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By Soxman & Batboy & Paul M. Banks

As the pennant race heats up and the Sox and Twins swap in and out of the #1 spot, the excitement in Sox Nation builds. It’s getting bigger every week, so we brought in the big guy Batboy, to lower the BOOM on your White Sox analysis this week.  
(PMB) First off, let’s hear about your Radio Disney appearance and the Purdue University documentary filming on the “Dirty Thirty” Nick Swisher.
(SM) The Radio Disney was a little impromptu actually.  They saw us filming the documentary, and the remote producer tracked us down.  Next thing I knew we were live. 

During the course of the interview, we discussed our favorite Disney characters, how Soxman and Batboy came to be, and even my favorite Hanna Montana song.  Thanks to my “Sox Niece,” I get a healthy dose of the program.  So it was easy to think the song “Best of Both Worlds” would be appropriate for our characters as well.
We concluded our interview being called the “Jonas Brothers of the Cell” by singing “Go Go White Sox” live on the air, while plugging the SportsBank of course.
(BB) Purdue University is developing a documentary on the impact a player like Nick Swisher has on baseball and more importantly, the baseball community.  The project’s producer, Kaitlin Craig, thought that two of Chicago’s most well known fans would offer the perfect perspective of a fan.  We were honored to do it.  It is capping off an amazing season of media activity for us.
(PMB) Good job! Is “Swisher Sweet” becoming the “token dreamboat” Sox player for female and alternative lifestyle fans? Once Scott Podsednik and Jon Garland left this off-season, someone had to step in and fill that role. J.J. Hardy would probably be the Milwaukee Brewers version.
(SM) His look has changed like 4 times this season.  Long hair, short hair, bleached beard, no beard, and now a shaved head.  It’s a Swish for all seasons.  LOL.
(BB) I think that in addition to “the look,” women like a guy who does not take himself seriously, yet is extremely confident without coming across as arrogant.  Remember ladies, he’s taken.
(SM) Good point Big Guy.  Look at us!  I never thought in a million years CLTV would have named us the sexiest Sox fans in Chicago, or that Soxman would be used as the “poster guy” for the Sun Times’ sexiest Sox fans segment.


(PMB) Ok, now it’s time to get to the meat and potatoes, break down the latest series of transactions…
(SM) There were a lot of them.
Jose Contreras, making his return to the rotation from a sore elbow, left Saturday’s game in the top of the second inning with a ruptured left Achilles’ tendon. His season is over and now leaves a huge void in a struggling rotation.
After the game, the Sox placed him on the DL, and sent Josh Fields to the minors.  Fields lost his starting chance to Juan Uribe, after batting just .182 in 22 Abs and showing lackluster defense in the field.
Boone Logan is headed back to the minors.  A 17.05 ERA since the All-Star break, and a 5.36 ERA overall will do that to a person.

(BB) BOONE There’s goes the BOONE, ready or not, who’s gonna take his roster spot?  Who will hold our back-up infield shields without Fields?
(SM) I was getting there.  The Sox acquired lefty Horacio Ramirez from the Royals in exchange for Minor League outfielder Paulo Orlando.  Ramirez, a left-handed reliever, is 1-1 with a 2.59 ERA in 15 relief appearances this season, and will slip into Logan’s spot.
They also recalled top pitching prospect Lance Broadway from the minors.  For now it looks like Broadway will pitch in relief and that DJ Carrasco will get the first chance to start.  Broadway had a 4.68 ERA at AAA.  He had an awesome September audition for the Sox last year posting a 0.87 ERA in 10 innings pitched.
Carrasco filled a huge void in the bullpen, surprising many, so I hope this move does not backfire.  He has a 2.57 ERA in 21 IP this year and a career 4.79 ERA as a starter.
The Sox also recalled non-prospect Chris Getz from AAA to serve as the back-up infielder.  He has a strong glove but is not likely to see much action.  Getz was hiting .306, 11 HR, 52 RBI, 11 SB in 396 ABs at AAA.

(BB) So does that mean anything hit to Chris he “Getz,” hey hey!.  Are the Sox done making moves?  Is that all a Sox fan “Getz?” 
(SM) You have a bright future on the new Gong Show Batboy.  Getz is keeping the seat warm until Joe Crede returns, although that might not be too soon.  As of Friday, back pain was still keeping him off the field.  Scott Linebrink is also nowhere near returning.  Best-case scenario is late-August at this point.  Adam Russell would be optioned down when Linebrink returns.
(BB) Will we make a trade?  Or is what we see on the current team, what we “Getz?” ha ha, I amaze myself.
(SM) My gut tells me that the Sox are actively scouring the waiver wire.  Jarrod Washburn is likely on the White Sox radar.  If the Sox put a claim on him, they will find out Tuesday if they won the waiver claim.  Washburn has a 4.76 ERA on the season (a 7.70 ERA in August) playing half his games in the cavernous Safeco Field and is owed about $10 million in 2009.  Other waiver options include Greg Maddux and Paul Byrd.  Did I also mention that Freddy Garcia still has not signed with a team? 
(PMB) Do tell what you think about Dotel’s erratic performances this season.
(BB) “Do Tell?” No stealing my play on words man.  Simple.  He’s not Bobby Jenks.  Next question.
(SM) Watch Dotel’s arm motion when he pitches.  I once read that it was impossible to work on mechanics with him because of it.  With the erratic “power” motion comes inconsistency.  That said, what’s wrong with a 3.25 ERA, a 1.16 WHIP, and 73 K’s in 52.2 IP?  I’d take that any day of the week.
(PMB) Right, but even you were very nervous about him making his entrance with the game on the line yesterday. Quite an experience we had on Sunday at the Cell. What have we learned from the high profile “Battle of the Soxes” series?
(BB) I think the city of Chicago learned we can win this thing.  Baseball is a game of luck and chance as much as it is skill and we showed it all this series, and this home stand.  We also learned Bobby Jenks rules, shutting down the Sox in both of his appearances.
(SM) Well Paul what have you learned?  As my alter ego, I knew Soxman had to appear at Sunday’s game.  I saw the way “Red” invaded the Cell, the Sox signal went up in the air and I new had to be there.  Even you questioned the streak, and I didn’t wince.

(PMB) I learn something new everyday. Excited about the TSB outing on Wed? You know they’ll be plenty of Soxybacks there!  Come check us out in sec 110 row 20!
(SM) There are ALWAYS Soxybacks at the cell.  It should be interesting to sit in a different section for a game with fellow SportsBank writers.
(BB) Hey, why wasn’t I invited? I see how it is, the Sidekick is good enough for the Sox Exchange but not good enough to represent the SportsBank in public.


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  1. paulmbanks says

    I’ll add Danny’s picture and the Wings and Rings crowd later in WIR on Wed.

  2. Love it! Batboy’s play on words was one of the best parts of this week’s edition!

  3. Very funny stuff, although I’m scared about us losing first place!

  4. prowriter0923 says

    I love Nick Swisher because he’s hot, looks good in a baseball uniform and seems like a pretty down-to-earth guy. I want to be his friend…and maybe take him out to dinner.

    Nice to put a face to a voice Soxman…I think Batman is quite jealous of your getup. so much cooler than his.

  5. Great article and an essential part of the week for the Sox Fan. I’d have to agree with Gwen, Batboy wins the “wit” gold this week. Good job guy.

  6. Of course big guys are more funny. I still say the sox need to do something Soxman. I know Chicago will hate me but I liked the combo of Anderson/Wise in CF more than the homerless, 4 hits in two weeks with the Sox, future Hall of Famer.

  7. paulmbanks says

    Griff hasn’t delivered much so far. this is true

  8. paulmbanks says

    Thanks Gooch! This should be a mandatory place for the Sox fan to stop every Tuesday.

    Rikki, maybe when football season comes and I need a week off, you can pinch hit for me and do the exchange with Soxman

  9. Sox blow TWO more golden opportunities for pitchers. Red Sox get Paul Byrd and Freddy Garcia tries to stab Ozzie’s words in the Sox play-off hopes by signing with the Tigers! Way to go Kenny.

  10. Heidi Hot Sox says

    Articles are always awesome when my soxy Soxman shows his face..errr ahhh his mask. :)

  11. Bleeding Cheese says

    Soxman as I’m having a hard time cheering for the Packers I may become Bleeding Socks. Good article guys.

  12. Very nice guys. Griffey sucks, The new kid Getz looks pretty good.

  13. Ghost in the Machine says

    Looking forward to tomorrow. Let’s bring home a White Sox winner!

  14. paulmbanks says

    Bleeding Sox…I like it. that would get you the commenter of the week award

  15. paulmbanks says

    Maybe we can still sign Mike Sirotka and Jim Parque :)

  16. I’m a Chicago transplant in KC now but love the White Sox. First time poster from the Soxman’s site. Good read and a great way to get the Sox low-down.

  17. Kenny Williams is a liar! He said hey didn’t make a waiver claim on Paul Byrd because he knows there is no way the Indians would trade him to the Sox. Did you ever hear of doing it to block the Red Sox you idiot??? If the sox claimed him and couldn’t work out a trade no one else could trade for him on the season. Garcia gone, Bryrd gone…yeah lets ride the Adam Russell train.

  18. Going to the game tonight but will be in the upper deck. :( Awesome article as always!

  19. Batboys comments were the best this week. Sorry guys. Liked the little rhyme on Boone Logan with Bobby’s song. Soxman is rubbing off on you Batboy.

  20. Very good. I’m sad the Sox didn’t get a pitcher as Soxman sugguested.

  21. Great article. Soxman posts two blogs in less than a week and does a sportsbank exchange! Awesome. I love your work.

  22. Very cool article as always. I love getting my Sox fix right here.

    Very pithy comments Batboy!

  23. Batboy’s babe says

    Batboy could bring the Boom on me anytime. He’s always the best..period.

  24. Soxman Stalker says

    Soxman!!!!!!!!!!! IIIIIIIIIIIIII think your are the best!!!!!!!!!! Sorry Batboy’s babe…but my man is the best EVERRRRRR! I loooovvvveee you and your great writing…

  25. Grinder Guy says

    Have to agree with Big G. Soxman you mentioned these players before and through your many blogs and extensive knowledge of the minors, I think you would make a good GM.

  26. crazy Asian says

    Good stuff Soxman. You are truly a genius. You said that the Cubs should worry about Fukudome slowing down in August because the Japanese season is shorter than MLB. Look at him now!!!

  27. Mary, Mary says

    Love Soxman with the Red Sox fan. Thats awesome that you pose with fans regardless of the team. It proves you are a class act.

  28. Sox play-off hopes are fading fast. Nice way to monitor the waiver wire Kenny!!! Go Red Sox!

  29. Billy Blast says

    Great job Batboy…very creative. Good work as always Soxman.

  30. paulmbanks says

    yes, its going to be a tough task down the stretch to keep the Twins at bay..but please stop panicking…those of you who think are chances are shot!

    We’re still a half game up and the Twinkies have injury issues of their own to to deal with. Plus they have that monster road trip at the end of the month to deal with.

    The sky is not yet falling people.

  31. Will be there tonight and looking 4 you guys.

    Great blog on your myspace as well Soxman although you made a few typos… Oops.

    Batboy its nice to see you have a sense of humor as well.

  32. First- Soxman you are the best of the Sports Writers for the Red Eye. I look forward to your Fives each week.

    Second- Great article here. While Batboy’s stuff is funny, you are providing the content and a Peter Gammons-like review of moves, etc.

    Three- The sky is not falling but how Kenny could not have made a claim on Paul Byrd is beyond me. He’s a groundball pitcher (needed at the cell), the sox needed pitching, and he was had by the Red Sox for $$$. That was it!

    If we don’t see the Sox get another starter Sox management will be to blame.

  33. paulmbanks says

    I’m glad that we now have a Twins exchange feature to complement the Sox exchange, our signature segment here at TSB. we need our rivals opinion and insight. even better that I get to post it on a day that WE are in first and THEY are in second

  34. Yeah but now it appears in order ahead of the sox exchange. PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING. It’s “in first” on the Sportsbank, LOL.

  35. Soxman! I saw you at the game last night. It was like a celebrity walking the red carpet though as you were absolutely mobbed! I did get a pic with you in sec 114. It was my birthday remember? Hugs and kisses to the ABSOLUTELY MOST FANTATIC CELEB I’ve ever met!

  36. Was in the upper deck with the kids on the third base side and saw you. You had one heck of a crowd around you Soxman. My hubby said you were mobbed after the game at that hall of fame area in front of the park? Good work.

  37. Ya Ya Sox Sisterhood says

    Saw you and the hundreds of fans adoring you. Where was Batboy?

    Paul- how di the TSB staff enjoy the hollywood-like following that is Soxman? It seemed like you couldn’t even get out of the RF corner last night hero!

    Great job! Where was Batboy?

  38. Monica All night Long says

    Thanks for bringing us luck last night baby!

    My friends were there and said people were stopping traffic after the game tot take pictures of you in their car?

    They said you were very nice and accomodated everyone. Looks like you had another late night eh?

  39. First time poster and visitor to this site. Met the GREAT Soxman last night and got your business card Paul. Fun site and I can only say, words cannot describe the hype that is Soxman.

    He’s so cool, approachable, and easy to talk to, and yet he has a magic that radiates from him that people just absorb and yet can’t get enough of. Do you know what I mean? Kids were in awe, heavy-set woman climbed over peole to meet him, and guys with a GQ look even shook his hand and showed him respect. Poor guy likely saw none of the game though, but he kept smiling, shook hands and even signed an autogrpah or two around sec 114.

    I didn’t think any celeb could be so REAL.

    Anyway… Great meeting you and thanks for the card to get here.

  40. Soxman I really wanted to meet you last night but I was not going to fight that crowd after the game. Great job and hanks for being someone White sox fans are honored to call “OURS.”

  41. Matt Saracen QB#1 says

    I like that tall, thick girl in those pictures….I would totally ditch Julie Taylor for her

  42. paulmbanks says

    Yes, the TSB staff outing went quite well. I had a friend from an outside publication write it up and I will be posting the link on the homepage tommorrow. All in all it was a great success, he truly is a rock star. And I barely got to experience the game, just like him. but hey they won and SWEPT the Royals out of town

  43. paulmbanks says

    Your welcome guys…I should hand out more biz cards when I’m with him at Sox games. Welcome to The Sports Bank, please make yourselves at home…can I get anybody anything? a drink? a blanket?

  44. How about a ticket to go to a game with Soxman and the sports bank? LOL

  45. paulmbanks says

    i think we’ll do a contest soon to have a reader do sox exchange with us in september

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