Erin Andrews replaces Brooke Burke on DWTS



After Erin Andrews completed her third place finish on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” I posed the question where will she land next? And on June 15th, 2010 I wrote right here in this spot “Erin Andrews should replace Brooke Burke as host of DWTS.” It looks like ABC/Disney is listening to me because today that exact move was announced.

brooke burke

I have no idea why people were so shocked by Erin Andrews ‘ third place finish on DWTS. She was a member of the Dazzlers, the Florida Gators dance team. We were reminded of this by ESPN when they aired the infamous clip, which prompted the eternally annoying Dickie V. to say “she’s still a dazzler, ARE you kidding me!”

So she’s a great dancer- I guess. I don’t really know whether a given female is good at dancing or not, I only know if she looks good (or not) while doing it. I am not an expert on the artistic expression of dance.


I may be bereft of choreography knowledge, but I do know EA is a big upgrade in substance over Burke at the DWTS position. Mostly because Burke’s image is not as clean as Andrews. BB has done a lot of non-wholesome things in her life. Burke has done plenty of sex tape-y and nude photo things in her life.

Also Erin Andrews is way better on camera on Burke.

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