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By Soxman

Week III saw the Gridiron Grinders’ momentum continue as we again beat our opponents 82-60, improving to 2-1 on the season. 

While my running game didn’t put up significant yards, they paced my victory with touchdowns.  Clinton Portis (1) and Joseph Addai (2).

I also improved to 3-0 in my league featuring individual defensive players, narrowly beating my opponent thanks to Addai once again.
Here are your top fantasy studs on the season through Week III.
Philip Rivers (9 TD)
Jay Cutler (8 TD and an average of 311 passing yards per game)
Aaron Rodgers (yet to throw a pick)
Drew Brees (5 TD and an average of 326 passing yards per game)
Donovan McNabb
Running Backs
Michael Turner (tops in yards with 366 and has 5 TDs)
Marion Barber (the machine has 5 TDs and is carrying the load in Dallas)
Frank Gore (averaging 95 rushing yards per game)
Reggie Bush (he’s really putting up points as a wide receiver)

Matt Forte (304 rushing yards and 105 receiving yards) 
No your eyes are not deceiving you, LT, Adrian Peterson, Westbrook, and Stephen Jackson all failed to crack the top five through three weeks.
Wide Receivers
Santana Moss  (276 yards and 3 TDs) 

Anquan Boldin

Brandon Marshall (321 yards in two games!)
Larry Fitzgerald

Greg Jennings
Tight End
Jason Witten (273 yards receiving)
Tony Scheffler (168 yards receiving and 2 TD)
Anthony Fasano
Antonio Gates
Bo Scaife
John Carney
Nate Kaeding
Ryan Longwell
Olindo Mare
Joe Nedney
Fantasy News and Notes:
RB Willie Parker will miss Week 4 due to his sprained knee.  Rashard Mendenhall owners might want to think twice about starting the rookie as he faces a tough Baltimore Ravens defense in his first start.
Hopefully no owner was counting on Marc Bulger as a fantasy QB 1 as he appears to have lost his starting job to veteran Trent Green.
LaDainian Tomlinson believes his toe is healed and that he should be back to full strength soon.  No one really benched him did they?
Jeremy Shockey will miss 3-6 weeks after undergoing sports hernia surgery.  This will likely hurt Drew Brees’ value a little more as Marques Colston is already out until at least week five.  Shockey owners have many options as there appears to be a rather deep tight end class this season.
Double trouble in Philly.  Donovan McNabb suffered a deep bruise of his upper right pectoral muscle, but should be good to dominate the Bears on Sunday night.  Brian Westbrook’s status for Sunday is also questionable so watch the injury report closely. 
Rookie Owner Advice for the Week
To Trade or not to Trade?
With three weeks completed, now is the time you might want to start exploring trade options in your league.  There is really no science to this process and many of your actions will be built on gut instinct more than any real statistical evidence.
Buyer beware: most savvy veteran owners will try to prey on rookie owners by packaging big-names having bust seasons for break-through players who look to be establishing themselves at their position. 
Another technique often seen is to offer two lesser players for one superstar.  The “con” is that the total combined points dwarf the star being requested.  Some owners will even suggest they are improving you at a position.
The beware part is to ensure the two players you are getting actually improve your line-up more than he points put up by the one stud.  Look at the player’s average point per game and plug them into your line-up to forecast points prior to pulling the trigger on that deal.
Some notable names that will likely be bantered in trade talks soon:
Joseph Addai: It is obvious that he is getting the goal-line carries, but his rushing yards are WAY down this season due in large part to a week offensive line.  A good sell high candidate.
Randy Moss: Forget 2007 unless you are a seller.  Stay away from him if he is offered to you.  We have seen now how Moss plays when he is asked to be a leader.
Stephen Jackson: Buy low.  The Rams are horrible right now, but Jackson is still pretty much in “training camp” mode after holding out.  I have to believe he will improve on his this far horrible numbers eventually.
Well that’s it for this week.  Keep moving the chains and focusing on positive gains.


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  1. Peter Christian says

    What about Braylon Edwards? Is he a guy that should be targeted for a low price or should be sold for a few mediocre pieces?

  2. The Statue of Harold Baines says

    What about Jason Moe? did anyone pick him up on the WR wire?

  3. The Statue of Harold Baines says

    I’ll bet you Kim Kardashian’s ass has its own homepage

  4. Jay Mariotti says

    I dunno about her ass but her video has its own homepage.

  5. Soxman, great to see you in the red Eye for a third straight day. Fun fantasy football article. Thanks again for guiding me to this page. It’s fun.

    The site owner knows a lot of famous people.

  6. I visited the Seahawks home page and there were no updates on him anywhere. Also googled the name and there was nothing. I think it was a joke by Soxman.

  7. Good weekly update. I’d add Edwards to the list. The Brady Quinn era is about to begin.

  8. I concur. Great stuff. We will need you at home Soxman. Get on it.

  9. Soxman fun article in the Red Eye. Thanks for the fantasy update.

  10. I’m not talking football until the Sox win this damn game!!!!!!

  11. good thing I didn’t start Ronnie Brown last week in 2 of my leagues… but don’t worry, my boss overheard Jay-z in the elevators up to the press box at Lambeau bitching that he didn’t start him either…

  12. Did he also say “industry’s shady”?

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