Erin Andrews Sexually Harassed by College Gameday Sign



By Paul M. Banks (photo courtesy of The Big

ESPN College Gameday may want to re-consider broadcasting live if this continues. Or they might want to dip into their deep pockets, and hire some private security to screen out the people coming to see the show. Check out this photo on The Big it’s the full size version of the thumbnail above, and I have a feeling that we’ve now found the guy who secretly videotaped Erin Andrews through a peephole. Because the maker/carrier of this sign is just as much a disgusting degenerate as the person who violated her privacy earlier this year.

Whether you love or hate EA, you have to be with her on this one. Seriously, this sign didn’t cross the line of bad taste, it dropped a nuclear bomb on it. This is, to quote Seattle Seahawks Coach Jim Mora yesterday, “unacceptable. UNACCEPTABLE.”

It will be interesting to see how ESPN handles their future on-site broadcasts, and possibly censoring the unruliest of fans who show up. Because this network is owned by Disney, and just as last night’s Family Guy reminded us, every thing produced by the world of Disney is happy, and family-friendly. Well, sort of.



  1. greatest. sign. ever.

  2. Your comment above, could only be made by a single male member on the TSB staff….if any of the TSB wives/girlfriends/significant others etc. actually hung out on the comment threads here, and read a comment like that….well, I don’t need to spell it out.

  3. It’s a funny sign… pure comedic value is great… not saying I support it being made… but it is damn funny

  4. says

    Wow. That’s um…hmmm….I’m not sure what to say to that.

    I guess you know you’ve made it when a member of the targeted demographic announces his talent on a poster on College Game Day sponsored by one of the biggest sports television companies and isbroadcasted infront of millions each and every Saturday.

  5. says

    What about the female TSB contributors Banks?!?!?

    Do we not matter any more?

  6. says

    After reading this story, I feel like I should get some posterboard and write “Hey Kirk, I suck d#*!….really well” with some hand-crafted drawings to go with the wording.


  7. The female contributors will get all the accolades and kudos they deserve. given their efforts. but only the kudos and accolodaes they deserve.

    Trenni and Sarah seem to be doing well for themselves in their careers so TSB females do bring it to the table

  8. I’m sure Kirk Herbstreit has definitley had his knob polished once or twice by some college co-eds on campus during the run of this series. Your sign is pretty funny. and that’s a prety hilarious idea…and I as much as I hate to admit it, the guy who made this sign…he’s kind of funny

  9. I’m sure people go up to the guy who made the sign at parties, and asked to have their picture taken with him, or do a shot with him all the time

  10. rikki.greenberg says

    knob polished…lol that’s some funny shiz.

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