starting pitching what Paul M. Banks is to the sports blogging world. A quick glance of the schedule the rest of the way indicates the Good Guys could have a more difficult time. The last 6 games of the season feature the Twinks and Cleveland, while the Twinks have, of course the Sox, and then the vaunted Royals who will probably have their single A roster playing.

Don’t diss the best logo in baseball… EVER! Saves are nice, but a team has to get to the 9th with a 3 run lead or less. What this save record says is that the Halos play tight baseball games. He’s saved 53 of their 83 wins. The key to beating the Angels is to get a lead before the 8th. Otherwise it’s Shields, Rodriguez, thanks for coming, drive home safely! The White Sox have to look at the fact that they did get to Rodriguez on May 15th and gave him his first loss. It was in a non-save situation as he entered the game with the score tied, however the Sox bats can hit him.

(SM) First of all, Bobby’s mullet will always have a place at Soxman’s table, especially on mullet night at U.S. Cellular Field.  Thigpen’s record has stood for almost 18 years.  He also had an excellent ERA that year (1.83), yet he still managed to blow 8 saves!  The 1990 Sox were an exciting team to watch:  “The kids could play.”  Thigpen was never the same after the 1990 season, battling back problems before yielding the closer’s role to Roberto Hernandez.  Perhaps he was over-used.  We’ll always be able to see his mug on the White Sox introduction video as well.
(PMB) Thanks Ghost. Tell me one pitcher and one position player you see as critical for the Sox during this final stretch run and why…?   
(GITM) It’s gotta be Konerko. Over the last month he’s hitting .333 and his OPS is over 1, but his power numbers need to increase as he only hit 3 HR and drove in 11 during August. If he can be a bit more consistent with the power numbers he’ll be a nice bridge between the heart of the order and the bottom.
Pitching wise, I’d have to go with Linebrink. He was absolutely lights out as the set-up man to Jenks. If he can return to form here soon, the Sox can have a nice 7th, 8th, 9th of Dotel/Thorton, Linebrink and Jenks. Right now Dotel/Thorton scare me in that 8th inning role.


(SM) The position player is without a doubt Joe Crede.  Since coming off the disabled list, he has shown better defensive capability but his hitting has been awful (.182, 0 HR, 1 RBI).  His overall batting average has dipped to .249.  While I love Joe Crede, it is hard to believe this is the same player who was an all-star a few weeks ago.  As we do not have a proven 5th starter, we will need spectacular defense from him and at least the offense Juan Uribe was producing.  I can’t believe I just made that comparison, but Uribe is actually hitting better than Crede in just two more ABs over the last 14 days (.292, 0 HR, 3 RBI). 
(SM) While we all know how critical it is for our starting pitching to stay strong over the last month of the season, I think the key player to watch will be Scott Linebrink.  Activated from the DL yesterday, Linebrink’s return to 8th inning duties will take pressure off of Octavio Dotel and return him to 6th/7th inning duties.  It means a lot to a pitcher to have confidence in his bullpen.
(PMB) With all the youth clinics and visibility from the 2005 World Series, the Sox could easily become the team of choice over the Cubs in this city amongst children. (You’ll notice I included a picture of myself at a Sox game with my 7 year old Godson Ben) Ghost, I know you recently took your kids to a game to meet Soxman. Do you think the youth vote favors Sox over Cubs? Could this become a Sox-first town one day?   

(GITM) Unfortunately, this town will never be a Sox town unless the GG’s can put together a string of 2-3 straight World Championships. Even that might not do the trick. Look at the momentum the Sox had after the WS in 05. At that time, maybe, just maybe, it was 50/50 in the city. Now, both teams are playing 1st place baseball. The Cub sell out every game, while the Sox struggle to get the UD even half full for most of their weekday games. I still miss half price Mondays which were also guaranteed fight nights in the upper deck.


(SM)  With all of the promotion and publicity the White Sox have been getting in recent years, I believe this will only influence “fringe fans.”  These are the fans that come and go into baseball faster than kids would run when they learned Casper was a ghost.  Most, but not all fans are born into the “colors” they cheer for.  Even on the South side of Chicago, my block was somewhat divided.  One thing was clear among the children.  They cheered for the same team as their brothers, sisters, parents, and grandparents. 

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  1. This is a very kid-friendly Sox Exchange

  2. nice.

    ben looks like he’s in the best place he can imagine.

    happy day ghost, convince them to let you have a regular spot on the sportsbank. you bring a fresh voice to the table.

  3. I loved it. Casper the friendly ghost? Soxman you kill me!

  4. Cano's Cards says

    talented writing must run in the Ghost Man’s family…

  5. Very family friendly article. I loved it. Soxman I truly hope to see you at the Cell this homestand! Our boys need you!

  6. Billy Blast says

    I loved “Thiggy.”

    Met him at Palos hospital when I was a kid. Wonder what he’s up to these days?

  7. The sox season is over. At least I will have Soxman’s Fantasy Football articles to look forward to.

  8. Great article as always…you are awesome. Ghost, great first crack!

  9. Heidi Hot Sox says

    Soxman the sox need you. Jump in the Sox mobile and attend every home game so we might still have a shot.

  10. Ghost you met Soxman at a game? Is like what other writers and posters have described?

  11. Bleeding Cheese says

    Soxman a masterpiece as always. When will your fantasy team infor be posted? I’m curious to see how you did.

  12. Bleeding Cheese says

    Ghost. I think you were the best of the guest writers so far.

    Good baseball points and not all about you.

  13. Hey man I think there is a muther f!@#ing ghost in the fu@#ing machine of my f!@#ing players lately. They don’t want to f!@#ing win. F!@#ing fire me then Kenny. I don’t need this f!@#1ing stress. Maybe I should be like that F!@#ing c!@k sucker mariotti and just resign. He was a f!@#ing p!@@y man. He had no F!@#ing B!@ls, like my player right now. They want to go home in f!@#ing October with their heads up their F!@#ing a– that’s fine by me, cause they won’t be back on this f!@#ing team if i’m the manager. I’ll likely get fined for saying this but I don’t give a f!@k.

    Soxman should be on my f!@#ing team because he has F!@#ing passion and wants to f!@#ing win. Good job man.

  14. Tommy Tutone says

    This site kicks ESPN’s ass.

  15. Tommy Tutone says

    Soxman you are one of the best sports anchors EVER!!!

  16. Ozzie, I think you should check out our Mariotti column. You’re mentioned in it.

  17. Thanks Tommy, if I knew more people who could help me make mroe money off this site, I’d put even more time into it and take it up several notches

  18. Thanks Bleeding Cheese that was a nice dig on me…

    I thought you were pretty cool because you were a packers fan, but now if you are going to shoot digs on me. GAME OVER..

    Anyone can throw numbers out there (IT IS CALLED THE INTERNET)

    I keep it different and alot of people enjoyed it.


  19. Thanks for the support you show me and ALL of the sportsbank crew week after week. Everyone puts a lot of effort into these exchanges making to provide something orginal and fun.

    Moe Diddy play a huge part in that as well using analogy to make his points.

    Moe, I once told Batboy that having 1000’s of fans is nice but you know you’ve arrived when you get your first piece of “you stink” mail.

    Actually Hulk Hogan said it, but I loved it so much I shared it with him.

    Soxman out. :)

  20. you can’t mess with Moe Diddy… let it be known

  21. Soxman is a pimp…Lets watch a game soon!!

    Dave K, we ride together, we die together..Bad Boys 4 Life!!!

    Moe Diddy still poppin his collar…

  22. I agree. A few of my conservative friends HATED my Sarah Palin column I just wrote for the Times…so that’s why I know it was a really phat article!

    Love to hate ya baby! And on another level re: Palin herself. I wouldn’t do the research to find her policy stance flaws unless I respected her political potential

  23. That is why I say lets get drunk!!

    Banks is a cool dude, I don’t read much, but I bet that article was cool as ice

  24. Thanks Riggs. I know you’re more into Lone Star Beer than you are into reading, but that’s cool. to each their own

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    Hey Riggins! Lyla Garrity looked hot in science class today, whew!

    Sometimes I wish I was still with Julie Taylor though.

  26. Awesome Sox exchange.

    Sorry I posted a little late.

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