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Soxman’s Fantasy Football Weekly

In the spirit of our new president-elect, Soxman embraces change with a rare Friday fantasy football posting….
Ok, I know week 10 technically started last night, but did you really need me to tell you to start Kellen Winslow and Eddie Royal after I’ve that been saying it all year long?
My money league team crashed worse than the stock market in week 9, as back-up Matt Schuab leaves the game early and generates just one sad point.  Joseph Addai generates 32 rushing yards and fails to find the end zone, yielding 4 points.  My opponent get 21 points alone from Pittsburgh’s defense and special teams…yadda…yadda…yadda…I fall to 5-4 on the season.
Meanwhile, I improve to 5-4 in my family league where I have a “Star Wars” like week 10 match-up against my father, who in his first year of playing fantasy football (and using a computer with any regularity) is an impressive 4-5.
My third league featuring IDP improves to 6-3 on a very strong week from rookie Chris Johnson.
So let’s look at your top projected players for week 10:
Aside from the obvious of Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers, and Kurt Warner, these QBs have some very good match-ups this week:
Chad Pennington: Yes Rikki Greenberg, the former J-E-T-S, Jet, Jet, Jet, should be sending Brett Favre a cheese basket for Christmas as he has resurrected his career in Miami.  He’s facing a Seattle defense, which will likely get worn down quickly due to their offense being one of the worst in the NFL.
David Garrard:  The Jaguars are playing the Detroit Lions who have allowed 247.1 passing yards per game with 13 touchdowns and only two interceptions.
Running Back
Again, I’m not going to bother commenting on the obvious, such as Westbrook, LT, Gore, etc.  Here are some other good plays.
DeAngelo Williams:  He leads Carolina in rushing yards (525) and has scored three rushing touchdowns.  He will benefit from starting offensive linemen Jeff Otah and Ryan Kalil expected to return from knee injuries, and he’s facing Oakland.  Do we need to spell it out for you?
Tim Hightower:  Is running away with the starting job in Arizona and not looking back.  He’s playing the San Francisco 49ers, who are allowing 112 rushing yards per game and have yielded 10 touchdowns.

Wide Receiver
Marques Colston:  This could be a great week to get Colston back into your line-up.  The Falcons allow 205 passing yards per game and have surrendered 10 touchdowns, and Colston has a great history against the Falcons.
Derrick Mason:  The Houston Texans looked very vulnerable last week against the pass and Flacco is increasing his targets Mason’s way.

Special Teams and Defense
Miami (playing Seattle)
Jaguars (playing Detroit)
Titans (Rex Grossman)
Panthers (Oakland)
IDP League Pick-Up
Sean Jones: He was injured for the first six games of the season, and has had at least six tackles in every game but week 8, where he was nursing a sore knee.  He produced 7 points yesterday.
Waiver Runners
They are on bye weeks in week 10, but Felix Jones returns to the Cowboys in week 10, where he is averaging 9.1 yards per carry, and yes, Cedric Benson, looks to be the every down back now for the Bengals.  He had a 100-yard game last week.
 That’s it for this week.  Keep moving the chains and focusing on positive gains.



  1. Thanks for the updates. I grabbed Benson this morning.

  2. Billy Blast says

    I can thank you for telling me about Eddie royal early in the season. Woo Hoo!!!

  3. Great stuff as always brother.

  4. Grabbed Benson as well. I think he won’t be great but he is an every down back.

  5. Felix jones is really that electric. I couldn’t beleive over 9 yards a carry!

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