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Soxman’s Fantasy Football Weekly

Another win in my money league improves my team to 5-3 on the season, which is good enough for a 4-way tie for second place. 

Our first place team has a 6-2 record on the season. Meanwhile, I fall to 5-3 in my IDP league as the “benching” of Plaxico Burress was the scoring difference.
So how did I do it?
My hero and without a doubt the best quarterback in the NFL so far this season, Drew Brees threw for 339 yards with 3 TDs.
Despite not finding the end zone, Clinton Portis rushed for 126 yards to become one of the top fantasy scorers on the season.
Remember how I said no matter what happens, I was starting Roddy White from now on?  Payday!!!!  He rewarded my loyalty by grabbing 113 receiving yards and 2 TDs.
I also had my fantasy disappointments.  For the second week in a row, Marques Colston, let me down.  In a London Showdown where there was a scoring explosion on both sides, Colston had 56 lousy receiving yards.
Soxman’s Sleeper of Week 8 is Huge!
Remember my advice on grabbing Leon Washington is you needed a flex running back?  Washington had 67 rushing yards, 34 receiving yards and two touchdowns.  You can thank me later.
Now the Fun Begins
Well, you truly learn just how good your draft and subsequent team management has been when your star players have their bye weeks or go down with an injury.  Enter week 9 for the Gridiron Grinders.
Drew Brees, Colston, and Nate Keading are all on their bye weeks.  Joseph Addai could be out for a third straight week.  Matt Schaub gets the starting nod against a defense that has been tough against the pass in the Vikings.  The rest of my substitutes are covered in my sleeper picks and starts for week 9.
Week 9 Sleeper Starts
Kyle Orton
Don’t look now, the Bears have a real quarterback.  He playing the Lions at home, who are ranked 31st in the NFL against the pass.

Chad Pennington
Still available as a free agent in almost all leagues, Pennington faces a Denver defense that is horrible against the pass and whose best players are beat up.  He could put up some decent flex points.
Running Backs
Not much in the sleeper department here as regular starters also have favorable match-ups.  So if you are really short on backs, I suggest the following:
Tim Hightower
Hightower is really not a secret anymore this season, but he is becoming very close to being the fulltime back in Arizona as Edgerrin James is on the “edge” of losing his job.  The Cardinals also face the Rams this week so it could be a nice week for Hightower.
Ryan Torain
High risk or high reward here.  Watch to see if he gets the starting nod over Michael Pittman.  If he does, he could put up some decent points.  Pittman is worth grabbing as well but has been snatched in many deeper leagues.
Wide Receiver
Don Avery
He caught six passes for 163 yards and a touchdown in a Week 8 loss to the Patriots. He appears to have developed chemistry with Mark Bulger and is looking like he could overtake Mr. Holt as the go to wide-out.
Tight End
John Carlson
He does not have the best match-up in the world this season, but a good passing defense can be a good thing in terms of the number of targets that a TE gets.
Matt Prater
Even though it will likely be cold and windy in Denver, Prater is 17 for 18 in FG attempts and has a strong leg.  The Broncos have a high-scoring offense that should mean lots of extra points for Prater.
Well that’s it for tonight.  Keep moving the chains and focusing on positive gains.
Congratulations to the Phillies!




  1. Soxtober Kid says

    I was about to put the sox signal in the air questioning where you have been all week. Short post, but a good one.

  2. THX 4 the tip on Washington. He saved me last week.

  3. Billy Blast says

    Soxman I have no defense and special teams this week as New Orleans is on a bye in a fairly deep league. Any sugguestions?

  4. Carlson could be Wallace’s saftey valve. Good call.

  5. I picked up Avery this morning. Never heard of him, but you are right on his numbers. Wow.

  6. Pennington? Are you aure?

  7. Tough week 4 you Soxman. Have you heard that Addai expects to be back this week? Should I start Rhodes or Addai if I have both backs?

  8. heh yeah heh the funny thing is that when you think quarterback you have to think Brett Favre, the man can do anything, so when I fill out my fantasy roster each week, Brett Favre is always in my QB slot. If there was a way I could start him at every position I would.

  9. Bleeding Cheese says

    The Packers Aaron Rogers will have a tough week. Do you agree?

  10. Soxman, I know it is not the best article to post this on but OMG!!! The Phillies won.

  11. Any other ideas at RB? Those guys are both taken.

  12. Thanks for the advice. What are your thoughts on Kellen Winslow?

  13. Will this be the last week we have to suffer through Brad Johnson?

  14. I grabbed Avery also. Thanks for the tip.

  15. Nikki Sixx says

    Soxman I’ve missed your sexy ass. Where have you been?

  16. Grinder Guy says

    Good article but I disagree with you on one point. The Vikings are actually not that great of a D agianst the pass. I think you will do ok with Schuab. Good luck.

  17. Alright, Soxman you ready??

    This is for my flex spot??

    Ted Ginn Jr?
    Derrick Ward?
    Kolby Smith?

    Sammy Morris- If he plays, I think I might go with him…I have Frank Gore and Colsten on a bye. Also D. Williams from the panthers. Still have turner going tho..

    PS- I started Bensen last week instead of Colsten..Just two extra points..Colsten is pissing me off. I still won Tho..

    Moe Diddy out

  18. I can’t believe all of the questions once again.

    I’ll do my best.

    Moe Diddy:

    Do you get points for your player’s performance on special teams? If so, my answer would vary on how to start from that crew you mentioned. As far as Colston goes, I feel like it was a wasted #4 pick thus far. He wasn’t even targeted very much by Brees in the Chargers game, which is not a good sign.

    Ginn had a HUGE game last week racking up the first 100 yard receiving game of his career. Before Sunday, he never did better than 55 yards. In the tight-end centric passing game, he’s likely not much of a red zone passing target either. However, he has huge upside facing the Broncos 28th ranked passing defense.

    The Cowboy’s defense is good against the run, ranking 11th, and Derrick Ward is splitting carries with Brandon Jacobs, however, he has racked up some receiving yards as well the last two weeks.

    While Smith is the starter pending the LJ suspension, he has a horrible match-up against the Bucs.

    None of these are great options, but I’d lean towards Ginn if you want to take a risk, Ward if you would be happy with 5-7 points.

    Morris is not likely going to play. The Patriots may have Lamont Jordan back and BenJarvis Green-Ellis is currently the flavor of the week on the Patriots depth chart. The Colts are giving up 144 yards per game on the ground. See if he’s available.

    Tough Week for you as well.


  19. As far as defesne and ST goes, consider the Cardinals who are facing one of the worst offesnes in the Rams, who may also be without Stephen Jackson this weekend. If they are gone, the Falcons should be available. They are facing the Raiders. That should be good for some points.

    Addai is rumored to be starting this week. Watch it closely and get him in your line-up if he’s going.

    Winslow’s match-up sucks on paper, but I’m starting him. I think he is going to have something to prove this week. Also, I do not have any viable alternatives.

    Pennington should have a good week.

    Good luck to all.

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