Election Day Sox Exchange II



By Paul M. Banks and Soxman

(PMB) Moving on to the bullpen, it’s amazing how the unit falls like the Domino Theory regarding global communism during the Cold War. When everyone is healthy and pitching within their specific role, they are phenomenal. but when Jenks and Linebrink each went down, a quagmire ensued. Where do you see things shaping up in the bullpen-industrial complex this season? Will Linebrink ever be his first-half self again? After Jenks, what reliever would be good for you, me and Joe the Plumber. I hear good things about youngster Aaron Poreda, are you endorsing his candidacy?



(SM) I think Poreda will be a top candidate to crack the rotation, especially if Javy is traded, but he could easily fit into the bullpen plans as well.  Linebrink had shoulder inflammation which will hopefully be cured with some rest.  Shoulder injuries are scary because they are unpredictable.  You are heavily invested in him so I’d say you have to count on him unless medical reports say otherwise.

The “must have” reliever for the Sox in the 2009 campaign is the 2008 Matt Thornton.  He had a 2.67 ERA on the season with 77Ks in 66 innings.  He seemed like the one reliever the Sox could trust beyond Jenks down the stretch.

(PMB) Whomever you’re supporting, be sure to vote today! Please get out and support your candidate, for democracy’s sake. This is of course, a non-partisan neutral Sox Exchange (despite the fact that I included a ginormous picture of one of the candidates here, which is way bigger than the entire text of the article, and that candidate happens to be a White Sox fan and I included a picture of him throwing out the first ball at a World Series game…but never mind all that, this is about endorsing democracy and our rights as Americans, not any one candidate.)

And be sure to keep reading The Sports Bank for Soxman’s Fantasy Football advice every Thursday and his future articles on off-season transactions and trade rumors as they happen. I myself am taking a recess from baseball until the spring.  Take care Soxman and Sports Bank Nation.



  1. Again no picture of myself despite several pictures of Sen Obama. I’d like to let the Sportsbank be the first major media outlet to voice my concession that Sen Obama will be the next President of the United States.

  2. Bleeding Cheese says

    Ok, I don’t claim to be a computer guy, please tell me McCain din’t already concede?

  3. Voting lines are LONG. get out early.

    Does anyone know who Soxman is voting for?

    I totally agree on Thornton.

  4. Billy Blast says

    Nice exchange and I do not think you should end them. Baseball tonight airs in the off season does it not?

  5. EIU Cheerleader/SICA Chick says

    You guys should do more exchanges during hot stive league

  6. What the hell is hot stive? sounds like a vanerial disease.

    I love it guys.

  7. Ko’d Konerko says

    Any rumore on Paulie being traded?


  8. Soxtober Kid says


  9. Soxtober Kid says

    aGREED WITH mCcAIN ON ONE THING LAST NIGHT. end performance enhancing drugs in sports at all levels.

  10. Lines are long today….

    Who will win by more..the propsal to shut down the Sox Exchange for the season of President Obama?

  11. Best Sox source on the net from the biggest Soxfan ever…


  12. Heidi Hot Sox says


    Yes to bringing back Jon Garland. soxman you would no longer be the sexiest person in the Cell. The second sexiest though.

    Kiss kiss.

  13. Great points in todays part one and two. Unbiased opinion and good review of opportunities. Might not be the biggest place on the net, but as the best reviews of the White Sox I’ve ever read.

    Is Soxman getting black listed? He has not been in the Red Eye at all lately either.


  14. No offense but this is not CHANGE we can be proud of.


  15. Cubby blue says


  16. paulmbanks says

    WOW!!!! Thank you so much TSB readers of the United Sox of America, I seriously didn’t think there would be a huge demand for such in-depth White Sox content to continue during the off-season, as headlines regarding trade rumors and transactions only occur sporadically during the season. And from Nov-Feb there is really only a week or true baseball news (December winter meetings or “hot stove league” not hot stive league as SICA Chick/EIU Cheerleader pointed out), so therefore I was pleasantly surpised to see all your comments regarding the proposition. Ladies and gentlemen, I have heard your call and might I say………

  17. paulmbanks says

    Instead of sending out the SOx Signal, I called the secret Sox Cave hotline, consulted with the Southside Dark Knight and………..YES WE CAN…………

    CONTINUE THE SOX EXCHANGE ALL YEAR LONG!!! The people have spoken, your voices have been heard and democracy has been served YES WE CAN continue to deliver Sox news, notes, and insights and predictions THROUGHOUT THE YEAR!! The pundits didn’t think we could win the AL Central in 2008, but our Sox thought YES WE CAN. No one gave our boys a chance to win the 2005 World Series, but Ozzie, Kenny and company instead thought YES WE CAN.

    We thank for your past, current, and continued support. We couldn’t do it without you the loyal citizens of Soxman and Sports Bank Nation. And throughout this year and into 2009, Soxman and I promise to make The Sports Bank.net Sox Exchange a shining city on the hill when it comes to online White Sox news. A glowing beacon for hope and change that all other White Sox websites look up to.

  18. paulmbanks says

    Now there is one last thing I need to ask of you loyal Soxman fans and readers, if you enjoy his Red Eye columns and read that paper regularly, write or phone your Congressman (by that I mean email and write-in to the Red Eye) and demand more Soxman feature articles!!!

    Because there is not a red America and a blue America, a Red Eye and a blue (and orange) thesportsbank.net, there is only one United Soxman of America!

  19. Glad to see the people have spoken. Obama and sox exhanges continue. What more could a person ask for?

  20. Glad to read you guys are still around. Thank god!

  21. Great job and for the record…


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