Fun with TSB Search Term Referrals


By Paul M. Banks

I can’t say how proud I am that the top-referring search engine terms sending traffic to the sports are for the most part sports related! Nothing x-rated, nothing unsafe for work. It is relevant. This doesn’t sound like much, but believe me, in the world of Google and all the perverts out there, this is indeed an accomplishment. Without further ado, here are the top terms:

kate hudson a-rod  4,909

I’ll take a pass on both these people….meh

wendi nix 1,101

Bless you Wendi! You underrated hottie in boxy librarian glasses you

derrick rose 811

I’d like to see this term become number one someday, watching him play is becoming  transcendence

wendy nix 592

Again “Wendy” you rule

reggie bush  527

This one has been blowing up so much lately, it probably already moved up to the top three before the post has gone up

deron williams  470

My man-crush! Hopefully we’ll see this one in the top 5 soon

new orleans saints 354

see Reggie Bush description.  Thank God they won the Super Bowl, and thereby alleviated post Katrina destruction, poverty and suffering.

erin Andrews 276

There she is! “Erin Pageviews” Not in the top 3?! surprising

sarah cretul 274

I don’t know who this is. really

trenni kusnierek 243

She only wrote like 5 or 6 things for us. Back in ’08. Still shes the gift that keeps on giving.

erin andrews espn 165

We’ll see more of these in the years to come 126

Keep entering this into your search boxes- you won’t be disappointed

sports bank 126


the sports bank 116

someday people will say “I’ll go on the net and sports bank it.” the way they currently say “I’ll Facebook you” or “I’ll google it”

pole dancer 114

don’t ask.

sportsbank 113

erin andrews cubs 103

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