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Soxman’s Fantasy Football Weekly

With the 2008 fantasy football season less than 2-3 weeks away from the play-offs, many trade deadlines are approaching.  Is Soxman wheeling and dealing?  You bet! 

He breaks it all down for you in addition to posting this week’s picks to click and sleeper watch.

It was a great week for all three of my teams as I posted a “clean sweep” of victories.
Money League
I improved to 6-4 in my money league posting the highest point total of any team in the league (131).  The secret to my success?  Exactly what I told all of you last week right here on the Sportsbank!
Kellen Winslow went off, as he quickly became the favorite target of “rookie” Brady Quinn.  Eddie Royal also exploded and if you started Willis McGahee, you were rewarded mightily.
How good is MVP Fantasy QB Drew Brees this season?  In a first half where he threw for just 65 yards and in a game where he throws three interceptions, he still finishes with over 23 points in most leagues. 
Old Neighborhood League
It was truly “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” in my neighborhood league, as Luke Soxwalker, faced Darth Dad’s team and completely destroyed “the dark side.”
How good is this team?  You wouldn’t believe me if I told you:
Drew Brees
Chad Pennington
Adrian Peterson
Maurice Jones-Drew
Marshawn Lynch
Andre Johnson
Marques Colston
Eddie Royal
Jerricho Cotchery
Kellen Winslow
Owen Daniels
Mason Crosby
Da Bears

Individual Defensive Performance (IDP) League
I’m now knocking on the door of first place in the IDP league improving to 7-3, with a ton of momentum as I face the league leader this weekend.  Huge performances by Donovan McNabb and Calvin Johnson were the secret.  My IDP star of the game was Peanut Tillman who posted a solid nine points.
In my money league, I traded Felix Jones and Cedric Benson for DeAngelo Williams and Tony Scheffler.
In my IDP League, I traded Jamal Lewis and San Diego Defense for Santana Moss and John Carlson.
Trade Breakdown
Even with the injury to Clinton Portis, I’m deep at the running back position with Chris Johnson, Joseph Addai, and Willis McGahee.  Williams has had his second consecutive 100-yard last week and faces the Detroit Lions this week.
Scheffler had 92 receiving yards last week and had a huge second half last year.  As our league’s rules do not allow player adds or drops during the play-offs, I needed a strong compliment to the injury-prone Kellen Winslow.
Jones, while electric, is always going to play second fiddle to Marion Barber and Cedric Benson, while a sleeper pick of Soxman, is far from spectacular.
In the IDP league, wide receivers are favored heavily and you MUST start three each week.  Moss is one of the top targeted WRs in the NFL and appears to be near 100% back from his hamstring injury.

Must Starts
Again, I’m not wasting cyberspace telling you about the obvious like Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, etc.
Jay Cutler (even more focus on the pass despite the shaky WR situation)
Tyler Thigpen (see my sleeper report)
Jason Campbell
Jake Dellhome (facing the Lions)
Brady Quinn (call it a gut)

Michael Turner
Reggie Bush (slated to return)
Larry Johnson

Greg Jennings
Bobby Engram (Host of the View’s husband returns)
Roy Williams (could finally see some passes as a Cowboy).

Dustin Keller
Greg Olsen
Alex Smith (he might finally be ready to live up to his hype).

Mason Crosby
Jason Elam
Shaun Suisham

Sleeper Watch
Remember, sleeper alerts are just that.  They are considered somewhat risky options…but could hit pay dirt!
Tyler Thigpen

A 104.6 passer rating in his last three starts and 124 passes without a pick:  a good gamble.

Mark Bradley

He was one of the most targeted receivers in week 10 and in just 4 weeks has caught 19 passes for 196 yards with three TDs receiving…and one throwing.

Jason Hill

Hill was the favorite target of new 49ers quarterback Shaun Hill, who was making his first start of the season. They face the Rams this week, who are 26th in the league in pass defense, allowing an average of 237.6 yards per game.

Cadillac Williams

This is more of a stash option. Williams has totaled 2,184 rushing yards on 569 carries with 10 touchdowns in his career while adding 53 receptions for 294 yards. He’s looking to see his first action since early in the 2007 season.
Peyton Hillis

It looks like he will be the man in week 11 as the Broncos are signing anyone with RB experience to fill a hugely depleted position.  He was a big surprise in week 9, showing good receiving hands.
Well, that’s it for this week.  Keep moving the chains and focusing on positive gains.


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  1. I am starting Tyler Thigpen in one of my leagues and also Shaun Hill from San Fran in my ESPN League..I hope these two pan out for me.. I sat Brett Favre thinking the weather would be bad last night…I guess I was wrong…

    10-0 in my one league and 7-3 in ESPN..Not to shabby!!!

    Moe Diddy Out

  2. Remember, Favre played in Green Bay most of his career…waether does not hurt the great Brett. Man I sound like john Madden now. :)

  3. Bleeding Cheese says


    I wish your blog would have been posted yesterday…on keller…dam it!

  4. Ko’d Konerko says

    So when do we get the article on the trade of Nick Swisher? Saw the postings on your site but what do you reallthink it means for the sox?

  5. Everyone has gone nuts on Mark Bradley. Jason Hill is an interesting call. Thanks for the advice.

  6. Jason Hill? For real a 49ers WO might be worth someting? Sorry, I’m going to wait and watch a week or two first.

  7. I have Bradle and picked up hilllis this morning in a VERY deep 16 team league. THX as always Soxman.

  8. Well you were right about Keller that’s for SURE!!!

  9. Nothing about Kerry Wood or Nick Swisher? Is Soxman in hybernation on baseball?

  10. Nice sugguestions. I wish I would have read your article on Keller. I benched him in favor of Fassano. Keller gets 16 pts. !@#!

  11. I got Jason Hill easily and i’m in a fairly deep league as well. Thanks soxman…


    Stopped listening to Soxman weeks ago

    Team went from last to playoff spot


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