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Soxman’s Fantasy Football Weekly 

After a “bye” week due to the play-offs, Soxman returns with his fantasy football updates going into Week 6. 

I’m now 3-2 in my money league and it is my own fault.  Awaiting the return of Marques Colston, I’ve been acting on “history” at my WR slots, starting historical money receivers like Marvin Harrison over player slike Roddy White, who are truly becoming fantasy studs this season.
The good news is that I’m 4-1 in my league featuring Individual Defensive Player (IDP) scoring, even though I’m missing Plaxico Burress due to his suspension.
Trade Winds
The Gridiron Grinders made a trade last week as well, sending Laurence Maroney packing in exchange for Willis McGahee.
While both players are fantasy disappointments this season, I believe that I win here big-time.
Maroney’s value has been sacked several times this season with four running backs being active on the Patriot’s roster, Tom Brady being lost for the season, and two pesky injuries hitting him early.  Kevin Faulk is getting the goal-line carries, and Sammy Morris is above him on many depth charts.  Maroney is averaging a paltry 3.3 yards per carry.
Willis McGahee had 22 carries last week and is working himself back into form. Sure, LeRon McClain appears to be the goal-line guy, but I believe he’ll still put up respectable numbers to solidify my “back attack.”
With three RB slots in my league to divide among Clinton Portis, Joseph Addai, Chris Johnson, DeAngelo Williams, and now McGahee, I’m very happy.
McGahee faces the Colts this week who are dead last in the NFL against the run.  Salivate accordingly.
Top Performers
Look at the top fantasy rankings through week 5.  Some names might surprise you.
Drew Brees
Jay Cutler
Kurt Warner
Tony Romo
Phillip Rivers

Michael Turner
Adrian Peterson
Frank Gore
Marion Barber
Larry Johnson
Anaquan Boldin
Santana Moss
Terrell Owens
Greg Jennings
Brandon Marshall
Antonio Gates
Jason Witten
Tony Scheffler
Tony Gonzales
Anthony Fasano
Matt Prater
Nate Kaeding
Joe Nedney
Josh Scobee
David Akers

 Injury Report
Check closely on game day, but the following fantasy regulars are likely out for week 6.  Denver has three starters that might not be active, so it might be a good week to consider sitting Jay Cutler if you have a good back-up QB:
Anquan Boldin
D.J. Hackett
Eddie Royal
Tony Scheffler
Selvin Young
Jon Kitna (questionable)
Brian Westbrook (game time call)
Chris Chambers
Well, that’s it for this week.  Keep moving the chains and focusing on positive gains.


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  1. Great trade! I hope you are right on WM.

  2. Maroney can go in the BUST drawer next to Braylon Edwards, Randy Moss, and Ocho SUCKO. Steal of a trade.

  3. Bleeding Cheese says

    Soxman! Long time no talk. If you would have went down just one more slot at QB you would have HAD to mention Brett Favre. Nice moves.

  4. Cubby blue says

    Heard rumblings Colston might be back this week. Any truth to it?

  5. 4-1 on my season. Thanks in part to yuor advice on Chris Johnson. Who would have “thunk it?”

  6. Going into the season, Braylon Edwards, Ocho Cinco, Tom Brady, and McGahee drafted…season in the toliet. PERIOD.

  7. How badly does Marvin Harrison suck? He could be another Biggest Bust candidate.

  8. Soxman, Should I start Tim Hightower at my Flex? Or go with D. Williams from the panthers?

    Diddy Out

  9. I am 3-2 on my one league and 5-0 in the other..Brett Favre has been the major part of it…Micheal Turner is the other reason..Two pimps…Frank Gore has been pretty darn good himself…

    Moe Man Out

  10. Jason: Tough call but I’s have to go with Williams. Dallas is only allowing 95 rushing yards per game while TB is allowing 99. While Hightower appears to be getting goal-line carries, he’s only averaging 3.1 yards per carry as opposed to Williams 4.3. Plus Williams touches have increased steadily the last three weeks, while Hightower’s have remained the same. Good Luck!

    Colston could be back this week. Watch the game day ticker closely and get hi active if he is active as the Sainst are playing Oakland’s 18th ranked passing defense.

    Harrison is playing like a man who has legal troubles. :)

  11. Colston is officially listed as questionable… btw, my three keeper options in 1 league was Moss in the 3rd, Edwards in the 5th, Colston in the 13th… I thought I was set at WR either way I went… but Moss and Colston have killed my team…

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