Fantasy Football on the Sportsbank Returns!


By the Soxman

It may have taken a while sports fans, but thanks to the Belichickian Banks secretly videotaping my game appearances, we saw your signal in the sky. 

As a result, the’s weekly fantasy football column returns this season!

Even with the Sox and Cubs likely headed for the post-season, this two-sport savant will share his scores, breakdowns, and player moves with you each week.

In my fourth year playing fantasy football, I’m hoping to build upon my 2 championship and 2 runner-up titles by taking the Gridiron Grinders all the way to the top.  More so, I hope to offer you valuable advice to give you the edge in your fantasy league.
So strap on your helmets and hunker down for the ride.  Are you “Ready for Some Football?”
As many drafts are likely occurring this week, I’ll start by offering some basic advice for beginners playing fantasy football:
1.  Know Your Scoring System.
This is perhaps the biggest rookie mistake.  There are at least half a dozen scoring systems out there.  In general, most scoring systems favor running backs, which is why you see so many backs selected with the top picks. However, many leagues (especially the free ones) are now heavily weighted towards QB performance.  While many then race to take a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning with the first pick, I believe it increases the value of high point accumulators at other positions.  For example, on one QB Weighted scoring system, Brian Westbrook is forecasted to score 281 points (as the number three best back in the league).  There are eight QBs predicted to put up the same numbers and no WRs anywhere close!

In my opinion, this places the value of high producers in thinner positions through the roof and lessens the value of a Tom Brady.  Supply and demand if you please. Likewise, most point per reception leagues heavily favor strong running backs that also catch a number of passes. So remember, your first step is to know the rules of engagement and to plan your draft strategy around it.

2.  Know Your Line-Up Rules
With the exception of complicated leagues that also draft individual defensive players, most fantasy line-ups are the same with the exception of one slot. Some leagues mandate use of a tight end, while others allow a WR/RB for the third slot.
Leagues that mandate a tight end ensure that players like Antonio Gates and Jason Witten will be drafted early.  In leagues where there is a WR/RB slot most tight ends are no better than a fourth receiver and are not even drafted.

3.  Know the Transaction Rules
Rookie fantasy football owners often show their indecision or lack of confidence by frequently adding and dropping players early only to learn there is an add/drop limit and their team is out of moves by week 8!  As injuries mount, these owners are often left starting injured players and thus lose their league early. Likewise, knowing a league allows unlimited transactions could be a great way to practice the AJ Pierzynski Rules of Fantasy Football Conduct.  What does Soxman mean?

Most leagues with unlimited transactions put at least a 24-48 hour hold on a waived player before another team can pick them up.  Some leagues even have a weeklong holding period.  If your competitor needs a TE for the upcoming week, you can go simply add/drop all good tight tends thus blocking his ability to field a starter in that position. It’s not the way Soxman plays the game, but if the championship was on the line, what do you think AJ would do?  Warning: this trick usually ignites the rest of the league. Practice your response early: “Don’t hate the playa.  Hate the game.”
4.  Know the NFL Match-ups, Stadiums and Weather on Game Day.
This is without a doubt the “X” factor in most leagues.  It can make the difference whether or not you make the play-offs.  Simply, you might want to start a RB3 going against the worst run defense in the NFL over of RB2 going against the best. Even if you have the best kicker in the league, you might want to sit him when he plays at Soldiers Field in January on a snowy day with shifting 50 MPH wind gusts. That’s it for now football fans.  Tune in next time, when I reveal Soxman’s 2008 Gridiron Grinders Roster and draft breakdown.
Hut, hut, hike!



  1. Peter Christian says

    Good work Soxman! Also do not forget the importance of knowing your tiebreaker rules. Does it use bench points to break a tie or do ties get counted as such in the standings. It can truly affect how you manage your bench throughout the season.

  2. I have no idea who in the heck Soxman is or what this site is but I wanted to thanks you for the awesome fantasy football advice. Your points were well taken and used in my draft with hopefully good results.

    Great job and thanks again.

  3. paulmbanks says


    great to have you here and welcome.

    please check out the Soxman links on both the right and left hand sides of the page to learn more about him.

    And the “About Sports Bank” and “Sports Bank in the Media” pages to learn more about my site.

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