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By Soxman

As Chicago is starting to feel like frozen tundra of sorts, with winds doing a better job of cutting than Chris Johnson did last week, Soxman had another strong week in Fantasy football winning in my money and IDP leagues, yet falling in my neighborhood league to a shocking 6-5.

In the neighborhood league my receiver corps was pretty much non-existent.  Andre Johnson, Colston, and Royal combined to catch…well, Paul M. Banks caught more colds on his recent pilgrimage to Boston than these guys caught anything!

Yet I rejoice in my IDP league as I destroyed the league leader to knock him out of first place.

So as we approach Week 12, here are my thoughts on week 12:


Get Them Active!!!

Again, do I really need to tell you to start Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner and Tony Romo?

Jay Cutler

Sure Oakland actually has a pretty awesome defense against the pass (I have two of their DBs in my IDP league) but their offense is horrible and their running game is banged up, meaning Jay Cutler will have plenty of passing opportunities.

Eli Manning

Manning has thrown at least 1 TD pass in 9 straight games and is facing a Cardinals defense that made Shaun Hill look like a young Brett Favre.

Kyle Orton

As long as his ankle keeps healing, the fiery Orton will be looking to come out strong this week and make amends for last week’s embarrassing loss to the Packers.  The Rams are allowing 233.7 passing YPG. I like the match-up.

Brady Quinn

Let’s hope his fractured phalange does not give your fantasy team the finger this week as it did Mr. Romo.  Otherwise he has an awesome match-up this week as do the RBs and eligible receivers around him.

Jeff Garcia (Sleeper Alert!!)

Garcia is facing Detroit, the second worst defense in the NFL.  Would you like me to draw you a picture?

Tough Calls

Donovan McNabb

McNabb has scuffled lately and is facing one of the toughest pass defenses in the NFL.

Brett Favre

Everyone knows Favre often chooses the interception over the sack. Tennessee has one of the best passing defenses in the NFL.

Run Forrest Run!!!!

These Backs could rack up the Yards in Week 12

Matt Forte

Forte is a true every down back.  The Rams allow 158 rushing YPG.


Jamal Lewis

See Addai’s numbers last week.

Marshawn Lynch

Lynch proved he’s still a top tier back last week.  Kansas City simply can’t stop the run, allowing 165 YPG.

Ryan Grant

Grant has found new life rushing for 411 yards in his last 4 game.  He rushed for 145 yards last week against the Bears.

Warrick Dunn (Sleeper Alert)

Dunn should be the feature back this week with Cadillac Williams likely another week away from returning.  He’s facing the worst run defense in the NFL.  Any questions?

Getting the Runs

These guys could stink it up worse than a night of drinking and eating 4 am tamales.

Chris Johnson

The normal regular in your line-up has a tough match-up this week where you might consider exploring other options if you have them

Tim Hightower

The Giants are great in defending the run, and this dazzling rookie has hit a wall in his last couple of games.

Kevin Smith

Tampa has allowed just one one rushing TD this year, which is one more score than Paul M Banks saw while crafting his game at Boston night spots this past week. (Ok, I think we’ve used my name in analogies quite enough this week! Even am I not that egocentric to the point where I think I should be referenced every 100 words!)

Wide Receivers

Throw ’em the damn ball…and into your line-up.

Braylon Edwards

If Brady Quinn plays Edwards should continue to heat things up.  Houston does not have the best pass defense in the world.  I’m likely going to start him over Colton this week.

Terrell Owens

T.O. has Romo slinging his way once again and always looks for revenge against the first NFL team that he talked himself out of.

Plaxico Burress

Had an alleged hamstring issue yesterday so watch if he practices today.  He is due for a huge game.

Well that’s it for this week.  Keep moving the chains and focusing on positive gains.



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  1. Mr. Banks…your padwan Ms. Greenberg indicated that you are correct. Your name MUST be mentioned every 105 words. :)

    I will correct this requirement in next week’s blog.


  2. Well, at least you include my middle initial in there. to distinguish me from the lead singer of Interpol. which is good!

  3. Not a very flashy site but good writing and interesting fantasy advice.

  4. Well I need a better press secretary and publicist to add some flash to this site…but thanks for the kudos on the content! welcome to TSB, thank you for coming….while I’m up can I get you anything? cocktail? soft drink maybe

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